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brown Aldo boots - camel Mango coat - blue skinny French Connection jeans - bron
Brown-aldo-boots-camel-mango-coat-blue-skinny-french-connection-jeans-bron Brown-aldo-boots-camel-mango-coat-blue-skinny-french-connection-jeans-bron Brown-aldo-boots-camel-mango-coat-blue-skinny-french-connection-jeans-bron Brown-aldo-boots-camel-mango-coat-blue-skinny-french-connection-jeans-bron
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MissLauraHueto 's Thoughts:

Hey guys!!

I can’t believe it’s been so long… I’m ashamed of myself. I’ve had soooo much work to do for college (fashion is, after all, a tricky business! ;) ), and then my camera broke, plus my brother was tired of taking my pictures, and basically, everything that could prevent my sleeping much and having some spare time for recreation, happened.

But no matter, for I am back! ;) Today after a very sweet call for attention from dear Demy22 for which I am very grateful, I realised that my hibernation had been long enough, and that it was time for some more Chictopian fun! :D

So anyway, my outfit today isn’t, as you can see, very splendid, but it is a casual and everyday look appropriate for class, which was my main plan today. I also got to do a tiny bit of shopping and browsing around: I bought the vintage foulard I’m wearing in the pic at a 2nd hand store that I really like here in Barcelona (it’s called Holala! :D), and I also went to American Apparel, where I tried on some stuff (I will buy online, because I’ve got a 15% discount that expires soon… ;p) I hope I’ll be able to show you guys very soon! ;)

Thanks for all the comments! :)

PD: Just noticed I look like a little dwarf in the picture!! I guess pairing that huge coat with the boots wasn’t the best idea, but what can I say… today was a cold-ish day!! ;)

Comments (6)

NanaHoshino on March 06
Love this! love the coat and amazing scarf!!! :D
MissLauraHueto on March 06
thaank you so much, nana!! :D
Demy22 on March 02
WOW!! You look gorgeous and definitely NOT like a dwarf! :) This coat and scarf are so to die for, amazing cardigan and top too! I love the way you put together all these gorgeous pieces and made the whole outfit even more interesting with the accessories, like this beautiful watch, belt and bracelet! Amazing nail color too! I'm really glad you're back! :) :)
MissLauraHueto on March 02
and btw, don't worry about the long comments, it happens to me all the time!! especially when commenting on Blake's outfits... :D lol It's just that his style is so incredible and perfect that no matter what I say, it never seems enough!
MissLauraHueto on March 02
oh, thank you, demy, dear!! :D i've promised myself not to let it go like i did last time and to try to be a bit more regular with my posts... ;) it's lovely to be a part of chictopia, because all the feedback from people like you is so amazing and it truly inspires me to keep on playing with fashion!!
Demy22 on March 02
And also (because that was a huge comment and there was no more room) I wanna thank you for mentioning me and tell you that I'm grateful because of the inspiration! :) I'd like to see more posts! :)
Miracolosa on March 02
Great layering!!It seems to be cold in Spain as well..; )
MissLauraHueto on March 02
thank you!! and yes, oddly enough, our days have been quite chilly lately... (though of course nothing like what they have in america or in the uk!!) :D
thestyleline on March 01
i love this look! the layering is great
MissLauraHueto on March 01
thank you!! it is also very necessary for cold days... ;)
Neguine on March 01
J’adore le manteau , sac et bottes ! Great outfits :D
MissLauraHueto on March 01
merciiii! :) mon sac est sur le point de tomber en morceaux, je l'ai tellement mis... mais bon, j'espère qu'il tienne encore un petit peu! ;)
franloiacono on March 01
Great coat and winter combo!
MissLauraHueto on March 01
thaank you, dear!! although i believe (and hope!) it will be one of my last ones... spring is on the way, and heavy coats will stay in the closet! :D
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