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Updated on Nov 26, 2010
black Forever 21 intimate - deep purple American Rag blouse - black Charlotte Ru
Black-forever-21-intimate-deep-purple-american-rag-blouse-black-charlotte-ru Black-forever-21-intimate-deep-purple-american-rag-blouse-black-charlotte-ru Black-forever-21-intimate-deep-purple-american-rag-blouse-black-charlotte-ru
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trinnah 's Thoughts:

We participated in the Black Friday festivities after our family dinner last night.

It was mediocre to say the least.

With that said, I’m taking a break from Chictopia.

I’m frustrated, annoyed, disappointed, and just not feeling it right now.

I’ll be back when I finally come to terms with the inconsistency.

I know I said that I would tough it out, but I tried . . .

. . . and I’m too outspoken to keep it all in, too.

So I’m just going to take a break . . . for now.

Take a break before I say anything else . . .

MASUNGIT.NET is where you’ll find me. :)

Comments (59)

christinaaa on December 31
Cute shirt!<3
janicekaren on December 20
I love this look...I love the dress so much
curvyfashionista on December 12
Great Look...lovin the shoes!!
zelicious on December 06
great look! love your blouse & shoes!
ivonamonceanu on December 04
awesome outfit! you look great! one vote from me:)
chyrelg on December 03
love this dress and don't be gone for far too long. i'll miss your updates. :)
JAELA on December 03
You look lovely Trina and I do hope you come back soon. You have style and you definatley deserve to be on the style icon list.
feroshdiva on December 01
Love the top!!!
Jmfashionista on November 30
love the shirt
heartpalpitations on November 29
fab as always :)
aziren on November 29
great outfit loved the shoes :) feel so sad on what happened, hope you can come back soon. every time i checked you post, you inspire me on what to wear and what I should buy for shoes. I take you as one of my inspiration here at chictopia. felt so bad that I'm not seeing any updates from you. btw kudos to your blog and I will make sure to check your blog everyday :)
cherry8888 on November 29
Love your top and LOVE your shoes!
kirstinmarie on November 29
This is so cute! :)
KristaniA on November 29
this outfit is very darling! I love pewter glittered heels <3 and girl, I respect your decision to leave this website. really. that's how you MAKE A POINT! :) I'm going to follow your personal blog from now on :) :) stay chic and see you on the other side ;)
WeMoveVintage on November 29
beautiful blouse! love the detail!
sweetsultryjoycee on November 29
you look very charming and lovely in this outfit ms. trinnah :)
trinnah on November 29
. . . with a lot less politics. :) One of my style icons taught me that, and I'm glad that she did. I kinda like just posting it on my site. If people happen to see it, then good, but if not, I'm still expressing myself without setting myself up to be disappointed by inconsistencies. :)
trinnah on November 29
It's not the fact that I don't get a hundred of votes that bothers me. :) It's the fact that I get more votes than some people, and I still don't make it to the style gallery. The hundreds of votes influx comes in when someone makes it to the style gallery because more people see the looks. :) I know what you mean about expressing yourself. I do it on my site already . . .
sweetsultryjoycee on November 29
btw, i read some of your rants below, and please don't feel sad.. Well, a lot of girls are in the same boat with you, like me. Like I don't get a hundred plus votes or faves or anything, but I'm still happy because here in chictopia, I get to express myself in fashion even if nobody would really care.. I really hope you'll be back soon..:)
Style_Journey on November 29
ohh my, l absolutely felt in LOVE with your purple blouse, dear!! it adds such a romantic and feminine vibe to the whole outfit!! stunning silver shoes and pretty skirt too<33 sooo chic and adorable!! +1 xx
cayeconcepcion on November 28
i agree with ur blog..i feel the same way..sometimes i think about just doing another blog like u did.:)
trinnah on November 29
Thank you. :) It really does get me excited, posting it on my own domain. I mean, I pay monthly for that domain, so I might as well use it. After all, I've had for more than 8 years! :) You definitely should do what your heart tells you to do. :)
cayeconcepcion on November 28
cute blouse!!!!
Miss_Mary on November 28
Awww your look so pretty. Loving the blouse n great shoes:)
hellokmac on November 28
we'll miss you, girl! love this (and so all of your) looks!
folle_femme on November 28
Sorry to hear that you're leaving, i kinda feel the same way as you do now about chictopia! Going to miss your looks! Btw, i really like your outfit, gorgeous blouse!
trinnah on November 29
Thank you! :) Thank you for the empathy as well.
rizzalana on November 28
love the top! :) we should hear from you soon trinnah. ;)
Annebeth on November 28
oooh, somehow this look feels quite unique for you to me, maybe because so much skin is covered? :D :D haha don't take this the wrong way, it might sound like an insult but it isn't meant to be one! :D I just think you look adorably girly!
trinnah on November 28
I've been here a long time, and I started off as a lurker, just visiting and commenting on people's posts, and I can go back to doing the same thing again until I feel comfortable posting up new looks. :) Thank you for stopping by.
trinnah on November 28
There was really no final drop, per se. It's just an accumulation of frustrations and blow to my emotions on a daily basis and with my posts that got to me. It's just a combination of all the things that I've noticed that just made me not want to post right now. I'll still check out everybody's looks though.
trinnah on November 28
Hahaha! I know what you mean. It's probably because it was cold that day, so I needed to bundle up. Most days it's 90 degrees farenheit over here, so covering up is just out of the question. :) Thank you!
Annebeth on November 28
oh and I'm so sad you're taking a break :( what was the final drop?
charchelle27 on November 28
i really love your top/dress so much trinah and your shoes too!
starryeyed on November 28
gorgeous blouse! :)
criscela on November 28
lovely blouse!!
Anastasia_Azuline on November 28
so cute! ^^
Anastasia_Azuline on November 28
and I hope you'll feel better soon!
mangoista on November 28
aw love that dress!
dorotron on November 27
too cute!
inspirafashion on November 27
aww this is so pretty, i really love the blouse! so lovely. :)
trinnah on November 28
I feel better right now actually. I'm just going to go back to lurking and maybe when the time is right, start posting again. :) Thank you!
inspirafashion on November 27
aw and girl, i hope everything's alright. we'll miss you here on Chictopia. <3
lydeeloo on November 27
sorry you're taking a break :( will miss you & your beautiful pictures xoxo
trinnah on November 28
Thank you. :)
imjustmefashionblog on November 27
love the top!
cityofbugs on November 27
you look stunning! i love the floral blouse, it works so well with those lovely silver shoes and black tights! I am soo sad to hear this :( I remember when I first joined, i always checked your looks out and you were so inspiring! please come back soon! i know the inconsistency thing is annoying but a lot of us are in the same boat with you x
trinnah on November 28
Someday when it won't hurt as much or I've grown a tougher skin, I'll come back. :) I'll still check out your posts though because you definitely inspire me. :)
trinnah on November 28
I'm a little frustrated with how even though I get 20 votes, 20 comments, 4 faves on a certain look in a period of 4 hours, I still can't crack it into the style gallery. When someone else who barely has 16 votes, no faves, and 2 comments in the same period of time is already there. It's a huge blow for my emotions, and I just don't like setting myself up for it right now. :(
allaboutthestyle on November 27
amazing dress !! Love the look voted dear
Janet Lagamon
Janet Lagamon on November 27
great look :)
sininanimikay on November 27
That's the saddest news I've ever heard in my entire Chictopian life. I am going to miss your posts. I hope you'll come back very soon. Remember that there are many bloggers like me who were inspired by you to join Chictopia. Without you around wouldn't be the same... I wish you'll change your mind.
trinnah on November 28
It's more of a preservation of my feelings and ego right now, which is why I'm taking a break. I'm still going to check out everybody's profiles and hopefully, inspire you guys with my comments, if nothing else. :) Sulayan pa nako na okay ra nako na maski mas daghan ko ug comments ug votes sa uban na na punta sa style gallery, dili pa gihapon ko e butang nila. :)
cocoandvera on November 26
I'll definitely miss seeing your looks every day, but I completely understand your motivation for taking time off. And what a farewell look... Love your blouse and yet another fabulous pair of shoes. Hope to see you back soon :) xox.
trinnah on November 28
Thank you! :) I'll still be checking out everybody's looks. I know I've said this plenty of times but you guys inspire me so much everyday, so I still visit everybody's profiles for that daily dose of inspiration.
chyrelg on November 26
i love your dress so much!
alaLadywolf on November 26
You look lovely here! Hope to see you back on Chictopia soon, dear! xx
trinnah on November 28
Thank you! :) I'll still be checking your looks though!
bellavanite on November 26
don't goooooo...everybody will miss you here. i'll miss your outfits, your stories of great deals. and your killer shoes. i hope your break ain't too long. love the outfit!!!!! it's beautiful.
trinnah on November 28
Thank you!! :) I'll still be checking out your looks! I love them. You're gonna be inspiring my daily outfits even though I'm not going to be posting them yet.
alexis_c on November 26
I love this look! The shirt really makes it. :] I agree with everyone when I say you will be missed. I just joined and you were like a chictopia ambassador welcoming me. Take care and hopefully you return soon. <3
trinnah on November 28
Thank you! :) Don't worry, I'll be still be commenting on your looks and everybody else's when I log on. I like your style. It's something that I would totally wear, too, so that's why I wrote a long comment. :) Take care!
Redchyna on November 26
You will be sorely missed, I have personally been inspired by your looks (your posts are are fun to read, too). This is another great look, I love the romance in the top.
trinnah on November 28
Thank you so much! :) I'm glad that I've inspired you in some way, but I'll be back when it hurts less for me. I'll be checking out your posts though and commenting when I have the time!
lharajavillonar on November 26
like the shoes and the top :)
Twig on November 26
too lovely girlie!!!!!!
psykoKilla on November 26
hi, don't take a break too long :-)..we'll miss u
trinnah on November 28
Hi! Thank you. :) Don't worry, I'll be around to comment.
kayemoniquesgonzales on November 26
So lovely Trinnah! Love the dress with those pretty shoes! Ooooh, you'll be gone? I'll surely miss your forum posts and blogs! :(
trinnah on November 28
Thank you so much. I'll be gone from posting, but I'll still check out everybody's profiles, especially those of my friends! Thank you!
RoswellVixen on November 26
i love the top and its frilly-ness at the bottom! great look! :) and i just read the forum posts you contributed too and i agree with alot of it. too bad we cant just up and make our own chictopia-like site for like-minded people. oh well lol
trinnah on November 28
Hahaha! That would be fun, but it wouldn't be the same. Chictopia is working fine the way it is now. I'm just removing myself from the situation for my ego's own good. :) Thanks!
enigmasupernova on November 26
i love this look! elegant and romantic!
MsShamz on November 26
but whyyyyy??? Please come back soon!! great outfit by the way hun xox
trinnah on November 28
I just need a break from the disappointment. I figured if I don't post anything, I don't feel it. Haha! :) Thank you!
MitziBlitz on November 26
Love your dress! It looks great on you. Those shoes are amazing too! I'll miss your posts, hope to see you back before too long :) Happy Thanksgiving!
trinnah on November 28
Thank you! Belated Happy Thanksgiving! :)
KellyJoy on November 26
what a pretty outfit, so feminine-lovely! we'll miss your outfit posts definitely, but if you're stressed, a little breather is in order-make it a short one though;)
trinnah on November 28
Thanks Kelly! :) Yeah, I think if I keep posting and getting the same outcome, it'll be frustrate me more, so I just need to start over. I'll still check out everybody's looks though. I can't wait to see your styling of the shoes!!
SaffronHaze on November 26
Noo =( did something happen recently to trigger this decision? You will be dearly missed on here! I hope you'll be back soon!
trinnah on November 28
It's just an accumulation, and I've tried to give it a chance. I even wrote an email to a certain someone, and she still hasn't responded with an awesome to my inquiry, so I just felt that I needed a break. I'll still be here to check out everybody's looks though! I can't stay away from your profile! I love your looks!
Catherinee on November 26
that blouse is adorable - sorry to hear you're taking a break. hope you come back soon enough.
trinnah on November 28
Thank you! :) I'll still be here commenting, voting, etc.
Laura86 on November 26
love your blouse!
JennaStevie on November 26
This blouse is ammmazing, and so are your shoes, you look gorgeous my dear. Im sorry to hear youre taking a break! Im really gunna miss your photos and outfits. But I understand how you feel, I'm really frustrated with it too at times
trinnah on November 28
Thank you. :) I'm just taking a break from posting. I'm still going to be checking out the site and looking at everybody's looks! :) I can't stay away from you guys because you inspire me too much!
Kyanha on November 26
Oh I love the blouse! Where is the wind coming from? It seems to be blowing from the ground up hehe.
trinnah on November 28
Thanks! Yeah, I'm up on the balcony, so the wind is blowing from the sides and from the bottom going up. It was extremely windy that day because we were having a cold front. :)
maryiangge on November 26
i love your dress and shoes! hope we meet soon and well take pic of each other and both of us hehe
trinnah on November 28
I would love that! It's always awesome to meet Chictopians offline! :) Thanks!
sonialazo on November 26
That blouse is gorgeous! You look stunning, (: sorry to hear you're taking a break though
trinnah on November 28
Thank you! I'm just taking a break from posting. I'll still be around. :)
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