Emma Stone: Stone Cold Fox

Updated on Feb 17, 2011

Comments (10)

Britt_Whit on March 07
love her with red hair! www.brittandwhit.com
CaraJ on March 07
She is amazing...great that you covered her! xo Cara http://www.afashionloveaffair.com/
alifeinthefashionlan on March 07
I love Emma Stone. I especially loved her at the Globes in that nude dress!
anonymours on March 06
nicely written
RaspberryLIme on March 06
I love her! she is so adorable and funny
LindsayL on March 06
I love her in that minimal Calvin Klein dress! Great style and great actress!
crystaldots on March 06
She looks good with auburn hair, not so much with the blonde, the blonde makes her look a lot older and well a lot like lindsay lohan. I reallye njoy seeing her simple outfits! and that big hair photo is amazing. LoL.
JyaDi on March 06
wow she's so pretty! and a wonderful actress w/ great style
amberlysara on March 06
amazing article! very well written!! I love Emma! A friend of mine works in Hollywood, and has met her and she is as sweet and funny IRL! And isn't she a natural blonde? I recently heard that but she looks so good as a red head :)
Annebeth on March 06
she's such a little hottie! very nice article again, in depth :)

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