5 Must-Have Statement Pieces for Your Wardobe

Updated on Mar 13, 2011

Comments (10)

stylereverie on March 17
Cat eye sunglasses are my new favorite thing. I am desperately looking for the perfect pair...
Kimberellie on March 15
great article!
JyaDi on March 15
omgosh i lvoe the quilted leather look! time to go SHOPPING
maddesievert on March 15
gimme some quilted leather and bleach white pieces any day. loves.
Lyosha on March 15
good article. love it
sheissishi on March 15
love this article! i got one pink pants in my closet but not sure on how to wear it.
lizzified on March 15
love the colourful pants!
pandaphilia on March 14
i love the bright pants and bleach white!
fashion_nerd on March 14
Love this! Thanks for the awesome advice! :)
catiebeatty on March 14
Great article! You are creating your own trends! I am totally convinced and plan on looking for pieces similar to the ones you recommended :) ...except for maybe colored pants; I look awful in them, haha

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