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Updated on Nov 07, 2008
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LadySmaggle 's Thoughts:

This ensemble is a rather odd mix of clothes I found in my car and a few things I left at Mr Smaggle’s house. This is a warning that my outfits will waver between being really boring and really weird for the next few weeks while I move house, travel to Melbourne twice and have the opening night of my play.

Dress from DFO in Canberra Scarf from Sportsgirl Cardigan from Valley Girl Shoes from Big W Sunglasses – I think they are Browny’s

Things that are tickling my fancy this week…

The deliciously naughty take-away Vietnamese dinner and DVD date that Mr Smaggle and I had last night. We are total multi-taskers and we made a rule that we HAD to watch the DVD and not do something else at the same time. It was a crap DVD (The Happening with Mark Whalberg and Zoey Deshanel for the reader who asked! Don’t rent it. It’s really lame) but the evening was lovely. The awesome email I got from my spectacular aunty who is currently cruising up a river in Equador on a boat where she sleeps in a hammock instead of a bed and there’s no shower. She left Australia when she was 22, picked up an Irish man a few months later and the pair of them have spent the last 15ish years tramping all over the world visting the most amazing, outrageous and obscure places. Their lifestyle delights me. Having lovely chats with my parents who I haven’t seen for days and Mama Smaggle making my favourite dinner. We’re drinking gin and tonics and chatting a million miles a minute. Lovely. Screaming on the phone with my friend Tae who I’m moving in with next year. She’s my little grandma friend. We’ll be drinking tea, baking cupcakes and having early nights together. I can’t wait. My calendar clearing up ever so slightly for November which means two extra Saturdays that I can use to play with my portfolio.

What’s tickling your fancy my lovely one?

Love Lady Smaggle


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gunshotglitter on February 19
gatalivre on December 11
your hair is awesome
angelgo03 on November 09
love the shoes
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