"On The Other Side Of The Sky - R.I.P. Efi "

Updated on Nov 23, 2010
black jacket - maroon sweater - green tights - light pink scarf
Maroon-sweater-black-skirt-black-jacket-light-pink-scarf-green-tights- Maroon-sweater-black-skirt-black-jacket-light-pink-scarf-green-tights- Maroon-sweater-black-skirt-black-jacket-light-pink-scarf-green-tights- Maroon-sweater-black-skirt-black-jacket-light-pink-scarf-green-tights- Maroon-sweater-black-skirt-black-jacket-light-pink-scarf-green-tights-
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hi, my friends!!

Unfortunately, I have some bad news!… Efi passed away two days ago (on Sunday) at 03.29 a.m. … :(( l wish I could have done something to save her!!! l loved her as she was my own child, I can truly say I never felt she was just a Guinea pig! She always acted like a child, I especialy loved the way she looked at me… :X

After 3 weeks of serious illness, she passed away despite our efforts to save her. The vet here doesn’t know anything about Guinea pigs so we had to treat her using just some advices from other persones who had Guinea pigs too. I had the best intentions but I know I made a lot of mistakes. I would never forgive myself because she suffer so much and I feel like it’s just my fault! I cried sooo much and my brother too. He has regrets for not spending more time with her. I always tried to stay with her as much as it was possible but I feel this too.

She suffer so much that I’m almost happy she passed away. The only thing that makes me feel better is that I know her suffering is now over… :( l’ll keep her in my heart forever! God bless her soul wherever she’s now… :(( We went to the church to pray for her soul.

You can understand why I didn’t checked out Chictopia. I really needed some time to reassure myself so I can be ready to talk about this. After all, life goes on…

Yesterday I started my new job. It makes me feel better because it makes me think about other stuff. Anyway l was scared to be home and look at all those places were Efi used to stay…

That’s what I’m wearing at work today. Yeah, another layering outfit… Actualy that’s my favourite thing about autumn. I especialy love the colors mix here and my new green pair of tights. That’s my second leather jacket and l looove my paisley trifted scarf too. It’s so warm and the color is so versatile.

Have a lovely day, guys!
Thank you for your support and lovely comments! I wish I could have better news but this is it… Take care!


P.S. Please listen to “On The Other Side Of The Sky”. I know it’s a 2Pac tribute song, but the lyrics are gorgeous… <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1xALxB09wo

Comments (72)

heyitscrichel on January 13
fab and super chic girl! xx
BlackandBomber on December 28
Yet another totally gorgeous outfit. Love the scarf and jacket especially!
Asi_baddnesss on December 19
poohdakz on December 13
the bracelet is so cool..you look great!
KierrynG on December 12
Great outfit, I'm sorry about Efi!
little_vixen21 on December 08
cute so cute. its some what a mixture of a rebel and an angel. in a romantic setting :)
_SERENITY_ on December 08
thanks a lot, darling<3 xx
springfiry on December 04
Cute pet! I am so sorry she passed away.
imjustmefashionblog on December 02
love it!
YchieRiot on November 30
sorry about Efi =( anyways better days are on your hand with your new work..i love the black combo,with the punky vibe!!! =) voted
_SERENITY_ on November 30
thanks a lot, sweetie<33 xx
feroshdiva on November 29
Nice jacket!
AmyIsham on November 27
You have such an amazing collection of scarves! The colour of the top is just gorgeous on you and the pleated skirt is just too cute! Sorry about your guinea pig :( x
_SERENITY_ on November 30
aww, thaaank you so much, darling<3 xx
fashionolic on November 27
awesome, as usual <3 and i'm really sorry to hear about effy :( she's in a better place now dear!
annabel_lee on November 26
oh, i'm so so sorry! rip, lil efi, wherever u r! just be strong, girl! about ur look, it seems just perfect to me!:)
_SERENITY_ on November 30
thanks, dear <3 xx
ScarletApril on November 25
great layering! love the purple and green together! and that skirt is sooo pretty and of course the scarf is absolutely adorable! sorry to hear about efi...it'll get better dear.
_SERENITY_ on November 30
thank you soo much, sweetie<3 xx
starryeyed on November 25
This outfit has a very edgy vibe about it. I love it. Nice laying! Ooh rest in peace efi :( x
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
freedomwings on November 25
Gorgeous look! Chic! Faving this pic!!
_SERENITY_ on November 25
ohh, thanks a lot, dear <3 xx
Eucalyptus on November 25
aww I'm so sorry to hear about Efi (she was a beauuuutful guinea btw). when little animals like that get sick, they're bodies are just so delicate that it's hard to get them better, I have bunnies and know from experience :( but I know were a great mom to her and she loved you very much! and I'm sure she'd be proud of how cute your outfit is :)
_SERENITY_ on November 25
aww, you're such a sweetheart, dear!! thank you so much for your support!! l love bunnies too! hope your's are fine ;) <33 xx
ChictopiaAir on November 25
sorry to hear that !! anyhow u got a gorg bracelet!!!! nice outfit !
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thank you, dear <3 xx
thecapriciousclub on November 24
That really is heart-breaking. I'm so sorry for your loss. But it will get better, I promise! If it's any consolation you do look really chic in this outfit.. the colors are fab and the pleats on your skirt are just so darling!
_SERENITY_ on November 25
aww, thank you so much, darling! such a lovely comment<3 xx
sazzychiq on November 24
i love your fall outfit!! the layering with the sweater and scarf is just fantastic. ooh and such a great purse too! btw, sorry to hear about your guinea pig. . . its really saddening but lets just think his on a better side now.(:
_SERENITY_ on November 25
aww, you're such a sweetheart, dear! thank you so much for your support<3 xx
thebedhairmaid on November 24
Hey chica! I am very sorry about your Ginea Pig baby... I hope you feel better soon! Yet nothing stops you from looking so damn good friend! Cheer up! much love your friend Sahira!
_SERENITY_ on November 25
ohh, hi, sugar! how are you? l missed you soo much!! thanks a lot and welcome back <3 xx
cocoandvera on November 24
So sorry to hear about Efi :( Thinking of you. You look so chic, though...Love this layered look, especially the combination of purple, green and black. So lovely for fall! Your scarf is beautiful, too! Chic voted. xox.
_SERENITY_ on November 25
aww, thaaank you, honey<33 xx
toadstoolring on November 24
love the tights and color scheme! also im so sorry about your guinea pig :(
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks a lot, dear<3 xx
KaylaMeow on November 24
such a pretty outfit !!! <3
angiekje on November 24
chic!! love the guinea pig :o so sad she passed away :s I know how animals sometimes are like childeren, my Jolie is the same and my bunnies aswell... I'm sorry for you!! The outfit looks fab, love the jacket, boots, skirt and purple/turquoise colors!!
_SERENITY_ on November 25
aww, thank you for your darling support, honey<3 xx
thesmartdresser on November 24
i love your bracelet! you look stunning!
VixieVaporous on November 24
Even in mourning you look great. I'm sorry to hear about your Efi. I am empathizing with you just thinking what I'd do if my sweet dog is gone..:-/
_SERENITY_ on November 25
ohh, l'm happy your dog is fine! take care of him, dear! thanks a lot<3 xx
trinnah on November 24
Great layers!! I love all your accessories! My condolences on Efi. I'm so sorry, but I know how attached we get to pets, and I'm really sorry. :(
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks a lot, sugar<33 xx
maredight on November 24
I really like the outfit!
londondude on November 24
Oh, please accept my apologies on Efi. That's so sad. I hope you won't let yourself stay too upset. I lost a fave cat, Jamie, years ago. I still miss him, and you have to remember those moments where they brought you joy. You did the best for her. You are always smiling in your photos, and that is always the best accessory. Looking great here, I do love the skirt with the green tights, very fab <3
_SERENITY_ on November 25
aww, thaaank you so much for your lovely comment and support!! you're such a sweetie<3 xx
sweetsultryjoycee on November 24
after reading your post, i fell in love of the thought of how you love efi soooooo much.. really.. i was so touched by your story... i wish i have an efi of my own too.. Perhaps, no words can comfort you, but you're right, just think positive, at least she is not suffering anymore, and she still left you with lots of good memories.. <3 HUUUG..
_SERENITY_ on November 25
aww, you're such a sweetheart, dear! thaaank you for your sweet support!! <33 xx HUUUUGS
bellavanite on November 24
love the outfit. sweater and scarf are nice. and i'm so sorry to hear about Efi, I've been reading your posts and was hoping that she'll get better too. but as you've said, it's better that she's not suffering anymore. feel better soon.
_SERENITY_ on November 25
yes, you're right, dear!! thank you so much for your support<3 xx
KristelLouisa on November 24
LOVE YOUR JACKET. And your scarf! I'm sorry to hear about Efi :( My friends and I bought a guinea pig on January to give it to one of my best friends on her birthday. After a day, after her birthday party, she told us that it's dead. It's like, PANG! We felt a jolt of shock. We've heard that keeping guinea pig as pet is a difficult thing. But I don't know. I hope you could feel better! :) Kristel
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thank you sooo much, sweetie! wow, that story with the little guinea pig is sooo sad!! :(( l can understand why you and your friends felt shocked :( hope she's fine now <33 xx
JovinaL on November 24
my gosh, u are really good at combining stuff! love all the things u are wearing int this look! chic voted
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
rayzee on November 24
cute!! love it!
SaffronHaze on November 24
Lovely outfit! I'm so sorry to hear about Efi =( I know how hard it is losing a pet, they really are just like family. I hope you will feel better soon, she is very happy in a better place now =)
_SERENITY_ on November 24
l hope so, dear!! thanks for your lovely support<3 xx
HeartOfAnAlterEgo on November 24
kajikun15 on November 24
I love this look. I like the color pallet of this outfit. Love the jacket and the scarf. Sorry to hear about Efi, hope your coping well.
_SERENITY_ on November 24
thanks a lot, dear<3 xx
cityofbugs on November 23
i love this! gorgeous outfit, i adore the green tights and the maroon sweater with that gorgeous scarf! i love how you wore the mini skirt with it, so chic! i am sorry to hear about Efi, it's not your fault as i'm sure you tried your best. but you still look lovely :)
_SERENITY_ on November 23
aww, thank you so much, darling! l hope she's in a better place too <33 god bless her!! xx
derdera on November 23
chic outfit dear!! oh and i'm so sorry about efi. she's really cute. hope you will get better soon :)
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thanks, dear! <3 xx
taylorjonas on November 23
lissakahayon on November 23
love the layers!
commonsenseandstilet on November 23
super cute!! :)
psykoKilla on November 23
It's really really a sad time when we have to face the death of our pet, so hang in there :-) , knowing that she's gone to a better place. ( btw, you look fierce and trendy <3 )
_SERENITY_ on November 23
yeah, l wish i could help her more but it's too late now... thank you, dear<3 xx
Ramona_C on November 23
I'm so sorry about Efi! You look gorgeous. Love layering and colour mix! xo Ra
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thank you, darling <3 xx
allaboutthestyle on November 23
ahw goodluck dear :( So sorry about Efi.. But you look great !
_SERENITY_ on November 25
thanks a lot, dear<3 xx
WeMoveVintage on November 23
i love the colors you chose to wear today. sorry for your loss, efi was a cute guinea pig =)
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thanks a lot, darling<3 xx
Little_Island on November 23
Love the colors and the layering of your outfit. It's a really bad feeling too lose a pet (I lost my first dog 2 yrs ago, he was 11) but with time and distraction you will soon feel better =)
_SERENITY_ on November 24
thanks a lot, sweetie<3 xx you're right ;)
paxie_aiza on November 23
aww, she's in a much better place now. :) hope you're okay oana dear.:)
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thank you, sweetie<3 xx
4everUSMC on November 23
Regrets to the pet...Everything will be fine, Serenity...Keep those beautiful photos with you always! Lovely outfit, you are wearing in these photos, too! XOX~Cindy!
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thank you soo much fro your lovely support, dear!! xx, Oana
Annebeth on November 23
I love your green tights, I want some too! and I'm so sorry about your pet :(
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thanks, dear.. l still miss her.. <3 xx
Aphrodite on November 23
I'm sorry hun...i know exactly how u feel. One of my dogs (my 1st german shepherd) died at 2 y.o. and until now i cant mention her name without crying. I never recovered but i hope u will... u look sad but still chic!!! xxx
_SERENITY_ on November 23
ohh, l'm so unhappy to hear about your dog.. that's so sad.. :( hope you'll feel better soon.. thaaank you for your sweet comment<3 xx
charchelle27 on November 23
aww dear your purse is LOVE!!! i love the cozy and cute look!
_SERENITY_ on November 23
ohh, thanks a lot fro your support, dear! l already started to think to the good moments with her so l can forget the sad last days... :) xx
charchelle27 on November 23
dear i forgot to say that i'm so sorry about what happened to your pet...cheer up and smile we're here for u!
MissMeggo on November 23
I love your tights; your scarf is really cute too.
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on November 23
sorry to hear this news..animals are like children we love them so much! love the colours! amazing tights and the whole outfit is vintagy yet contemporary thanks to leather jacket, you`re always chic!
_SERENITY_ on November 23
aww, thanks a lot for your support, dear<3 xx
enigmasupernova on November 23
awesome styling dear! love it!
kss_23 on November 23
Awwwww. :( That is so sad... I hate it that animals have a lesser length of time to live in this world. I cried over my dogs too. Btw, your outfit really looks good on you. I love the colors here. This is one outfit I'm dying to wear but I couldn't. Haha. I'm faving this one. <3
_SERENITY_ on November 23
aww, thaaank you, sweetheart! <3 xx
JennaStevie on November 23
You look wonderful, that maroon is an amazing colour on you, I really love the scarf!! I am soo sorry to hear about your guinea pig, loosing pets is so hard. I have two bunnies and it would break my heart!
Laura86 on November 23
I'm so sorry to hear this news! I'm sure she knew how much you loved her and I'm sure you made your best to take care of her.
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thanks, dear<3 xx
solybBy on November 23
Aw babydoll, sorry about your guinea pig.....o but i love your bangles...and your scarf and boots lol
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thanks, darling<3 xx
patriss on November 23
I'm sorry honey:D.I like your green tights and bag.Chic look!!!
mieke on November 23
I'm so sorry to hear the news, I know that Efi was very happy you were her owner.. :) Don't be too hard on yourself, everything will be normal again for sure..:)) Hope your job is making you forget sad thoughts.. It's my second day today, It was fun I hope yours too! <3
_SERENITY_ on November 23
ohh, thank you so much, darling!! l'm so happy you had a lovely day on your job!! ;) l had some lovely work days too <3 xx
mieke on November 23
oh by the way, I love your jacket!!! Smile Oana!! :D
nennen35 on November 23
i'm sorry about efi dear :( but at least she won't suffer anymore :). just hope it for the best!
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thank you, honey<3 xx
Feel sorry about Efi and you! I hope you'll get better soon!
babydollbutton on November 23
lovin' the leather on you!
goldencor on November 23
Lots of layers! I love it! I wish we could do the same thing here in the Philippines but it's not appropriate for our climate.
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thank you, sugar<3 xx
em1986 on November 23
love the layering and colour combos here
KellyJoy on November 23
you look so pretty, love the purple/blue color combination:) and awww, i'm so sorry about your little cutie efi:((
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thanks a lot, darling<3 xx
movito on November 23
Hey you! Great outfit, love the scarf
TaraAsturias on November 23
another amazing photo!! always love the shade of purple on you!! you look so prettty and sweet! beautiful as always! :*
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
CzarinaAnonuevo on November 23
Hi!!!!! always loving your layering to make a chic and unique outfit!!!!
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thanks a lot, dear<3 xx
Shaniqua1071 on November 23
You look soo pretty dear and I sooo love the different layers in your outfit it's such a great, and I really really adore your green tights, they are soo cute!!!!
_SERENITY_ on November 23
aww, thaaank you, sweetie<3 xx
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