Abbey Lee Kershaw: Style Inspiration

Updated on Jan 31, 2011

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fashionophile on February 02
i love abbey lee! awesome post!
melmo on February 02
she has a great sense of style. i love the printed dresses and the maxi skirts.
Catherinee on February 02
this post is amazing! your layouts for EIU posts are always so perfect.
jeroy on February 02
love her style!!!
crystaldots on February 02
I don't knkow who she is until now. Very informative guys! Thanks so much for informing.
styleanthropy on February 01
this post is love. i love abbey lee kershaw and was supposed to get this topic. but as soon as i read that you claimed it, i was all for it. i knew you would write a great article and this is more than I would have imagined. you guys are so creative. keep on posting articles. they are such great reads. i can imagine you guys dominating the fashion news in the future. :)
irisanddaniel on February 02
Aw! Thanks so much, Cris! This means a lot, your articles are amazing. :)
glamourvixen on February 01
Fashion icon! Love this article & inspirational woman!
Aphrodite on February 01
i love her style!!!!!!!!!!! another great article you two!!!! =)
barbroandersen on February 01
Absolutely love this post! Huge inspiration indeed <3
xolivykamxo on February 01
JyaDi on February 01
she's so pretty and stylish
maryiangge on February 01
great post! love her style too!
lydia on January 31
This post is soooo good! Abbey is sooo pretty, and way too cool for words.
mortuarism on January 31
So much love.

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