all that glitters is gold

Updated on Jan 30, 2011
cream H&M dress - cream christian dior purse - gold peep toe janilyn heels - gol
Gold-h-m-dress-cream-christian-dior-purse-gold-peep-toe-janilyn-heels-gold Gold-h-m-dress-cream-christian-dior-purse-gold-peep-toe-janilyn-heels-gold Cream-h-m-dress-cream-christian-dior-purse-gold-peep-toe-janilyn-heels-gol
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kriziaty 's Thoughts:

Sorry for the sucky photo camera refused to cooperate with me for I don’t know what reason. I’m no gadget genius nor am I an artistic photographer of sorts hence the reason for my often mediocre photo posts. I wish I had a photographer friend or relative who would be more than enthusiastic to help me out so I could get to post photos with the same caliber as the ones I see here in chictopia or other blogs that I follow..le sigh..

Anyway, on to the subject matter! I attended UST’s grand alumni homecoming dinner last friday with my mom and her friends. As I have mentioned in my previous post, it was a black tie event so we had to get glammed up! Check out the photos here :) I’m a girl, I love putting on my own make up and I love wearing pretty clothes. Call me superficial, but getting all dolled up is one of my passions which I really, really enjoy doing and perhaps even find true happiness in. (With that said, I’m starting to think I’m headed towards the wrong line of work..maybe I should have taken up beauty & fashion instead of medicine..NOT! just kidding! Medicine will still and always be my number one priority and I believe that the fulfillment that you get out of it can never be replaced by anything else in the world.) Now on to the outfit! I went with the all gold motif because its pretty much in the same family as the color yellow, which is one of my school’s official colors. I got the dress from H&M in Hong Kong. My mom was the one who actually picked it out for me and after seeing the photos, I just realized how gorgeous it really is! And don’t forget the Christian Dior purse! My mom bought it 20 years ago and it is still in mint condition..beautiful! Thank god my mom has good taste! :D Well that’s about it for now, I still have some studying to do..chillax week is over and all hell is about to break loose. wish me luck! til next time chictopia! :D

Comments (6)

cookiears on February 28
gorgeous! your purse and dress match colors
Yanie on January 30
nice dress! you look great!
KaylaMeow on January 30
very cute dress ! so feminine ! :D
nix on January 30
love the dress!
deathbyplatforms on January 30
super pretty dress!
tauyanm on January 30
wow!! lovely outfit hun!! so pretty u look like mizz nina of kuala lumpur!!! hehe the singer..
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