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Updated on Jan 08, 2011
tan chestnut Ugg boots - beige angora effect vintage Pepa Garca sweater - brown
Tan-chestnut-ugg-boots-beige-angora-effect-vintage-pepa-garca-sweater-brown- Tan-chestnut-ugg-boots-beige-angora-effect-vintage-pepa-garca-sweater-brown- Tan-chestnut-ugg-boots-beige-angora-effect-vintage-pepa-garca-sweater-brown-
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MissLauraHueto 's Thoughts:

Hey there, Chictopians!

Just made it home from the Alps a couple of hours ago, and I’m both glad and sad to be back! I love that I am home, with my books and stuff, my comfy bed and my full closet, but I am a snow-lover, and I fear it will be dearly missed here in Barcelona… :( However, it will be much easier to figure out what to wear every morning, wthout having to fit inside God knows how many layers…

The sweater in this outfit I wore a couple of days ago is stolen from my mom (and ruefully returned to her suitcase at the end of this really cold and beautiful day), and I blush to think of how much I used to criticize her when I was little each time she wore it… It’s funny how now, instead of hating it, I end up stealing it from her!! ;p lol

Anyway, so I guess the central garments in this outfit are the sweater (which I love because of the pale colour and the angora effect) and these beautiful furry earmuffs I got a few days ago as a Christmas gift (thank you, thank you, thank you!!). I really like the way they give a furry and winter-y feel to the whole outfit.

I couldn’t help but wearing my Pepe Jeans belt again, I love how no matter what I pair it with, it always adds a romantic touch… Also, my beloved chestnut Uggs, my huge yeti coat, my Mango black padded leather gloves, and my Nice Things checked scarf help me stay warm in the cold.

Finally, I love wearing this Mango messenger bag (specially to go to class), because I can fit in it anything I want. I’m sorry you don’t really get to see it in the pictures, but I guarantee it’ll show in one or other of my next outfits soon enough! ;)

Thanks so much for commenting and have a very nice weekend! -

(Photos by my bro, Ferran)

Comments (8)

missinfluenced on February 01
You make such a cute snow bunny! I love the earmuffs and furry sweater!
MissLauraHueto on February 01
I hadn't thought about that!! loool You're right though, I do look like a snow bunny... :D
AcuteObsession on January 09
Aw! Your uggs look so cute on you! They must have kept your feet nice and toasty warm! This is a really great sweater too! It looks so, so warm and very nice with a belt! I bet you are happy to be back home with your entire wardrobe again though. It is so hard, at least for me, to figure out what to pack for a trip. Welcome back to the internet! <3
MissLauraHueto on January 09
thank youuu :) i don't know how i'm gonna manage, though! i've tons of homework to do, and i find myself browsing around chictopia for far more time than i should... :S it's very addictive! :D
Lucyss on January 09
cute sweater and ear muffs:)
LarasArum on January 09
looks so comfy. your ear muff is so cute
melmo on January 09
i love these ear muffs i have almost the same. they are sooo great!
pycheun on January 09
Thanks so much for the really sweet comment you left me, made my day =) I am loving your earmuffs, a must for the winter lol
MissLauraHueto on January 09
you're very welcome!! i'm happy it made u happy! :)
LydiaPrezEstrada on January 08
Laura u are so lovely!! No havia vist fins avui que tenies aquest blog. Ja t'aniré comentan. Surts wapixima a la fotu!! ^^ un petoo
MissLauraHueto on January 09
lydiaaa!! :) que guay que t'hagis fet un compte!!! :D t'he enviat una request per ser amigues!
EveyHoneysuckle on January 08
oooh cute sweater :)
MissLauraHueto on January 08
thaanks! my mom will be glad to hear that... :D lol
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