Winter Wondering

Updated on Dec 07, 2010
light blue shorts - red coat - navy jumper - black socks - black boots - heather
Light-blue-shorts-red-coat-navy-jumper-black-socks-black-boots-heather Light-blue-shorts-red-coat-navy-jumper-black-socks-black-boots-heather Light-blue-shorts-red-coat-navy-jumper-black-socks-black-boots-heather Light-blue-shorts-red-coat-navy-jumper-black-socks-black-boots-heather Light-blue-shorts-red-coat-navy-jumper-black-socks-black-boots-heather
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Annebeth 's Thoughts:

It’s actually snowing in these pics, but the snow is all gone now :( I love snow as long as I can just sit inside and enjoy the snowflakes twirling through the air. I miss the snow already :( it’s so easy to nag about the snow when it’s still there, but when it’s gone you start missing it. Why are people never satisfied with what they have? People should stop bitching and moaning. I’m talking to myself too, haha. I love these shorts, I bought the levis for 1 euro in a secondhand store and hoped I could make them look hot by making cutoffs out of them. They looked seriously ridiculously ugly in full size, but they turned out perfectly. Vintage Levis just look so much better on the butt than most other more modern denim. I love this secondhand sweater too, I love how the stripes make it feel like some sort of retro athletic wear from back in the seventies or something. And the coat is just looooooove. Bright red is irresistible, don’t you agree?
I’m wearing a pair of tights and two pairs of socks. I’ve never done that before, I’m basically wearing three pairs of socks. Somehow it feels much weirder to wear three pairs of socks than to wear two pairs. People are silly. Yes, I’m talking to myself again :D

Have a nice day! :)

PS: it’s decided, I’ve entered this picture in the Winter Wonderland contest. I changed my write up a bit and I’m quite pleased with the end result! If you love the entry, don’t forget to fave! Same goes for my Olsenboye entry! Check them out, let me know what you think and favorite them if you love my picture/writing! :) Thanks for the feedback girls and boys!

The Styling Dutchman

Comments (42)

Nvrwearthatagain on July 07
springfiry on December 22
Love the red
LeBee on December 14
love it!
vanessatan on December 10
love the shoes! :)
cityofbugs on December 09
red and blue always look great together! love the sweater!
youcantsilencemylove on December 08
LOVE this!
deekaywang on December 08
cute winter style<3<3
Aphrodite on December 08
I know what you mean when u said they (vint.Levis) fit better on d butt. They do!=) Great look as always and my fave is the red coat! Will now check the others.=)
GlossyCheshireCat on December 08
beautiful look :D <3
WallflowerVintage on December 08
Love the last pic the best (so where's the tree?..)
kirstinmarie on December 08
Love the red coat!! You look great!!
sazzychiq on December 08
Love your red coat and all the layerings!!(;
cherry8888 on December 07
Love your coat! Great colors!
lissakahayon on December 07
ur winter outfits are soooo chic!!!
taylorjonas on December 07
GiaLilibeth on December 07
Love your outfit!
kelseyjeanne on December 07
Beeswonderland on December 07
You're adorable,dear!Love the coat!
Ettlerish84 on December 07
You look like katie perry, really cute look
charchelle27 on December 07
i love the color combo and layering here annebeth! u look gorgeous!
KellyJoy on December 07
i love both looks-the blue and red is really striking here. out of the two i guess i would pick the other one. there's something about the outfit along with the snow covered tree that makes it looks more wonderland. they're both beautiful though, so maybe you should go with your heart, as was said before:)
ChiccaStyle on December 07
so stylish!
Pink_Champagne on December 07
i love your red coat
princessandthepea on December 07
Very cute and chic, love blue and red together, love the shorts and boots too xoxo
Reybeltane on December 07
you are so cute! and I LOOOOVE those boots! And while I do love the bright colors in this look, I think the other one says "Winter Wonderland" a little more. For some reason I always imagine winter as a more formal season, you know? When all the holiday parties are and such? This is so playful and sporty, and the other look is romantic so it's hard to choose, though!
Reybeltane on December 07
p.s. the "tour of twelve cities" sounds really exciting! I've never been skiing, either so that sounds great too! Being an American isn't exciting at all! And we just say "crunch." But now i'll say knerpen every time!
patriss on December 07
Love so much your coat.Chic look!!!
Bombonica on December 07
love the color combination!!
commonsenseandstilet on December 07
very cute!!!
londondude on December 07
Very funky and fun! Love the colours, from the blue jumper to the red coat! Great look for winter, nice!
frenchfish on December 07
great colors.
Miss_Mary on December 07
Lovely. Love your coat n your shorts:)
MitziBlitz on December 07
Both looks are great, but if you "feel" this one more then you should enter this one! I love your story about ice skating, I'm exactly the same way hahaha. Love the red and blue together, and the sock layering, and the boots! I don't think there's a word for the sound of snow crunching, but it sounds exactly like squeezing a box of cornstarch :P
guiaalvendia on December 07
love your coat!
movito on December 07
I think I like the one with the floral dress a little bit more. You look great in that dress and I like the styling too
ninnda on December 07
what a cute coat!
Laura86 on December 07
love your coat and boots!
franloiacono on December 07
I think I love the first one more ;)
Eelectrocutee on December 07
love the color combo... red and blue.. :)
cory_josue on December 07
stand out color babe..
em1986 on December 07
amazing outfit again. love the red and blue combination as well as your fantastic shoes
angiekje on December 07
the other one is more winter wonderland in my opinion :) love the colors on this one: great coat and jumper!! I think you should enter the one YOU love better... (it's how we all do it? it's odd that you can enter after you got points, this way you can enter pictures that already had 14 favorites and in style gallery? but okay :)) twaalfstedentocht: jeeeej :p you can't ice skate? you should learn
angiekje on December 07
this is like a book of comments by me :)
angiekje on December 07
:) dat heb je met mijn lange comments :D NOPE not cheating since you told it before, I just didn't know :) I only knew a girl who uploaded something twice (oh make that two girls) because of a contest... on the other hand: if you CAN change it, it's probably allowed so :D I totally DON't have a good condition :D and I've never been limber either (odd for a dancer, but I'm not professional) well since I was 5 ballet for 6 years, then modern dance, jazz dance, videoclip dance, breakdance (2 years but the teacher didn't want to help us), flamingo (one lesson :)), bit of salsa and I think that's it :) just for fun: not professional, I have one video of video clip dancing up on my facebook page if you like :) We're a complete match then: I pretty much suck at most videogame sports :D (exept racing, I love racing) :D
Annebeth on December 07
oh and wow, dancer! what kind of dancing did you do? the only sport talent I have is a pretty OK base condition, and being limber (of lenig zoals wij het noemen :D), I pretty much suck at every non-videogame sport :D
angiekje on December 07
by the way I love how you can softly see the snow falling :D hat that it's been raining ever since saturday night :s (okay not non-stop but you get the point)
Annebeth on December 07
well, if it is your own look, it fits the theme and it was uploaded after the start of the contest, why not? I don't really see what's so weird about it. I do prefer it if people are open about it instead of sneaking around, but I don't think it's unfair? My main problem is that I was planning on taking fresh pictures with a very good outfit in the snow, but then the snow melted and it doesn't look like we're going to get a lot of snow anytime soon, so I'll just have to make do with the snowy pictures I already had :( Do you think it's cheating?
angiekje on December 07
it's not that difficult I think :) and I LOVE it :) (has been two years already since the last time) maybe we should go together and write about that :) hehe (not the falling flat part) lol ski camp: nice line ^^ I never fall... with skiing nor ice skating... I think it's because I have been a dancer for 19 years (autch) I love snow every day I DON't have to go to work :D over here we don't call it knerpen :D but I can see where it comes from :p magical blog post :D very winter wonderland :D
Style_Journey on December 07
great layering, dear~ love the shorts with tights and those boots are gorgeous!! pretty colors mix and great coat too<3
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