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Updated on Jan 05, 2011
heather gray sweatshirt - blue Bullhead jeans - gray Self Esteem boots - white I
Heather-gray-sweatshirt-blue-bullhead-jeans-gray-self-esteem-boots-white-i Heather-gray-sweatshirt-blue-bullhead-jeans-gray-self-esteem-boots-white-i Heather-gray-sweatshirt-blue-bullhead-jeans-gray-self-esteem-boots-white-i
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BrilliantHighlights 's Thoughts:

This is what I wore to school today. It was our first day back from winter break. I started a brand new semester today so I went to all new classes. I have two with Jacob, same as last semester which is nice. I’m taking Advanced Multi Media Technology, Textile Design and Construction, Drawing & Design, and Sculpture & Ceramics. It’s going to be one artsy semester, and my lasy semester of high school of course. I’ve been stressing out about what’s going to happen after high school and this new semester is adding to it. I can’t believe high school’s almost over. I’m really going to miss it. I don’t know if I’m ready for whatever comes next for me, but hopefully everything will be okay, as long as I don’t lose my mind before getting to college. What stresses me out even more is all my friends and their LACK of planning. Everyone seems to be acting like going to college just happens, and that’s not the case. It makes me feel kind of alone in what I’m going through within my friend circle, since they’re all in la la land. Oh well. I’ve always been a worrier. I know things will be okay, I’m just afraid of the unknown.
Anyway, back to my outfit. I got this top at Hot Topic over winter break. Found it on the clearance rack for just $7. I really love the sleeves on the sweatshirt. I wore a pearl necklace and a white bow in my hair to make the outfit look a little girlier because the top can look too casual without accessories. My jeans are Bullhead, from PacSun, and my winter boots are from Shoe Carnival. You’d be suprised how hard it was for me to find a pair of PLAIN gray winter boots. It took me months, but these were only $35.

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