What To Say When She Asks You "How Do I Look?"

Updated on Mar 04, 2011

Comments (9)

Gareth on March 31
I flair a little of Carrie Bradshaw in there ^^
anonymours on March 06
haha, cute =)
crystaldots on March 05
LOL at the graphics!!!!!!!!
Style_Composer on December 11
yes i love the first picture. "you know i hate that question". haha purely awesome
JyaDi on March 05
angiekje on March 05
hilarious! especially: you look gorgeous, but then again you look gorgeous in anything :p I can see that work for sure!
chicchica_bonita on March 05
oh, this is rich. i love it. i feel like my boyfriend may have read it in your head before you get the chance to post it, he does exactly what you've said!
Mimilove4 on March 05
Haha, those magic phrases are great!!
Annebeth on March 05
hahaha favorite article ever, GREAT writing and so true! my favorite is the "how"d I get so lucky" one, it's almost over the top corny and yet so sweet :D
purplewang on March 04
This is seriously the best advice for guys ever. I think I've heard those "magic phrases" before and, yes, they all worked. Great job! Haha xo

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