"The First Snow"

Updated on Dec 16, 2010
brick red vintage purse - forest green trifted sweater
Forest-green-sweater-black-stemile-pants-charcoal-gray-scarf-ruby-red-belt Forest-green-sweater-black-stemile-pants-charcoal-gray-scarf-ruby-red-belt Forest-green-sweater-black-stemile-pants-charcoal-gray-scarf-ruby-red-belt Forest-green-sweater-black-stemile-pants-charcoal-gray-scarf-ruby-red-belt Forest-green-sweater-black-stemile-pants-charcoal-gray-scarf-ruby-red-belt
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hi, everyone!!

Yeah, you can see some snow in these pictures, hahaa!! :D
I’m usually so excited about Christmas but this year even snow didn’t made me feel as crazy as it used to do… Don’t worry, l was happy to see the first snow but not so crazy about it. I think it’s because I didn’t had the time of my life this year… I always remember it’s the first Christmas without Efi… and that my brother wished sooo much to have her for the holidays… :-< Sorry for talking about this sad thing again, guys… I’m sure l’ll feel better soon…

Back to my outfit, I’m definetely in love with forest green and ruby red lately. Actualy, colors are my current obsession! I’m especialy into brown, forest green, burnt orange, brick red, ruby red and camel. I found these sweater and velvet pants in my favourite trifted store. I brought the pants with half of their price, so they were almost 1 $ :))
First l wanted to turn them into some high waisted shorts because trousers are not actualy my style. Not, l’m not so sure about that. I guess I’ll gonna let them as they are. From the first time l saw them l already knew they would look great with these sweater and belt. The knit scarf was a last minute addition but I still think it was a great ideea :D I feel like it’s the last toch that transforms the whole outfit but in a good way, not to mention it’s sooo warm and cozy at the same time! ;)
I finished the whole outfit with my vintage brick red purse so I can balance the colors and my beloved owl necklace. I always wanted to have an owl necklace so I’m really happy to have this one.

Hope you’ll like this, my friends! <3



Comments (92)

TopolinaCris on April 08
love the bag and the velvet pants are just so perfect
twenty8october on January 18
i like this look. you look good in vintage.
4everUSMC on January 17
Just read your post...Sympathies to you and yours, for your beloved pet, "Efi"...How's your kitten, by the way?>Hope all is well...take care.
4everUSMC on January 17
Oana, you look gorgeous in this outfit...and, totally love that owl-inspired pendant! Have a fantastically chic day! XOX~Cin!
kunieq on January 17
you look great in every outfit you wear.and im happy to see that we both have an owl necklace =) i will post mine sometime soon =)
_SERENITY_ on January 17
aww, thank you, honey<3 can't wait to see it! xx
Weridiana on January 14
so elegant, lovely colour
heyitscrichel on January 12
so love this ensemble!! great pieces you have!
DarbieSoDarling on December 29
I want those pants! That's such a great find!
miaamos on December 22
what an amazing velvet pants-Im so inspired, it looks great on you and super chic!!the outfit is lovely,you are pretty as always, super stylish!!!xx
_SERENITY_ on December 22
ohh, thaank you, darling<3 xx
City2City on December 22
cute look, love your necklace!!!!!
patriss on December 22
Love so much your necklace is so cute.I like that pants.Chic look!!
Shaniqua1071 on December 21
Very classy and chic look and the grean sweater, looks great on you!!!!
_SERENITY_ on December 21
thank you, dear<3 xx
CharmC on December 21
pretty green top, great buy on your velvet pants :)
Chaba on December 20
Velvet rullz.Love your pants, so classy!
violetheart on December 20
love the green on you and your necklace! lovely :):)
ciuxy on December 20
i like your pants. chic pants,chic scarf,chic purse,chic vote
mavi_puig on December 20
i love your owl necklace it's so cute!! ^^
chyrelg on December 19
this is sooo chic! love your owl necklace!
avate on December 19
loving your whole look!:) the owl necklace is so cute!
crystaldots on December 19
WOW!!!! Look at that pop of green, i really like all of your outfits. so chic and elegant at the same time. Btw, how tall r u!? u are model type. $1.50...so inexpensive!
_SERENITY_ on December 20
ohh, thaaank you, dear :)) xx
jennifhsieh on December 19
you look so sophisticated in these pictures (especially with that bag). :) i can't wait until the snow finally sticks where i am! i want a white christmas, haha.
_SERENITY_ on December 20
aww, thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
cocoandvera on December 19
This is such a gorgeous look, dear! I adore your pants; the fabric is beautiful and the cut suits you perfectly. Paired with a red belt and green top, you look so lovely and festive. Chic voted for sure :) xox.
_SERENITY_ on December 20
aww, thank you soo much, sweetie<3 xx
lydeeloo on December 19
so pretty. love the belt with this look. it is so cute. im sorry about efi, i hope you will begin to feel better. you are beautiful and you are very loved! xoxox
_SERENITY_ on December 20
thanks a lot, dear<33 xx
chubbylumpkin on December 19
You look so sweet in those pants! And look how pretty you are in the show! Chic Chic!! <3
_SERENITY_ on December 20
thanks, dear<3 xx
angiekje on December 19
love the green sweater with the grey vest! chic necklace, purse and overall easthetic, LOVE IT!!!
_SERENITY_ on December 20
thank you, dear :D xx
deathbyplatforms on December 19
nice looK!
Yanie on December 19
i love this look! you look amazingly cozy! chic vote definitely!
RQRISTYLE on December 18
jackielynicole on December 18
nice. chic voted :)
ItsMarielle on December 18
Cute sweater and the total outfit! :)
BlackSheep on December 18
looking gorgeous! love the green sweater.
mariachuvachu on December 18
cute necklace!!!
starcrossedsmile on December 17
I love your owl necklace- so cute!
Zigk on December 17
I love the sweater and scarf!:)
springfiry on December 17
Love the outfit!
IvyFab on December 17
perfect outfit dear.. the green sweater looks great with your comfy gray scarf and high waisted pants.. lovely necklace.. love it all.. +1 =)
_SERENITY_ on December 20
thanks a lot, honey :)) xx
joanneestrella on December 17
great sweater! nice outfit! :D
kss_23 on December 17
I love your green sweater! <3 And that owl necklace goes cute with it too along with the scarf and pants. ;) You look really sweet.
_SERENITY_ on December 20
thaaank you, darling<3 xx
TynaNguyen on December 17
nice bag
Aphrodite on December 17
And i love ur green too!!! One of my fave looks from u lately!!! You should wear pants more!!! Chic!
_SERENITY_ on December 20
ohh, thanks a lot, dear :)) xx
Annebeth on December 17
gorgeous green sweater, it looks so good on you! and yeay, snow!
Annebeth on December 17
gorgeous green sweater, it looks so good on you! and yeay, snow!
_SERENITY_ on December 20
thanks, dear :D xx
Ikinka on December 17
Love your necklace!!! <3
Miss_Mary on December 17
Love the green sweater:)
kingsibulo on December 17
love the green sweater & pants! cute necklace too :)
starryeyed on December 17
i love those pants!!!
yuri on December 17
The forest green look absolutely adorable on you, the color combo is once again fabulous. And that owl necklace is just too cute not to wear :) By the way, what camera did you use, if you don't mind telling? because it can really capture the colors on your outfit, great settings!
_SERENITY_ on December 17
aww, thaaank you sooo much, sweetheart<3 xx
FarizaOthman on December 16
Oana, this is superb cozy. love those owl necklace accessories. That is on my wishlist (I'll hope to get it soon). You're totally look so great wore in green & black. Just great find!!. I love the additional knitted scraf at last minute touch. Just great idea.<3
_SERENITY_ on December 17
ohh, you're such a sweetie, dear!! thanks a lot<33 xx
YchieRiot on December 16
oh i love the green sweater here,plus the owl necklace..the black velvet pants,so classic chic,and the combo of purse and belt!!! what a great ensembles.. voted,as always!!!
_SERENITY_ on December 17
thaaank you, honey<3 xx
immadi on December 16
great color
lissakahayon on December 16
nice pants!!
toadstoolring on December 16
cool pants!
Wandiola101 on December 16
nice pants
maryiangge on December 16
love the green on you!
lexigancayco on December 16
great look:)
VantagePointVintage on December 16
Wow, love your look! I especially love the detailing--your belt & necklace are sublime!
_SERENITY_ on December 17
thanks a lot, dear<3 xx
charchelle27 on December 16
aww u look cute in green oana! i love the highwaisted pants too!
_SERENITY_ on December 17
thank you, dear<3 xx
VixieVaporous on December 16
You never fail me :-) Green looks good on you. I love that beautiful owl pendant! CHIC!
_SERENITY_ on December 17
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
TwitchVintage on December 16
chic as always.
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on December 16
I`m definitely faving this! love this style so much! and pants...adorable! forest green and red is soo posh! Chic voted! xox
_SERENITY_ on December 17
ohh, thaaank you, darling<3 xx
commonsenseandstilet on December 16
love this :D
KaylaMeow on December 16
the greeen top is really chic and you look GORGEOUS as always :D
_SERENITY_ on December 17
thanks a lot, dear<3 xx
kansairetro on December 16
Lovely outfit! That owl necklace is too cute!
nennen35 on December 16
love your outfit, dear!! nice pants and i love your belt!
mirandaelyse on December 16
love the velvet
WallflowerVintage on December 16
What an amazing owl necklace! Chic!
dorotron on December 16
lovely outfit dear! love the highwaisted pant! classic!
Love how those pants look on you! And amazing bag!
enigmasupernova on December 16
oh my i love the green sweater with the scarf! i adore the way you style it! the owl necklace is so cute!
_SERENITY_ on December 17
thanks a lot, dear<3 xx
HK_Tralala on December 16
Hii Oana .) O.O first snow...here is snowing like crazy for a month :D .D And the forest green and ruby red combo is definitely amazing..i don´t look good in green but you def. do!! :) You look marvelous and i love this eclectic look! and the owl necklace too :) xxx Hanka
_SERENITY_ on December 17
aww, thaaaaank you so much, sweetheart<3 xx
JennaStevie on December 16
I loooove that green sweater with the knitted scarf and that owl necklace is so adorable. Great pants too!!
_SERENITY_ on December 17
thaank you, darling<3 xx
PrettyNiftyAndThrifty on December 16
i love your owl necklace!!! and i love the colour of your sweater, what a awesome thrift find!!
_SERENITY_ on December 17
thaaank you, honey<3 xx
mieke on December 16
love the cute owl pendant! yes you master the art of color combination..:)) love the super green sweater dear..<3 CHIC! <3
_SERENITY_ on December 17
thaaanks a lot, sugar<3 xx
iraboyd on December 16
Hey I have the same necklace! :) Awesome thrifted sweater! It suits you perfectly! Chic voted :)
_SERENITY_ on December 16
thank you, sugar<3 xx
SarahJaneR on December 16
love the sweater and purse, great necklace and scarf as well. I love taking trousers and making them into shorts, but I have kept a few pairs of trousers that I thrifted as is :) These velvet pants are great!
_SERENITY_ on December 16
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
Bombonica on December 16
love the green sweater with the red belt!
Candy_La_Pop on December 16
and those colors fits you perfectly!! I adore those velvet pants! So chic!
_SERENITY_ on December 16
thanks, dear<3 xx
SaffronHaze on December 16
Gorgeous as always! Loving the grey scarf with the green sweater! Lovely =)
_SERENITY_ on December 16
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
bellavanite on December 16
love that green sweater!!! and the red belt goes perfectly with those pants... and i so envy your snowy background.
_SERENITY_ on December 16
ohh, thaank you, honey<3 xx
JovinaL on December 16
this is so winter look! its so sophisticated and suit u well!
WorZy on December 16
Love the owl necklace :)
feroshdiva on December 16
Love your sweater!!!!
AnazSiantar on December 16
cute necklace! lovely green =)
tauyanm on December 16
aww11 baby!! ur bag and ur belt is so adorbs honey!! u look so comfy wearing this pieces luv the colors u combined hir!! xoxo kisses! muah1 =)
_SERENITY_ on December 16
aww, muah, dear! =) thanks a lot<33
lovestheday on December 16
i think the pants is so comfy.... i love the whole outfit... you always have a great purse too ^^
_SERENITY_ on December 16
thanks a lot, dear ;) xx
lharajavillonar on December 16
great outfit :) .. we have the same necklace dear so cute love it
CzarinaAnonuevo on December 16
Amazing outfit!!! LOVE your pants paired with green sweater and pretty purse!!!
_SERENITY_ on December 16
thanks a lot, dear<3 x
PurpleDuckling on December 16
gorgeous outfit! i love that those pants are velvet.. so lush! the green sweater and red belt are nice pops of colors. cute owl necklace too :)
_SERENITY_ on December 16
thaaank you, honey<3
imjustmefashionblog on December 16
love it!
KierrynG on December 16
great pants and gillet :)
neonnothing on December 16
I love the colors!
cityofbugs on December 16
faving again! i love you in pants, and those ones are gorgeous! i love that they are velvet, and they look so cute with the red belt and green sweater! i love how you wore the scarf too, you look so chic and unique!
_SERENITY_ on December 16
aww, you're the sweetest, dear! thaank you so much<33 xx
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