The Good the Bad and the BritUgly

Updated on Jun 07, 2008

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chellie on June 24
nice leggings
Goldcoatedapple on January 16
I doubt they would ha
chemical_smiles on September 21
The outfits on the girls in the bottom pic are shocking, but don't you think it's a bit harsh to put them up for public ridicule? Just breaks my heart to think of them stumbling across this blog.
WorldUgly on September 23
i blame lulu's bad influence!
Ahbee on July 05
oh also what stations is this EETS near? on the picture i can see whitechapel, but whats the other one?
WorldUgly on July 05
it's stepney green. that's the one i always use when i go there.
Ahbee on July 05
hahaa i love the dramatic change is such a close proximity. was this is london? i dont mean to be rude but the grl in the second photo far right looks like a twat
WorldUgly on July 05
yeah in london, right by EETS. photos were taken within 5 minutes of each other. it's not a great look, i know!
fashionispoison on June 09
where are my goggles when i need them!! O_O that little girl looks adorable. wonder what she's drinking....hmm
rileyanne on June 09
Please, for the good of the world, stalk that first girl and make sure she joins this site. So I can be her best friend. Forever and ever and ever.
MaleUgly on June 09
Agreed! Androgynous girl = cute. Group of girls = bad examples of current trends: denim shorts, ombre/tie-dye and floral prints :(
shoregirl on June 09
haha 10 bucks the second girl is a college kid from america. i need to take photos of random people at my school (they ALL dress like this...)
vic on June 09
she's so cool, i love the outfit!
camiller on June 07
that second photo... x_x
WorldUgly on June 07
ha i know! welcome to england.
EverybodyIsUgly on June 07
PS: Can the first girl join the site? She is <3
kirstylee on June 07
i told her to look it up. but everyone was pretty drunk (that's champagne in the polystyrene cup) so lets see if she remembers...
EverybodyIsUgly on June 07
OH GOD THE SECOND PICTURE IS AWFUL!!! Why must her tie-dye suck me in.
WinkPeaceAndPout on June 07
love those leggings, were are they from. did you ask her?
kirstylee on June 07
i didn't ask, but i think they may be these http://store.americanapparel.

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