Updated on Mar 15, 2011

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blairkyliejay on April 08
great post! took all those words right out of my mouth! lol.
vintageloveme on March 20
This is a great article. I think I take inspiration from various blog genre's and I agree some blogs can be merely another version of tumblr with sparse verbiage content; however I still find enjoyment flipping through their books. I think of my blog as a LIFE content blog, it has personality, informational articles, self enlightenment, fashion spreads, travel, pets the works. ;0) Check me out!
Squarectomy on March 20
And that about sums it up! :) Love Grace.
anonymours on March 20
sandram on March 18
great article!! :)
stylereverie on March 17
Thank you so much for taking the time to research and write about this. I was wondering myself the other day, what makes a successful blog? What draws people in? Since I just started my own blog this really helps me put things into perspective and get an idea on what kind of blog I want to run.
Aprilfrances on March 16
luv this
JusticePirate on March 16
Oh Annebeth I didn't know you wrote this and then I saw you did up top and I was all, "you go girl!" that's great!! You're certainly a picture/word combination blogger and I love it. I have a feeling I am more of a picture person because I have a few written blogs elsewhere. I used to be more of a written blog than photo blog though.
EveyHoneysuckle on March 16
This is a great post :) I have a ton of blogs saved for pictures and then a few writing ones. Then I like STALK "EmperorTomatoKetchup": on Tumblr. He's more of a picture blog, but I love his snippets of personality when he puts up texts or adds his own captions or even puts one or two pics of him, it's like some mysterious enigma I want to know haha
Annebeth on March 16
oh yes, tumblr is great for that sort of deal! a bit creepy too, haha :D
chyrelg on March 16
great writing, annebeth. :)
thesmartdresser on March 15
great post!
angiekje on March 15
oooo I love this graphic :) reading later :p (liking on facebook so I won't forget it)
Annebeth on March 15
thank you sweetie! :D let me know what you think!

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