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Updated on Jan 02, 2011
white Old Navy blouse - navy madewell jeans - charcoal gray Bensimon sneakers
White-old-navy-blouse-navy-madewell-jeans-charcoal-gray-bensimon-sneakers White-old-navy-blouse-navy-madewell-jeans-charcoal-gray-bensimon-sneakers
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RhiannonJean 's Thoughts:

Hey hey hey it’s 2011. Happy new year. Eh… SCHWEET.

Kay so now that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the meat and potatoes of this post (What’s taters? PO-TA-TOES). But not really, because I don’t actually have any dinner material to share. Speaking of dinner, though, last night was Saturday family dinner night, so we went out to New Garden in Needham—which, by the by, is only the bawss-est Chinese food place this side of the moon—and the conversation at one point centered around the fact that decent looking girls can get into any college party and drink as much free beer as they want (which, in retrospect, is an odd thing to talk about at dinner with my mother, aunt, and grandfather present…) Regardless, my mother was of the opinion that this is a sexist practice leftover from the days of yonder, but I think it’s more of a sexual thing than a sexist one… And you can’t really consider sexual orientation as a form of sexism, right? Anyways, that’s my completely pointless thought for the day.

You’ll be glad to know that while I was getting my Chinese-food-face on, I also shared an awkward hello with the ex’s parental, bit into some chicken wings like 16th century royalty, and learned that I will soon “go on a pleasant trip to a place far away.”

This outfit is one of my favorites in a while. I love the cravat—reminds me of this photo of Kourtney and Scott, which I think is simply a-dor-a-ble. And the sweater is such a throwback to the letterman sweaters of the fifties. I saw it at the college bookstore back in Williamsburg, dropped a hint to my Mum while she was visiting for parent weekend, and what do you know! To my complete astonishment, I found it under the tree on Christmas day. Don’t you just love it when your parents get your not-so-subtle hints.

Also, have I explained what a TWAMP is yet? I think that I have (ahoy, right here), but as a refresher: a TWAMP is a Typical William and Mary Person (a.k.a. a nerd with excessive school spirit). I for one am a twamp. And this sweater? Serious twamptitude. Twaaaaamp.

OH OH OH and in case any of you were wondering, I bought the Bensimons again. (They were readily available and on sale at Madewell… LAZINESS.) More shoe-porn later.

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trivia on January 02
cool :)
folle_femme on January 02
Preppy chic! I like it!
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