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Updated on Dec 12, 2010
black bag - bronze shoes - camel coat - black jacket - periwinkle sweater
Periwinkle-sweater-navy-leggings-bronze-shoes-black-bag-camel-coat-bla Periwinkle-sweater-navy-leggings-bronze-shoes-black-bag-camel-coat-bla Periwinkle-sweater-navy-leggings-bronze-shoes-black-bag-camel-coat-bla Periwinkle-sweater-navy-leggings-bronze-shoes-black-bag-camel-coat-bla Periwinkle-sweater-navy-leggings-bronze-shoes-black-bag-camel-coat-bla
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Annebeth 's Thoughts:

I haven’t had time to blog all day because I had that early christmasparty with my family today. Worst thing is: I didn’t even have the time to take pictures, so sad because I looked so nice! haha. I ended up changing out of my red velvet self altered dress (of course, whenever you prepare something you end up not using it) because it was too warm. Seriously, how hot is skin tight velvet? Literally speaking of course! :D So I ended up going for this really pretty white strapless midi length H&M dress. I’ll try and photograph both dresses tomorrow or the day after. I loved em both, the red one was really glamorous and sort of Joan Holloway sexy, and the white one was all pretty and all Betty Draper princessy. Yes, I’m totally obsessed with Mad Men. I’ve seen quite a number of fine tv series, but Mad Men is the very best I’ve ever seen. The visuals, the characters, the performances and THE WRITING. It’s really absolutely perfect once you get past all of the smoking and drinking. I’m in love with each and every character, flaws and all. All of them pull you in and make you want to get to know them better, figure out why they are the way they are and do the things they do. If I was rich, I’d buy hundreds of copies of the dvds and hand them out to friends and strangers, forcing them to check it out.

Seriously, there are so many people out there fawning over True Blood, CSI, House or Prison Break, but they don’t have a clue. MAD MEN is where it’s at and you guys should all check it out!

Outfit: this is my version of the perfect casual warm winter outfit for a day when I don’t want to fuss over what I’m going to wear. The sweater is thrifted and probably belonged to a dude at some point as it is quite big, but I love that. Gamine chic, right? And my favorite supercomfy pair of jeggings of course. I wanted to wear my brown ASOS boots again because I had envisioned them looking all cool with my tight jeans, and I wanted to do some kind of ankle layering (just invented that phrase, feel free to use it but credit me plz) so I cuffed my jeggings and pulled up my christmassy socks.
I wanted to keep it all sort of classic and timeless, so I grabbed my camel swing coat. It reminds me of Sherlock Holmes by the way. My boyfriend says it doesn’t make me look like Sherlock Holmes just because the thing is camelcolored and has some sort of checkered print. He has a point.

PS I’m thinking of getting an ombre dye job on my hair ends a la Rachel Bilson and Alexa Chung. I have been intending to make an appointment at the hairdresser’s, but I always postpone things like this. I just don’t like picking up the phone and tying myself down to get things like these done at a certain time, you know? I’m weird I guess.
I’m sure.


Comments (69)

LyssBlondish on November 23
sherriamour on August 26
I love love love this look! so comfy,effortless, and cool!
nenediazoro on January 16
nice sweater
ragsandfeathers on January 06
that sweater looks so warm and cozy
paulaunger on December 16
so cute!
toadstoolring on December 16
cute sweater! looks comfy
AdvicefromaTwenty on December 14
Love this outfit! A great, easy day look but still interesting and unique! Where are those shoes from by the way? (I want them!)
rocket_girl on December 14
adore the sweater.
NadiaKnows on December 14
Adorable. I need that jumper.
commonsenseandstilet on December 13
cozy and cute :)
EvaLavender on December 13
love the shoes and sweater
maryiangge on December 13
love the sweater!
lissakahayon on December 13
love the purse so much!!!
CharmedValerie on December 13
You are so right about Mad Men and I am so in love with this outfit!
JuliaTignian on December 13
so cozy and stylish!!!love it)
charchelle27 on December 13
i love your sweater and skinnies perfect for everyday!
folle_femme on December 13
I love that comfy, beautiful sweater! You styled it so well!
Beeswonderland on December 13
This is great winter look,love those sweaters that make me feel like I'm in some hotel in mountains,drinking wine in front of the fireplace!:-)
ModStylists on December 13
great look! love your sweater.
S_agapoxxx on December 13
I love this casual look - that sweater is so 90s amazing...I love it on you! Oh and I want your boots too :P !!
angiekje on December 13
great sweater and I LOVE how you wear it with those skinnie jeans, the shoes (wow they're so perfect!!) and that perfect bag! very chic: faving :D
Annachiara on December 13
PERFECT!!!! you're gorgeous :D
WallflowerVintage on December 13
I adore MAD MEN - drinks, smokes and all. Sort of in love with Don, too. Gotta love the bad boys...
patriss on December 13
Love your sweater!!!
vanessatan on December 13
love your shoes!
Pink_Champagne on December 13
what a great bag! i love your boots too
Ecee on December 13
so chic :)
springfiry on December 13
Love the sweater!
onirec on December 13
Cute sweater!!!!! amazing shoes!!!
LostinOz on December 13
I LOVE THIS, totally something I would wear!
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on December 13
this is sooo cute and cosy! love your bag!
LA_blog on December 13
loving your in jeans! great casual look!
LaurenPichler on December 13
adorable as always! chic +1
JovinaL on December 13
i love the bag! super cute
lieslmade on December 13
Love everything about this winter look!
iamliezyl on December 13
cozy and chic! Love the shoes!!!
zoomusicgirl0 on December 13
pt: Now every Sunday I force my mom to record it. Oh, how she loves my good friend annebeth. Pretty look, my fave item are the shoes, wowee zowee they're awesome! you should do the hair.. I've been thinking about it too, but I think I'm gonna wait 'till it's longer. I don't wanna be your total twin! Friends have mistaken you for me on our pics! But I do think about cutting it eh,, in eye-area :D
Annebeth on December 13
haha thank god we don't live in the same place and go to the same uni :D we'd totally be twins then. And i'm glad you liked it! mad men is supergood too, i can lend you the first season when I'm done with it :)
zoomusicgirl0 on December 13
that is, part 2.
zoomusicgirl0 on December 13
pt 1: hey, the whole series of mad men, that's a great suggestion for my christmas present :p you inspired me to check the first episode of Boardwalk Empire though (it plays Sunday at NED3, and I was at home, and I really liked it a lot. I like the actors so much, the jokes ("I changed my name", "Well.. what's in a name.." "*?!? stone dumb look*" "READ A FUCKING BOOK"), the time, and the storyline
oliviooso on December 13
love ur boots! :)
kayemoniquesgonzales on December 13
Love your shoes Anne! :)
nenediazoro on December 13
love the sweater
CzarinaAnonuevo on December 13
i really adore your sweater and boots!! chic!!
Tsiriano on December 13
great sweater! I want this! xx
FarizaOthman on December 13
Everyone do looove those sweater (including ME!!).this is so prefection!!.Simply gorgeous on winter.YES +1.<3
ChiccaStyle on December 13
love your sweater!
_SERENITY_ on December 12
gorgeous casual preppy outfit, dear! perfect navy leggings and l looove the sweater and shirt mix! gorgeous color on your boots and cute ankle socks too!! def +1
cityofbugs on December 12
faving this, its a perfect casual winter look! looove that sweater, especially with the tight jeans/jeggings and those cute boots! and you know i adooooreee that bag, i saw someone with it in new york and immediately thought of you! it only made me more jealous haha :) looking forward to seeing the dresses, especially the velvet one! ohh i just saw the coat, love that too! this is so inspiring!
Du3zac on December 12
Voici le commencement d'une histoire!!! Super cute outfit! Anything cognac colored is good in my books!
Korshunova on December 12
Love your sweater Annebeth!!!! I've been looking for such a nice one for a loooong time!!!
em1986 on December 12
such a cute sweater, gosh you have nice boots
selectivepotential on December 12
Suuuper cute shoes!
meredithelyse on December 12
love those shoes! i just bought some like them yesterday :)
lindyk222 on December 12
Thanks for the comment! I love how the trench coat and messenger bag turns the comfy-looking outfit into a city-chic look!
juniee111 on December 12
cute sweater.... Im a True Blood fan ... never watched mad men...
Catherinee on December 12
I've actually never watched Mad Men... I'm more of a Dexter fan (as I sit here anxiously waiting fifteen minutes until the finale starts!!). Your sweater looks so comfy! And that bag is gorgeous.
Aphrodite on December 12
Casual Chic!!! I dont see this kind of look from u much so i'm faving!=) And u know i like u with a bag! Which reminds me...nah, i'll send u message instead..=)
kirstinmarie on December 12
imjustmefashionblog on December 12
love it!
goofcheese on December 12
I LOVE your shoes! Adorable look.
MonaM on December 12
love your sweater! :) great cool weather look!
woocie on December 12
oh my goodness i love that sweater so much! the pattern is so cute, and i love how everything goes together. good job :)
Reybeltane on December 12
you still look really cute for 'not fussing'! I love those shoes and your coat is great. And I have heard such good things about "Mad Men". I need to start watching that, don't I? :-)
JennaStevie on December 12
Looove this, perfect sweater for the weather! Oh that bag is absolutly amazing too
MitziBlitz on December 12
Love the sweater and boots! I've been meaning to check out Mad Men for a long time, and now that I'm done school for Christmas I may just rent it! ;)
chicshop on December 12
great sweater!
Coconut on December 12
I love everything about this !!! The sweater & shoes are incredible !! You are very very sweetie <3
I may give a chance to MAD MEN, lots of ppl talk nicely about it... ;) Love your shoes :D
leafanko on December 12
i adore it! :)
DentelleFleurs on December 12
SO cute! Love this 90's sweater
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