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Updated on Dec 09, 2010
pink H&M dress - black brand dress - bubble gum floral dress - red H&M dress - b
Pink-h-m-dress-black-brand-dress-bubble-gum-floral-dress-red-h-m-dress-b Pink-h-m-dress-black-brand-dress-bubble-gum-floral-dress-red-h-m-dress-b Pink-h-m-dress-black-brand-dress-bubble-gum-floral-dress-red-h-m-dress-b Pink-h-m-dress-black-brand-dress-bubble-gum-floral-dress-red-h-m-dress-b Pink-h-m-dress-black-brand-dress-bubble-gum-floral-dress-red-h-m-dress-b
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angiekje 's Thoughts:

Ceci n’est pas une pipe

Things aren’t always what they seem… keep that in mind while you go through your wardrobe looking for that perfect dress for the holidays. Whether you have a busy schedule that prevents you from changing dresses for several occasions, a tight budget so you just don’t have the money to buy multiple dresses… or you simply love being creative with your garments: never call a dress just a dress. There isn’t a single gown in the world that cannot be used multiple times…

The challenge: to choose one dress that is perfect for four different occasions.
The ingredients: one gorgeous gown, an enthusiastic Chictopian, a lot of accessories and most of all a great deal of happiness.

Delightful Chictopian style icon Annebeth aka queen from the land of dresses
Sensational Chictopian and stylish woman folle_femme aka queen feminine fashion
Lovely Chictopian and style guru charchelle27 aka queen of fashion wonderland
and… me :)

1. Battle of the dresses

We all agreed: one dress doesn’t necessarily need to look the same every time you wear it. Annebeth and I show you how one dress in another color gives a totally different vibe on it’s own or worn in combination with different pieces.

1. Chic: meeting the mother and father in law/a day at work
…Using red tights in combination with an orange sweater and matching necklace, Annebeth creates the perfect scenery for a serious meeting without making it boring nor intimidating in advance.
2. Casual: shopping with girls/day in class
…Combining this cute little pink dress with a striped top and cute little beanie makes this party-dress perfect for Christmas shopping. Continuing the casual sailor vibe, Annebeth chose for navy flats and thick black tights in order to keep warm when colder times arrive.
3. Sweet: for Christmas get-together with family
…Looking like the perfect winter-nymph Annebeth manages to increase the girly feel of the pink dress using a long white knitted cardigan. What makes this look really interesting are the off-white colors she used in combination with the pink and whites.
4. Sexy: for a party
…if you want to make a dress really shine, it is a good idea to use silvery necklaces. Dressing up with a blazer and some killer-boots, her outfit is more then perfect to go to a (indoor) New Years Eve party.

you can find a close up of these outfits here

1. Chic: for an office event
…Layering up with a black long-sleeved t-shirt, two layers of tights and my own killer heels, I take the dress from summer- to winter wear. I gave the outfit a vintage twist, using my black purse and red floral headband. If you were planning on going outside in this outfit, you can easily make a fun girly girl/tomboy contrast using a green parka with a faux fur trim (shown on first picture).
2. Casual: shopping spree
…This is the outfit I wore to go shopping in Berlin. I am wearing my red dress in combination with a black and white poncho and red lace blouse as an extra layer (adds up to the poofiness) to make the shape more interesting. The vintage brown purse is the perfect bag to shop for those expensive little Christmas gifts. My half finger gloves make sure my hands keep warm without losing the ability to hold something.
3. Sweet: dinner party
…While the temperatures outside dive under the freezing point, it is important to layer up. Combining my red fierce dress with a sweater with cute cat- and heart prints on it, I manage to give the dress a sweet touch. Never loose sight from your body shape, that’s where the belt comes in handy.
4. Sexy: for a party
…you’ve seen me wearing this dress several times during summer. This was one of those occasions; I used stockings to increase the sensual feel of the outfit, contrasting with a masculine bowler hat in order to take it to the next level. All we need now is some red lips, a babysitter for the Dalmatian and we are good to go.

you can find a close-up of my outfits here

2. Take on the floral dress

Everyone has that perfect little (or maxi) floral dress in their wardrobes. You’ve worn it numerous of times during fall and summer, it has a girly, poofy cut which tells you there are more possibilities in how to style it for the holidays.

1. Chic: for a party at the office
…Whenever you need to show off your personality, I would suggest using the magic of layering. Simona is combining her pink floral dress with a lovely white headband for a little bohemian feel and a shiny white ribbon to accentuate the waistline. Going for the same sweet color scheme of pink and whites as Annebeth, the outfit is sugary sweet and chic all at once.
2. Casual: shopping for gifts
…If you want to make a dress like this one more casual, I would suggest using neutrals to break the print. Simona used her beige cardigan to do so and to emphasize on the waist she used a small black belt to tie the look together. The beanie and boots with cute socks give her outfit an urban feel and make this one perfect for endless shopping sprees with the girls.
3. Sweet: for a holiday with your family
…There’s nothing as sweet as a floral dress, but if you really want to make things interesting I would suggest to follow Simona’s example. Using a green sweater on top of the existing dress, she is not only dressed better for the colder season, she’s also showing more versatility. Want to be sweeter then candy, you might want to go for floral accessories in combination with more pink, just as Simona did.
4. Sexy: for a cocktail party
…Floral dresses and sexy vibes… it certainly looks like a contrast to me. If you do want to go for it you can follow Simona’s example and empathize your own sexuality, using the buttons of your dress, some girly girl stockings and some gorgeous jewellery.

3. Take on the little black dress

The imperishable classic… this particular black dress with lace detailing combines elements of sensuality, geometry and most of all femininity. This figure-hugging silhouette makes sure you will see its beauty from a distance.

1. Chic: a brunch for two
…Want to go somewhere fancy with your better half? Use a lighter blazer to make your little black dress even more chic. The dots on Michelle’s blazer in combination with the element of surprise (her tights) make the outfit more playful. Finish off this look using classics in combination with neutrals such as the purse and shoes.
2. Casual: meeting the girls
…Are you ready to create an element of surprise? Use your body hugging dresses as a top, in combination with your favorite harem pants. Use simple black boots, like Michelle has and do not pile on the accessories. Remember: “less is more”.
3. Sweet: to do some Christmas shopping
…Show some personality to create that perfect comfortable outfit. Michelle shows us how to make a statement with a combination of red and black, using an adorable sweater with a black print. If your sweater really pops like hers, it’s important to keep the rest of your garments and accessories subtle.
4. Sexy: for a party
…Finding the perfect balance makes a sexy outfit so much more interesting. Michelle shows a combination of a little dress in combination with killer pumps; another gorgeous red-black combo.

you can find a close-up of her outfits here

I hope we’ve been able to inspire you on how to style your dresses for several events. Remember: when it comes to using your imagination in order to style your outfit, the sky is not the limit, there are plenty of possibilities…

Comments (31)

alaLadywolf on December 21
I adore the orange-on-pink look on Annebeth- so pretty and the color pairing is unexpected. And I love love LOVE your look with the patterned sweater over the red dress. Charchelle27 shows a great variety of styling options with a lacy black dress. Such a great article, Angie! xx
BadTasteToast on December 20
This project is so cool! Thanks for the inspiration girls! :)
Redchyna on December 19
Pure inspiration! As a mom on a budget I have to find different ways to rework the pieces that I own, and you give me so many ideas. Great article!!
KaylaMeow on December 17
Haha the picture is so cute and the post is such a greattt inspiration :D totally adore the hardwork of writing this <3 also, thanks for leaving me a comment on my drawing the other day :)
WeMoveVintage on December 15
love it!!!
MmeLuxe on December 13
skinnybuddha on December 13
you did a wonderful job with this article. such an inspiration!
ChildLalLaLa on December 12
Great article ! I find many inspirations from your writting Love them so much Thank you~
Aphrodite on December 11
this post makes me wanna wear a dress! Job well done girls! 16 chic looks in one-how cool is that!!! And you chose 4 important occasions too!!! Great post/looks!
Yanie on December 11
nice article!
NanaHoshino on December 10
great post! so inspiration and fun :D and I looove them, chic girls!
ModernMode on December 10
Another great post! What a great read, and I love all your shots! Makes me rethink all the dresses in my closet! Thanks!
Chaba on December 10
Great article angie, you're my favourite writer and chictopian:P
angiekje on December 10
Pink_Champagne on December 10
awesome article! this is such a creative idea-great job! (as usual)
FairyColors on December 09
ohh, l LOOOVE this post soooo damn much, dear!!! gorgeous outfits!! you all look sooo chic, ladies!! really inspiring for everyone!!! :D chic voted for sure and faved<3 xx
cityofbugs on December 09
i loooove this article! its so inspirational, faving for sure! great job as always :D
JodiElizabeth on December 09
oh i love this post!!! they all look amazing!!!
FarizaOthman on December 09
totaly fascinating.adorable.
VixieVaporous on December 09
What a fun refreshing read! Thanks for the article. This is so true, people think I don't wear the same dress twice, I do, I just don't wear the same ensemble twice ;-)
angiekje on December 09
just like me :)
maryiangge on December 09
awesome post!
Hawaiikidd on December 09
This is such an awesome article!!! I love seeing things like this. Its so interesting and fun to see different peoples point of views on things. Bravo. <3 You should do another article like this that includes a boy.. hint hint, wink wink. jkjkjk. :D
angiekje on December 09
I know I thought about it too late :D since it had to be about dresses, I think that's why I didn't think of you guys :D sorry
Hawaiikidd on December 09
cool photoshopping btw.
headbandit on December 09
Wow, great article! I love this idea, it has inspired me to mix and match the pieces in my wardrobe even more-I might even try this challenge, hehe. Love the first photo how you made it look like you are all together. Too cute!
Annebeth on December 09
super article angie! I love the job you did on the write up and the photoshopping! btw it's "things aren't always what they seem" :D
angiekje on December 10
allebei (zoals ik al zei op fb) en geen reactie van zij die zou moeten reageren en Cheri kan mij niet helpen :s
Annebeth on December 10
daarom zal het wel niet zijn hoor, zo'n klein taalfoutje? Denk ik iig. Heb je ze gemessaged?
angiekje on December 09
ik snap niet waarom ze niet even een berichtje sturen van waarom ze het niet publiceren zo van: waarom verander je dit niet even... nu is het eigenlijk hetzelfde als de stijlgallerij, je weet niet waarom... en je blijft maar zoeken
Korshunova on December 09
Another great article Angiekje!!!! I'll try to follow the chic example and use my dresses in more different ways!!!!
patriss on December 09
Love all the mixed outfits!!!
JennaStevie on December 09
Yessss I love this!! Faving for sure. This is great
KellyJoy on December 09
well written post, really enjoyed it! lovely outfits from all too!
folle_femme on December 09
I love, love, love it! You, guys have fantastic looks, such an inspiration! The article it's so well written and it describes the outfits perfectly! Thank you, Angie, for thinking of me when you decided to do this!
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on December 09
FANTASTIC! everything idea. article, people, photos! Angie, red is definitely your colour!
charchelle27 on December 09
aww i love the looks so much angie! you guys are awesome!
charchelle27 on December 09
thanks for having me here angie!
charchelle27 on December 09
PS. i super love the article that you wrote!
angiekje on December 09
thanks ;) you too :p hope you like the article :)
milicaaaa on December 09
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