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Updated on Nov 22, 2010
carrot orange Zara hat - bronze Mango - gold f21 - black vintagediy - black doc
Carrot-orange-zara-hat-bronze-mango-gold-f21-black-vintagediy-black-doc- Carrot-orange-zara-hat-bronze-mango-gold-f21-black-vintagediy-black-doc- Carrot-orange-zara-hat-bronze-mango-gold-f21-black-vintagediy-black-doc- Carrot-orange-zara-hat-bronze-mango-gold-f21-black-vintagediy-black-doc- Carrot-orange-zara-hat-bronze-mango-gold-f21-black-vintagediy-black-doc-
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Aphrodite 's Thoughts:

Hello everyone!!!!!!! =)

This is my photo before i got killed by that car behind me!!! Hehehehe! Kidding.=) The driver somehow knew how important it was for me to take that shot and stopped/waited (or maybe that’s just what i want to believe!) but he did wait for a couple of minutes while my sister was clicking as fast as a humming bird’s wing beat!! It was already getting dark and i needed my shot! Using the flash would make it look like it’s taken at night and i hate night shots. The flash destroys the colors (or again maybe that’s just me!) And like most of you, i will have a problem with this because it gets dark fast these days and it’s only autumn here where i am. You can see that our trees are still green-ish. Anyway, even if it looked a bit stupid, i liked the photo. I shouted “Thank you” to the grinning driver who first looked at my hat and then my boots. Here, you wont see anyone, girl anyway, wearing these kind of men’s inspired hats and they think only the rangers wear these boots. But like i said in one of my old posts, i might die tomorrow, so nobody can stop me wearing my hats—i will wear my hats!!!!!!!! =) Those two guys were waiting for the traffic and i am sure they were wondering what i was doing but thankful that i was! (Doing it!) =)

Anyway, the girls (my two sisters and our friend Esmira) were going to see a play (Shakespeare) sponsored by their school and i needed a reason to go out so i took them out for tea a couple of hours before the show starts. ‘Wore something simple but warm enough for the chilly November days of our city. The crazy winds are not yet here to terrorise me so the weather is still beautiful. They say that Chicago is the “Windy City”, and i think there are a couple of theories about that. But ours is called “The city of winds”. It is bad, almost evil!! During winter anyway, as it makes the weather 20 times colder than it really is. I dont like cursing, but all the bad words i know come out when the wind is like that. So yes, this is what i wore, inspired by the last pic (Stella McCartney-one of my favourites in her AW10-11 collection) but i decided to make it less sophisticated and make it more “out with the girls” mood. Nah, do you believe me? I just wanted to wear the shoes again that’s all! =) No, really, i wanted it more “Street style” than runway though i would love to do the runway version one day too. Debut of my velvet skirt (which used to be one of my dresses when i was still with the band/singing, i use to wear it all by itself, barefoot and all, just the dress and the mic (and stand). But those days are in a box (for now at least) so i took this dress out and said goodbye to it’s previous self, with my bad scissors that the man hates so much. It has a slit at the back and shows my Darcies when i walk—-i like.=) I hope you like it too.=)

That’s it really. I am off to check your looks and continue to update PANDORA’S BOX and speaking of our box, Chictopia has offered (more like allowed?) me to link my posts to the pages of Chictopia. So while you’re looking at my outfit you can also enjoy other’s (Chictopians) take on the same item. Thank you Chictopia, maybe it’s a small thing for you but really something for me. I also lost my Canon EOS 50D in Dubai (while i was shopping at H&M! I’ll tell you about it and the drama in Pandora’s Box) and i bought a Canon EOS 7D specially for Pandora’s box because it has a video-it’s for our give away so you can watch how we pick the winner(s). And i will be doing 2 giveaways soon, instead of doing 7 again like before, i decided to do 2, 2 boxes of goodies (i’m sure there something there, one at least, that you will like/be useful to you!) About 5 items or so per box (Box 1 for gaining a few more readers and Box 2 for Christmas.) And starting next year we will do one giveaway every month as my token of gratitude for keeping me company.Anyway, will talk about that more in Pandora’s Box as this is getting really long.=) Too long.

Alright, i’m shutting up!!!! =)

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Comments (79)

chic_geek on May 29
such a nice picture! looking super chic, as usual :)
TamQuoia on April 12
CallysCloset on March 09
Hey, LOVE the boots! Want to get some, did you find them true to size or were they smaller than your usual size?
lizzified on January 26
haha I'm loving your commentaries and write-ups about your shots!
amber_lee on January 11
love the hat
alwaysinvogue7 on December 16
You are so chic! This sweater is gorgeous!
PeachyPanda on December 13
loove this. hat is so adorable on you!
opfiend on December 10
Perfect outfit! I love how it looks girly, classy, and edgy all at the same time!
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on December 05
love the photos, love the outfit! and of course your hat, love it`s colour and design!! CHIC!!
4everUSMC on December 03
Great set of photos!>I also, loved reading about what went on during the shots were taken! Tres, tres BIEN!>Great stuff! XOX~Cin!
violetheart on November 30
love this pic, great hat! chic xx
WeMoveVintage on November 30
what a beautiful sweater and skirt! love the color of your hat!
cityofbugs on November 29
i love the sweater with the velvet maxi skirt, and gorgeous hat and boots!
FairyColors on November 29
can't wait to see your new post, dear!!! chic voted this again <33 xx
Aphrodite on November 29
I spent d whole week working on my blog so it'll be updated (for d first time!) for december and i just spent all night (and 8 nights ds past week!) working. I'm almost done and will post soon.=) kiss!!!
HK_Tralala on November 29
haha..i love the picture :D and i would love to wear only a sweter but here at central europe it´s FREEZING!! :D xxx Hanka
sininanimikay on November 28
wonderful photos! love the top and the red hat!
criscela on November 28
goldencor on November 28
I love the red hat!!
BbyFaB on November 27
Beautiful sweater and hat
Marcio on November 27
nice hat
avate on November 27
love your sweater :) also your hat<3
Lremesi on November 27
Hat is incredible!
ChuChuRonaldo on November 26
Still in love with everything you wear ...
jaceface on November 26
This is a great photo! Great outfit as usual! Love the sweater, going to get myself one :D
freedomwings on November 26
chic! Love your sweater & hat!
mandigarcia on November 26
so chic!!! loove the hat!!!!
Hawaiikidd on November 25
fab photo!!! That sweater is to die for. seriously! so chic!!
feroshdiva on November 25
Love the hat!!!
lovestheday on November 24
another super cool from hat to shoes...always love your outfit ^^
heartpalpitations on November 24
SUPER love your blog :) you always look great....what else i can say ......haaaaay
Mimilove4 on November 24
Omg... When I read the sentence about being killed by the car, I thought you meant that seriously, that it really happened! But that's so unlogical, hahaha. It's you who wrote the text after all! Anyway, great sweater! And I like the buttons on it, they're a nice detail. :D
SaffronHaze on November 24
Love this! I'm always looking for new ways to style my black velvet maxi skirt! You look so fabulous as always =) The hat and the docs really give the outfit and edge. Love it!!
ficklishcheens on November 24
loving the the button details on your sweater!!!!! you rocked the look especially with all the accessories you added esp tTHE hat! <3
rocket_girl on November 24
love the sweater, and the outfit is so chic!
springfiry on November 24
Love the outfit!!
kajikun15 on November 24
Loving the stripes and cute hat :]
trophyboutique on November 23
Those buttons really do it for me.
allaboutthestyle on November 23
love the sweater !
Coconut on November 23
oh i love everything about this !!I have the same hat but i wear it totally differently <3
skinnybuddha on November 23
love this sweater, and i'm glad you took a risk with the pictures in the middle of the street, they turned out great!
GlossyCheshireCat on November 23
so nice =)
Miss_Mary on November 23
Omg i missed this. I love your sweater.Your always so chic n such a inspiration. Love your style.faving :)
laikacheena on November 23
love the outfit! the sweater is a beauty!
FairyColors on November 23
this picture is so cool, dear!! the whole outfit looks great in the urban jungle!! gorgeous sweater and such a cute hat! looove those shoes too!! perfect outfit!!
NanaHoshino on November 23
great look!!! love your hat<3<3
Mongrel on November 23
You must suffer for your art! Loving the Stella McCartney vibe. Chic!
caseyerum on November 23
Cute!!! You got the look!
notlimah22 on November 22
Lovely, like always :)
FarizaOthman on November 22
PepperoniAnyesse on November 22
love it!!
ClandestineCraves on November 22
showstopper! :) so lovely!
modgeisha on November 22
Headlights! Great photo and outfit! So runway-ish!
lissakahayon on November 22
love ur hat so much!!!!!!
chyrelg on November 22
that is a great photo and i agree, it's bad to shoot at night time and natural light is always better. love your red hat and top. :)
maryiangge on November 22
awesome pic. good thing car didnt hit you hehe love everything about this!!!!
cherry8888 on November 22
Cute look and great photo!
Korshunova on November 22
Hi Aphrodite! Great post, enjoyed reading it))))) Love your hat and skirt and boots!!!!! And dying for the striped sweater!!!!!!! If I were the driver I would have stopped forever for you to take the shots :)))))
Eduarda on November 22
charchelle27 on November 22
love the shots and your sweater!
KaileeBroadway on November 22
very nice pic
Shaniqua1071 on November 22
I sooo sooo love this look it's soo chic and I sooo adore your hat and top, too cute!!!!!
crystaldots on November 22
Love the guy's expression!!! And very inspirational, simple, effective outfit.
londondude on November 22
OWOW! What an awesome picture! Well, I am glad that the driver did wait, mainly because a ton of metal is dangerous if it hits you. And secondly, the picture is super! I love the hat very much. Great style dear! : ) CHIC x
TamQuoia on November 22
cuttte. I love stripes to the max. -Sequoia
maggiemay on November 22
GReat look!
gdolceamore on November 22
great look- love how you recreated the runway style. i agree, it is really hard blogging when the sun goes down so early.
rainbowsandfairydust on November 22
great hat!! x
WallflowerVintage on November 22
The driver clearly knew he was in the presence of a celebrity!
immadi on November 22
very cool
angiekje on November 22
love your sweater and hat!! chic!! great shots too!! happy you are alive!!
deathbyplatforms on November 22
i can totally relate to you about night shots. i get so frustrated when i see the sun setting and i still haven't gotten my outfit photos shot. i am not a fan of shots taken with a built-in flash. daytime shots are always better and come out more beautiful. love the sweater with the epaulettes! and i tried on that hat but it looked weird on me.
JennaStevie on November 22
I love the photo, that sweater is so pretty, love it. Looks great with that hat!!
vanitychick on November 22
cool outfit!
franloiacono on November 22
I do like this look!! (funny first lines lol) The sweater is so chic :D
Annebeth on November 22
supercool pic, so glad you didn't die, haha :D
LyannePeri on November 22
love the top the hat and the boots!!!
VixieVaporous on November 22
@Donata, haha hey, I'm a Pinay myself. I'm always ready for colored hats. The rest of the populace probably don't... But this is a lovely hat, I love your striped top. Been looking for one for ages.
Donata on November 22
so inspiring! i bought a bunch of colored hats but you think the pinoys are ready for them?? =)
Chaba on November 22
That;s an awesome hat:)
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