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Updated on Feb 16, 2011
black sal e mndez shoes - black pierra cardin tie - black sal e mndez suit - bla
Black-sal-e-mndez-shoes-black-sal-e-mndez-braided-belt-black-sal-e-mndez-sui Black-sal-e-mndez-shoes-black-pierra-cardin-tie-black-sal-e-mndez-suit-bla Black-sal-e-mndez-shoes-black-pierra-cardin-tie-black-sal-e-mndez-suit-bla
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rudoit 's Thoughts:

hi there. ohh god i’ve missed this so much.
Not so much of a come back photo, i know the quality isn’t the greatest, however i loved it, i felt like some kind of “clark kent” you would say, lol. i attended to one of my friends college graduation, and i have to tell you, people loved the glasses and my ring, (i know they can barely be seen in this photos) i’ll take a picture later and upload it.
I want to talk breafly about this suit, it is from a Guatemala fashion house named Saúl E. Méndez, which has been developing during the past few years at a rapid phase, i mean, seriously they got stores all over guatemala city and also coffe stores, sort of like parisian cafes, lovely. Ok, so the suit, fits amazingly and every detail its just great. In the last photo you will check a look from the anthony moratto winter collection wich is also found on Saúl E. Méndez, this runway show was held on november 2010 with the name of “Ciudad Vintage” or vintage city, i went to the casting, and surprisingly to me, i was chosen to be on it, it was amazing, i still cannot believe it, this show was held on one of the coolest streets on guatemala city named “la sexta avenida” or sixth avenue, it was a block long runway, a one of a kind experience to me. <3 why did i took too long to post this photo here? i don’t know, i guess i was overwhelmed with this hole situation, my first runway… anyways, hope it won’t be my last one.
here i leave you with the link to Saúl E. Méndez web page and blog, so you can check it out, who knows? maybe you’ll love guatemalas fashion.

á plus!

by the way i do not own the last photo it was taken by a guatemalan photographer named Pablo Reckholder.

Comments (9)

mare_santos on July 01
chic cool pretty!!!
christina_p on March 15
so glad to see you're still posting! funny, we were absent for almost the same period of time:)) that suit looks great on you, classy yet so chic,! congrats on your runway! great attitude, have you modeled before?( i wanted to ask you this for a while ) hope to see more soon
rudoit on March 15
thank you, yes it is funny, we both seem to be on and off from chictopia, however we come back for more. I love this suit i bought it for my graduation, regarding your question, actually this fashion show was my first ever experience on a catwalk, unfortunately i haven't been part of a real photoshoot, at least one in which i wasn't the photographer and model at the same time, lol. what about you? i
FairyColors on February 28
ohh, l missed your posts sooo much, dear!! that's sooo classy and elegant!! you look gorgeous from head to toe !! stunning outfit and perfectly put together :D well done<33 +1 xx
sophonisba on February 18
beautifull photo and classy look! bravo Monsieur!
jeroy on February 18
love the blazer!!
pilachia on February 18
Very smart!!! :) Love it!!!
KaylaMeow on February 17
very classy ! :D love the suit.
rudoit on February 17
thank you, so kind, i love it too ;)
franloiacono on February 17
Very classy look! Missed your posts!
franloiacono on February 17
That's so kind what you said! THANKS!
rudoit on February 17
thanks YAF, this look reminds me of you, you do classic like no one else.
infatuated on February 16
rudoit on February 16
hey, thank you! :>
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