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Updated on Nov 25, 2010
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red skirt - black fringed boots - dark green tights - teal floral scarf
Black-red-skirt-dark-brown-belt-dark-green-tights-black-boots-teal-sca Black-red-skirt-dark-brown-belt-dark-green-tights-black-boots-teal-sca Black-red-skirt-dark-brown-belt-dark-green-tights-black-boots-teal-sca Black-red-skirt-dark-brown-belt-dark-green-tights-black-boots-teal-sca Black-red-skirt-dark-brown-belt-dark-green-tights-black-boots-teal-sca
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hello, my friends!!

It’s so nice to be here with you, guys! Thank you sooo much for all your sweet comments and lovely support from my last post. It really means so much for me! :X
I feel better now and I started to think posivite and just remember the good moments while l’m busy with work stuff… It’s so nice to know I can always find here lots of friends and support so thanks again, everyone! :X:X:X
My brother feels better now too. I was worried especialy because of him… I hope he’ll be recovered soon. He said he’s afraid not to forget Efi too soon but I explain to him that just because he didn’t cried everyday doesn’t mean he forgot about her… It’s more pleasant to remember her as she was healty and happy and be happy she’s in a better place…

I took this picture yesterday in the morning because the sun was shining so beautifully. I know the background is not so cute but l feel like somehow, it makes my outfit stand out… :D

I love how eclectic this outfit is. As you already saw I always mix new and old items so I can stay chic without spendding so much plus I’m obsessed with vintage accessories and kind of old looking outfits…
I found that skirt in a trifted store and I immediately felt in love with it, especialy because of the color and print plus I’m obsessed with everything high waisted :D I think the skirt makes the whole outfit because it adds a kind of retro preppy school girl vibe and the leather jacket is an unexpected contrast. You can see how much I love this green tights too because I already used them twice. Some of you already know my vintage/ trifted purse from my old posts. It’s definetely one of my luckiest trifted finds ever and I always wear it with love because it’s so versatile, the color and size are just perfect and it always adds such a lovely vintage vibe to any outfit.
I really missed my fringed boots this fall! The weather was so lovely lately that it really doesn’t looks like there are just 3 weeks untill Christmas and I wore my oxford shoes and wedges more than I could do other years…

Hope you’ll like this, my friends! Take care <3



Comments (103)

thehotmesscorner on September 30
lovely skirt! I'm dying to get one like that for autumn.
rubiasibele on June 15
I luuuv the boots and the skirt!! +1
Soy_Normal on June 07
seriously....this outfit its perfect...
ninasky22 on March 18
Although, there is a lot of different color pieces in this ensemble it looks very chic...good job!
BlackandBomber on December 28
I'm starting to notice your penchant for high waisted skirts and leggings. Plus with that gorgeous scarf and leather jackets this outfit feels like it should be in my wardrobe. What a great, gorgeous outfit! You combine colours and patterns that I never would and make it look so effortless. It's beautiful!
kajikun15 on December 24
Love the plaid <3
KaylaMeow on December 20
ahh i cant believe ive never seen this picture b4 ! its so cute :D i dont know if its just me or this outfit has some scottish feeling in it, mayb its the plaid skirt :D and also, thanks for the lovely comment on my newest drawing <3 you r always so sweet :D
_SERENITY_ on December 20
aww, thaaank you so much for your sweet comments and support, honey<3 xx
CharmC on December 15
great skirt :)
Gareth on December 13
Great mix!!
Laura86 on December 07
cute skirt!
MolliM on December 06
this is adorable
deargirl on December 06
this is my favorite!
mishuella on December 06
great look!!! lovely earrings , awesome boots :)
RQRISTYLE on December 04
luv the colors
Rameline on December 04
you look great on that :)
springfiry on December 01
Love the red skirt!
jakiracamille on November 30
This is soooo adorable! I am in love w/ your scarf!
Shaniqua1071 on November 30
You look soo fantastic in this look in this look dear...I soo beyond love the plaid skirt with the green tights and fringe boots it all looks soo sooo truely amazing together, such a super super chic look from you :)!!!!!
YchieRiot on November 30
another great ensembles..I'm starting to like trifted items,and I'm inspired by you,on how you choose piece by piece.. The plaid skirt is my favorite,aside from it's color and pattern,but also because I'm in love to any high waited too.. ^_^ voted..xxx
_SERENITY_ on November 30
ohh, l'm so happy you like it, dear ;) my favourite items in my wardrobe are trifted :)) xx
cookiesxstreet on November 30
love this outfit! love the skirt too! +1
Moonster on November 29
Such a pretty outfit! I love it. *.*
tealless on November 28
I lovelovelove that leather jacket, and that fringe boots is soooo awesome! Your outfit is amazing as usual! Chic vote! XOXO.
_SERENITY_ on November 29
aww, thaaank you, dear<3 xx
charchelle27 on November 28
aww i love your skirt so much dear! amazIng styling!
rayzee on November 28
super chic! love it!
dorotron on November 28
love all the colors and mix of prints! chic chic!
angiekje on November 28
absolutely LOVE your skirt and scarf!! very chic! love the tights too, greta colors together!! you are superchic!! (in my believes you NEED to be a style icon, i mean it!!)
_SERENITY_ on November 29
aww, you're such a sweetie, dear! thanks a lot<3 xx
lovestheday on November 28
another awesome look... very nice combination... love the green tights and red skirt :) love the earings too ^^
_SERENITY_ on November 29
thaaank you, sugar<3 xx
lydeeloo on November 27
you're so pretty. i love the scarf and the boots! glad to hear your brother is feeling a little better xoxox
_SERENITY_ on November 29
aww, thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
inspirafashion on November 27
aww this is such a pretty look, i so love how all the colors work perfectly together, and the flower earrings are gorgeous. always so stylish Oana :).
_SERENITY_ on November 29
aww, thaaank you, sweetie<3 xx
zahra on November 27
love it dear! love all of the outfits!!
BbyFaB on November 27
avate on November 27
LOve your skirt and scarf!<3
AmyIsham on November 27
The first thing I was drawn to was the scarf; such a lovely colour. And I just love the red of the skirt too, a real Christmassy vibe! Bright tights are perfect for winter and the jacket adds a real cool and edgy aspect. You look great. x
_SERENITY_ on November 29
thanks a lot, sweetie<3 xx
Bombonica on November 27
you look absolutely adorable!!
NanaHoshino on November 27
you look gorgeous!!! love the skirt and tights. and pretty scarf. Chic!!!
Alex_Elizabeth on November 26
Awesome plaid skirt, red plaid is my favorite! I adore the pretty pattern on your scarf and your earrings are amazing!
_SERENITY_ on November 29
thanks a lot, honey<3 l missed you! xx
Joannemarie on November 26
I adore this outfit ,,i love the green tights.
ChloroformPerfume on November 26
The green tights look amazing with the red plaid skirt! Lovely combo dear, so autumny and cute! Love it!
_SERENITY_ on November 29
thanks a lot, dear <3 xx
philbabe on November 26
love the contrasting colours. you look great.
Chaba on November 26
The colours match so well, i especially love that green hue! Awesome!
Sandie on November 26
super cute shoes
annabel_lee on November 26
i'd choose another color @scarf, but i still luv the look:)
Annachiara on November 26
Pink_Champagne on November 26
you look too cute in plaid!
mariachuvachu on November 26
love your earrings :)
kayemoniquesgonzales on November 26
Love the plaid skirt!
chelyuson on November 26
love it!:)
ficklishcheens on November 26
lovely tartan skirt! works well with the deep green tights and all the other layers!
_SERENITY_ on November 26
thanks, dear<3 xx
deathbyplatforms on November 26
that's a cute tartan skirt!!!
melitakristins on November 26
love your scarf much..
kingsibulo on November 26
nice skirt! chic :)
modgeisha on November 26
Love the look dear! The skirt is smokin red! Love it! Love the scarf and the tights! Great pattern, texture and color mixing. Great outfit!
likebeauty on November 25
lovely dress
headbandit on November 25
love the tights!
cocoandvera on November 25
Glad to hear you're feeling better, dear :) This is another lovely fall look... Your earrings are my absolute favourite, so unique and beautiful! Your plaid skirt is so chic, too. You always find the most lovely things in vintage stores! Chic voted :) xox.
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thank you soo much, sweetie<33 xx
psykoKilla on November 25
Lookin' great here,cute plaid and that floral scarf is pretty :-). Eclectic it is.
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks, darling<3 xx
iamappleorchard on November 25
this is so adorable. the plaid skirt goes perfectly with the green tights. you look lovely (as always.)
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thank you so much, dear<3 xx
ninnda on November 25
you look cute! chic!
sazzychiq on November 25
you always manage to put everything perfectly making the clothes much more expensive than it seems! im jealous you guys are able to layer clothes, there are lots of creative ideas and styling can be done with layering and yours is such an inspiration!(:
_SERENITY_ on November 25
aww, you're such a sweetie, dear! thank you so much<33 xx
lissakahayon on November 25
you look great! chic!!
rizzalana on November 25
love the entire outfit! chicvoted. ;)
toadstoolring on November 25
love the outfit!
MitziBlitz on November 25
This is lovely! I adore your skirt, and I love the red and green combination with the tights :D
miaamos on November 25
you look so beautiful dear!!love this skirt , shoessss and the mix of colors and print-very chic!!xo!
_SERENITY_ on November 25
ohh, thanks a lot, sugar<3 xx
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on November 25
BEAUTIFUL! love these boots and the whole outfit is complete, love every details including earings and a bag as well! so chic ! faving this!xox
_SERENITY_ on November 25
aww, thaaank you so much, honey<3 xx
allaboutthestyle on November 25
Beautiful look !! Love the skirt
starryeyed on November 25
Wow I love your skirt. I love it all, its perfect :) Faving... x
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thaaank you, darling<3 xx
freedomwings on November 25
very adorable love all the colors. Very cute earrings too! Chic voted. I just posted a new blog, I'd love it if you checked it out. Thanks for all your love & support! :)
_SERENITY_ on November 25
aww, thank you so much, honey<33 xx
Eucalyptus on November 25
ahhh what a gorgeous skirt! so classic and pretty. and gosh you have the most amazing scarves! also loooooove your earrings!
_SERENITY_ on November 25
ohh, thaaaank you, sweetheart <33 xx
Coconut on November 25
great combo with the tartan skirt !!! good job for school
VixieVaporous on November 25
I love that skirt!
commonsenseandstilet on November 25
so cute!! perfect for the holidays :)
cityofbugs on November 25
oh wow, i looooove your skirt! it looks so gorgeous with the faux leather jacket and green tights! i love the fringed boots too and all the accessories... such a gorgeous mix as always, chic voted of course! x
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks a lot, sweetie <33 xx
rockhippiegrunge on November 25
great stylish look
londondude on November 25
Hey - this is nice! I do adore the blend of items, the boots and the jacket. The scarf and the skirt, and the bag too, looks all perfect together. Fantastic to see you smiling, and of course great to hear that you are feeling more positive now. The skirt does remind me of my kilt, lolz! Great post dear, stay CHIC, stay happy <33 x
_SERENITY_ on November 25
aww, thank you sooo much for your lovely comment, honey<3 xx
CzarinaAnonuevo on November 25
cute skirt!!!!
nicolovely on November 25
that skirt is so cute! lovely outfit :)
nancimwai on November 25
so haute! +1
SaffronHaze on November 25
Gorgeous look! Love the fringed boots and the gorgeous floral print! Glad to hear you're feeling a bit vetter =)
trinnah on November 25
I love all the different textures and colors that you used with this outfit! Beautiful scarf, and I love all the accessories!
PrettyNiftyAndThrifty on November 25
i love your fringed boots!!!! and the colour of your tights is amazing. i am glad you are feeling better!!
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks a lot, honey<33 xx
Emmamh on November 25
very pretty. I have some tights like that but don`t know what to wear them with.
_SERENITY_ on November 25
ohh, it's so easy, dear ;) you can check out my blog to see other combinations with green tights if you want ;)
Jettica on November 25
This is so beautifully wintry. What a great thrift find in that skirt, it looks great with the tights!
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks a lot,dear<3 xx
KellyJoy on November 25
lovely, ladylike outfit and the fringe boots really makes it extra cute! this is very chic:)
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks you, honey<3 xx
ShopgirlJen on November 25
love the jacket!
JennaStevie on November 25
This skirt is gorrrgeous dear, I love it, it looks great with the leather jacket and that pretty scarf!! It is very eclectic, the mix is great
tanyabell on November 25
i love your scarf and that skirt...stay strong, hun :)))
sininanimikay on November 25
I'm in love with the bag and the shoes! Those earrings are cute too.
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks, dear<3 xx
xanjelix on November 25
chic! love it :)
ScarletApril on November 25
aww thanks so much honey! anyway you look adorable and so put together as always! you look good in layers too! love your skirt so much and love how you paired it with the tough jacket! as for the scarf and everything else, they're perfect for completing this look! so chic dear! :) <3
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks a lot, honey! l missed you so much <3 xx
Hope you're feeling better now! :) LOVE your skirt!!
AfraDing on November 25
lovely look!
LyannePeri on November 25
love your jacket and your boots dear!!! b:)
nennen35 on November 25
love your jacket and skirt, dear!!
ChiccaStyle on November 25
chic! voted
Candy_La_Pop on November 25
hey dear this skirt is so gorgeous!! I want one! :) Great outfit and you've perfectly matched it with those green tights!
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thaaanks a lot, dear<3 xx
JovinaL on November 25
love love love! the combination between the plaid skirt and jacket are gorgeous!!
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks a lot, sugar<3 xx
Ruden_ka on November 25
Awesome look)))
enigmasupernova on November 25
another stylish look! the skirt is awesome!
AiB on November 25
dear, you're too cute! Love your jacket and fringe boots :>
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thank you, dear<3 xx
chyrelg on November 25
love the redness of your skirt!
BlueDesing on November 25
cute stile!!
carizzachua on November 25
love the colors~
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