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Updated on Mar 17, 2011
la vie en rose dress - Costa Blanca cardigan
La-vie-en-rose-dress-costa-blanca-cardigan La-vie-en-rose-dress-costa-blanca-cardigan La-vie-en-rose-dress-costa-blanca-cardigan
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lolaloa 's Thoughts:

hi dear lovelies,

I was listening to alot of u2 last night, i like their music.

i wore this to dinner with my husband, it was moroccan cuisine,
the place was beautiful and the food delicious, i enjoyed the night.

i love this dress and cardigan, it is soo comfy i could wear it everyday,
i will be on holidays for a few weeks, not sure if i will have internet
if not , i will check u beautiful lovelies when i am back.

have a beautiful day

Comments (16)

stellapnp on September 29
this maxi dress is so stunning!! i adore it!! extremely elegant and shiny!! awesome color on your cardigan!! faved!!
lolaloa on September 29
thank you soo much dear :)
_SERENITY_ on September 28
chic voted again, darling!!! thank you for all your kind comments! you're soo SWEET!! <333 xoxo
Lucyss on September 12
chic voted again!!!! I miss you, dear:(
_SERENITY_ on September 07
chic chic voted again, sweetie :D l miss your posts!!<333 hope you'll be back soon!! xx
crystaldots on June 08
update with more looooks soon!
_SERENITY_ on June 02
chic voted on this one again, sweetie!!! l missed you sooo much <3333 mwaah
Lucyss on May 31
chic voted again!!!!! i would love to see another post from you:)
lolaloa on June 01
thanks honey, very kind of you ,will post soon
_SERENITY_ on May 23
CHIC voted on this one again, honey!!! l missed your posts soooo much !!<333 mwaaah :X
lolaloa on May 24
thanks sweetheart, i will post soon, u are really amazing.mwah
crystaldots on May 21
your hair is amazing, and for some reason this dress looks very promy and elegant! I think you should def. wear it more often. Yum. Moroccan cuisine, I would like to try, too.
lolaloa on May 24
thanks soo much dear, you are very kind
heyitscrichel on March 22
love the whole look! so hippie! the dress looks really comfy and it's adorable on you!! the cardigan is really lovely too!!
lolaloa on May 24
thanks so much darling
Aphrodite on March 22
gorgeous dress! love the cut and color! and love your hair too.=)
lolaloa on May 24
thanks doll
_SERENITY_ on March 21
thank you for all your sweet comments, dear!! chic voted on this one again!! take care <33 mwaaah =)
lolaloa on March 22
thanks doll, you are really soo kind, and all the best with your driving sweetie, since i will not be seeing u for a bit.
NanaHoshino on March 20
pretty dress and cardigan. chic!!! thank you for your comment<3<3
lolaloa on March 20
hi dear, thank you so much, so happy to see you, i was thinking about you whole day yesterday ,i went through your entire personal blog, very very lovely blog , how are you dear?
Lucyss on March 18
its been a while since your last post. Im glad you are back:) and wow, you look absolutely stunning,dear!!!amazing dress and lovly cardi!!! And your hair look perfect!!! Chic voted,dear. you are really very pretty! :)
lolaloa on March 18
aww, thank you so much, beautiful Lucy
_SERENITY_ on March 17
ohh, hi there, sweetheart, how are you?? l really missed your posts and this one is sooo chic to came back with!!! amazing classy and feminine maxi dress!! love the retro vibe of it and that color of your drapped cardigan is absolutely GORGEOUS!! definetely suits you amazingly stunning!!! great bangles and adorable earrings as well!! you're as chic as always!! GREAT job, hun!! def +1!! <33 mwaah=)
lolaloa on March 18
hi beautiful, i am good, how are u? thank u very much sweetheart, i really appreciate all your comments they are so encouraging, you are amazingly kind, i will try to post more often, working on getting over the fear of the camera, so embarrassing to admit that i am camera shy. thanks again hun
Demy22 on March 17
Hi! I missed your posts! You look stunning in this gorgeous dress! And this cardigan is so beautiful, amazing color! Gorgeous earrings as well! :)
lolaloa on March 18
thank u soo much sweetheart , you are very kind
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