In Full Bloom: Ballerina Style

Updated on Nov 07, 2008
black Sassa Jimenez top - purple Sassa Jimenez skirt
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joannaladrido 's Thoughts:

I am totally into full skirts since I was a kid and I’ve seen a lot of such designs in Spring/Summer 2009 Runways both here in the Philippines and abroad. I always loved petticoats and tulle. Since I had such influences from when I was young and took up ballet, I remember always loving prancing around in my tutu and never wanting to take it off. There was just elegance in it.

These are my favorite ones that I’ve seen hit the catwalk both here and abroad. I recently DIY-ed 4 tulle skirts, the Pink one I wore on Halloween as Carrie Bradshaw, a white tulle full skirt with Peach undertones, A white tiered chiffon Carrie Bradshaw skirt and a hot pink tulle three layered skirt.

I also recently bought one from Moonshine a local online store (the designers, Audrey Ednacot and Kato Chua are friends of my boyfriend) that sells amazing cocktail dresses with funky names for their collections like Amaretto, Martini and Champagne. This is one of the stores I totally trust for night out clothes that are both edgy and elegant at the same time. I LOVED IT! I shall wear the skirt I got from them tonight on our weekly red and white night and will post pictures soon!

You’ll be seeing me a lot in full ballerina skirts so expect that! It makes me look like a primma ballerina slash french poodle but I love how you can just wear a simple tank with it and still look your best. And you all know how much I love that!


*First photo: Sassa Jimenez’s covetable Tulle skirt (I will definitely buy this in a heartbeat! Here’s a shout out to Sassa J’s mom, who is amazing!)

Second Photo: Ann Demeulemeester’s (I love her!!!) take on the Full Skirt on Spring 09 Paris Fashion Week.

Third Photo: Another full skirt as seen in Philippine Fashion Week S/S 09. Photo by Tony Santos at his multiply

Fourth Photo: The Moonshine Ballerina Skirt I bought and will wear today. I love the lace detail with a subtle light green tulle underlayer. To order, go to Moonshine’s Multiply Account

Fifth Photo: DIY skirt I tried on my own!!! This was the design I chose to do, TIERED is the way to go!*

A little something about ballet skirts…

A Ballet Tutu is a skirt worn often with attached bodice. It might be single layer, hanging down, or multiple layers starched and strutting out.

Tutus are often wrap around skirts, fastened in the waist by ribbons sewn in its waist. They may also be attached to leotards, usually long armed.

There are several types of ballet tutu:

Romantic Tutu: three quarter length bell shaped skirt made of tulle with a fitted bodice and cap sleeves. The romantic tutu is free flowing to emphasise lightness and ethereal quality of the romantic ballets. Classical Tutu (bell): A short, stiff tulle skirt with a slight bell shape and fitted bodice. It extends outwards from the hips and uses a wired hoop. Classical Tutu (plate): A short, stiff tulle skirt that extends outwards (from the hips), and has a fitted bodice. The pancake design has wire spokes to keep the material stiff where as the powder puff design uses wire hoops. Balanchine/Karinska Tutu: similar to the bell and powder puff – plate tutu with the exception that no hoops are used and with fewer layers of netting. The skirt is loosely tacked to give a softer, fuller appearance.

Comments (12)

NathaliaV on August 01
zelicious on December 05
i love those skirts!
bjkdAnc3r on March 18
pepermint on November 09
omg i die
joannaladrido on November 09
Hahahah same here! full skirts are love!!!!
AneZ_YummY on November 09
uH Oh..Love The LasT one ^^ so carrie bradshaw
joannaladrido on November 09
Thanks!!! woot woot Carrie Bradshaw indeed!!!
LizParker on November 07
Great post, informative and comprehensive. I recently started wearing full skirts and love them too. That second one is so cool!
joannaladrido on November 08
Thank you so much! amazing right? Full skirts are LOVE! xoxo
Stern on November 07
i love the black one!!!
joannaladrido on November 08
Thank you so much!!!
fayeangelica on November 07
Love the Ann Demeulemeester one and the one you bought from moonshine! Gorgeous pieces!
joannaladrido on November 08
Thanks so much! i love ann demeulemeester and moonshine! skirts are sooo lovely!
lissakahayon on November 07
I love the skirt in the first picture!! I just bought 5 skirts yesterday, the skirt addicts that we are!!!! Lets go shopping with Lyca!!! Remember our galle plans? Haha
joannaladrido on November 08
Thanks! haha indeed! Crazy skirt addicts! ooh and Galle i totally havent been since highschool but im excited! hahaha
hirondelle on November 07
lovelovelove the two white ones and the last pic!! :)
joannaladrido on November 08
Thanks so much dear!!!!
Nanny on November 07
Oh, how nice! I'm looking forward to seeing you in your different tutus and of course the dress you bought at Moonshine!
joannaladrido on November 08
Thanks dear! I love it and I totally cannot wait to wear! haha cheers!
splashofcolour on November 07
That was a great post to read. I love the skirt in the second pic and the one you bought
joannaladrido on November 08
Thanks so much dear! yes i love them too! xoxo
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