Updated on Mar 17, 2011

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opfiend on March 29
I agree with Kate Middleton. Though I wish I could wear silly hats and get away with it :)
ohlivia on March 22
Rebecca Black HAS ruined Friday... Gag.
Squarectomy on March 20
This is the first I've seen of Alexandria! Sickening. But the response video is one of the best comebacks I have ever seen. Love Grace.
anonymours on March 20
teddygirlove on March 20
I am ashamed I graduated from UCLA. I guess back in the class of 1984, they were choosier about 'who they let in' as this clearly drunk student says.
JyaDi on March 19
great article! it sums up everything i've seen on the net thus far, and so wonderfully too. (stupid bratz dollz, they should be banned)
stylereverie on March 19
Thanks so much for this amazing, informative post! No, of course this is not hard news, but this article compiles the most up-to-date, interesting fashion gossip! ;)
BerniceLim on March 18
hahahaha ! so funny =)
maryiangge on March 18
this is to funny!
Ra_Ra_Rabbit on March 18
hahaha so funny! great job.
irisanddaniel on March 18
oh my, how did that girl even GET into UCLA? haha. love this new type of article! :D so curious about who's replacing Galliano! can't really imagine Tisci there (though we love his designs) and I wonder what's going on, hopefully news comes soon!
playingwithfire on March 18
Ok, seriously doubt Ann Wintour eats anything at all, let alone a dish as unhealthy as chicken pot pie! HA!
missmatchgirrrl on March 18
Such a great idea!!! This definitely held my interest through and through!!! Congrats on being published!!
crystaldots on March 18
i think this is the first photo I've ever seen of her with food. : ). gossip never looked this ugly before, pw!!
crystaldots on March 18
LOL!!! I know right, when he said that... I was like... What a stereotype. And then I thought about it, " oh jeez, it's so true though!!!" : P. I think your image is still fine!! It's the first time we see her with food : D.
purplewang on March 18
Haha I've seen that video before. I love it when he says "WE GROW OUR FOOD". Thanks Crystal! :) This image is pretty ugly (seriously, it is...I did it in no time) so I'm looking forward to yours!
crystaldots on March 18
o, that below comment was regarding the UCLA's student's rants. Haha.
crystaldots on March 18
Btw, the commentary made by YT member: DavidSoComedy is pretty funny, too! (can't believe it hit 2 million hits the past 5 days).
headbandit on March 18
Haha, love the graphic! And the Rebecca Black reference. ;D Heading over to now to see if I want to buy anything-what a great thing to do for Japan, it's nice to see even the fashion industry helping out. This is a great little gossip article!
purplewang on March 18
haha thanks headbandit!

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