"So Far Away"

Updated on Nov 19, 2010
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black sweater - dark green Wissmach vest - black skirt - black jacket - brown -
Black-sweater-dark-green-wissmach-vest-black-skirt-black-jacket-brown- Black-sweater-dark-green-wissmach-vest-black-skirt-black-jacket-brown- Black-sweater-dark-green-wissmach-vest-black-skirt-black-jacket-brown- Black-sweater-dark-green-wissmach-vest-black-skirt-black-jacket-brown- Black-sweater-dark-green-wissmach-vest-black-skirt-black-jacket-brown-
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hello, everyone!

Gosh, I’m back! I missed you sooo much, guys! Actualy, Chictopia is the single thing I missed lately… I wish I could be in toch with you all the time but I was soooo freaching busy. I have some news for you: first of all… Efi is still ill but me and my brother we keep trying to save her… I made so many mistakes that I truly think I’m the most stupid person in the world. I just hope someday she would forgive me for that and I promise to do my best next days… :-S

The second new is that I got a new job and I’ll start it next week. Can’t wait to see how it is! :)

Hope you’ll like my outfit! This reminds me of japanesse layering, maybe that’s why I love it so much. A simple sweater, floral ruffled skirt, knitted vest, leather jacket and comfy shoes… that’s so playful for fall… My favourites here are the scarf, purse and knitted vest that l found in a trifted store. I used this scarf so many times before and it’s so versatile and always adds a lovely ethnic vibe to my outfits and that’s perfect for fall :D This purse is one of my favourites from my whole collection and l feel like this vest will be one of my best friends this season and in the winter too!

Take care, everyone!
Love you! <3



Comments (81)

princessblush on December 14
chic! I love the pop of red shoes on your whole outfit! i love your bag too!
fhafaazmi on December 14
amazing look ! a great mix of those bright red shoes , that vintage bag , the vest , jacket ! love it =) .
_SERENITY_ on December 14
thaaank you, dear<3 xx
gretagarrett on December 13
love your jacket!
daizystar on December 08
Hi omg i love how shiny and red your shoes are.
jemypaman on December 06
<333 your shoes
lachicachic on December 04
I love your style!
YchieRiot on November 30
Hey..we're both gone busy for so many days,sorry for my late comments!!! Oh,by the way,I'm pretty sure you love you love your new job. I always admire the way you wear your scarfs,regardless of how many times you use each of it..the knitted vest is so adorable too.. =) vote..vote..vote
_SERENITY_ on November 30
aww, thaaank you, darling<3 :)) xx
andre_lee on November 30
kittenhood on November 29
i like how the red pops out :)
AinaEine on November 26
You're so cutee....i love your leather jacket..
4everUSMC on November 23
Beautiful outfit...those shoes are amazing! Great pop of youthful color...and, the shine? Perfectly done! XOX~Cindy!
_SERENITY_ on November 23
aww, thaank you, darling<3 xx
maryiangge on November 23
love your vest and shoes!!!
Aphrodite on November 23
You look perfect as always!!! love the scarf and bag (always) but my fave here are the reds!!!
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
Shaniqua1071 on November 23
Awww dear things will get better so you and i'm so sorry to hear that Efi past away :(...I hope you feel better. On a lighter note CONGRATS on the new job I really hope you like it and you look superly duper chic in this layered look .....very very chic!!!!!
_SERENITY_ on November 23
aww, thank you so much, darling! l miss her so much.. :(( <33
theclassicsilhouette on November 22
i love your sweater dear!!
murphhhy on November 22
those red oxfords, they remind me of candy! in a goood way!
garmentconverted on November 22
great outfit, live it!
londondude on November 22
Good luck with the new job, I am looking for one at the moment! Our companies contract ran out, and now I am currently out of work! Thank god for my savings!! I love this outfit, looks really good on you. I especially love the dark green vest and THOSE pretty red shoes! WOW! CHC x PS. hope Efi gets better soon
_SERENITY_ on November 23
thanks a lot, dear! unfortunately, Efi passed away two days ago... l wish l could save her! l loved her as she was my own child! l'll keep her in my heart forever! god bless her soul wherever she's now <3 :((
kss_23 on November 22
The layering is absolutely great! Love the leather jacket!!! <3 But the pop of red on your shoes really completes the look. ;)
chyrelg on November 22
welcome back and congrats with your new job! :) love your shoes and i actually love every piece of item you have in this look. great job with the layering. :)
sininanimikay on November 22
awesome as usual! You have a way with colors.
Katy90 on November 22
This outfit is PERFECT! from head to toe. the clothes, the colours, the shoes. Great outfit!
_SERENITY_ on November 22
thank you, honey<3 xx
psykoKilla on November 21
You look very chic and funky. Love the mix of jacket and knitted vest :-). Congrats on your new job, Have fuuuuun...
tealless on November 21
Awesome awesome outfit :D Love that leather jacket with that vest and scarf! Really cute red shoes and love that bag of yours. Chic vote and favourite :D
angiekje on November 21
seriously love every piece!! perfect in every way!! faving :)
inspirafashion on November 21
i loove the pop of color with the shoes and the layering is PERFECT for fall. always so chic and pretty Oana! :)
Duygu on November 21
lovely look! love those red shoes ;) you look fantastic as always :P xoxo
Strutt on November 21
Love it! The bag is lovely!!
VintageMarie on November 20
You are sooo adorable and stylish as always. Love the scraf with the leather jacket and the knit vest. Great color pallette! Cute red shoes!
toadstoolring on November 20
love the shoes and all the layers!
ChloroformPerfume on November 20
These shoes are such a cute pop of colour to all of your outfits! I love the pretty cardi and your bag too!
mariachuvachu on November 20
love the whole look :) especially your bag!
sweet_sofia on November 20
Love your shoes!!!
allaboutthestyle on November 20
love this combination !
NanaHoshino on November 20
Love the layers! you look great. chic<3<3
cocoandvera on November 19
These layers are lovely and perfect for fall... I love all of the earthycolours you've combined with that pop of shiny red in your shoes. Your scarf and leather jacket add a nice edge, too. So chic! xox. PS: Hope Efi gets better!
trinnah on November 19
Great layers again! :) I love the red shoes pop of color! Good luck on your new job, and I hope you love it!
JovinaL on November 19
another gorgeous look, have been missing your post lately...nice to see you are back. keep posting!
dorotron on November 19
love the vest!!!
zahra on November 19
hi dear. i surely miss your post! you look so gorgeous in these look. i love the adding of shocking red color shoes in you dark outfits. very chic!
districtofchic on November 19
Oh I really love this look! Those red shoes are the best part!!!
LapinNoir on November 19
lovely outfit & wonderful colors & layers!!! you have the prettiest scarves! so glad you're back dear, i hope Efi is well soon & Congrats on the new job!! :D
Ikinka on November 19
Amazing shoes! Love this outfit!
solybBy on November 19
So beautiful as always, the scarf I really like.
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on November 19
oh this looks stylish and cosy, and I LOVE your shoes and tights! I love your style so much dear:)
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thanks a lot, sugar<3 xx
bellavanite on November 19
amazing layering skills!!! haha..love the knitted vest with the leather jacket! and congrats on the new job. hope your guinea pig recovers soon.
_SERENITY_ on November 19
aww, thaaank you, dear<3 xx
springfiry on November 19
Love the red shoes!!
WeMoveVintage on November 19
absolutely love your layering! the ruffled skirt and sweater are so cute, and i love the pop of red from your shoes!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
Candy_La_Pop on November 19
great you're back dear! We all missed you! This look is really beautiful, I love those darker colors on you too!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
aww, thank you, darling<3 l missed you too!! xx
Mongrel on November 19
Nice layering! Love the Dorothy shoes too!
Marella on November 19
Voted and fan!
immadi on November 19
love the shoes
KristaniA on November 19
i love the pop of red in this outfit! and how the green cardigan just completed the look. This is perfect for Christmas!! :D
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thanks a lot, sugar<3 xx
anonymours on November 19
so super cute!
charchelle27 on November 19
hi dear! this is very pretty! i just love the layerng and the shoes completes the outfit!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thank you, honey<3 xx
itsnikki on November 19
love the shoes! chic!
patriss on November 19
Love your vest and jacket.I like the green, red and black combination.Perfect look for fall.Chic like always :*:*
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thanks a lot, dear<3 xx
ChiccaStyle on November 19
amandromeda on November 19
oh i love this!!! great layering and the pop of color in your shoes is so fantastic! and i'm totally in love with your jacket!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
ohh, thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
Courtnezzzz on November 19
You are beautiful, I saw you and my jaw dropped!!! you have this natural beauty that hardly exist anymore. With this new age of makeup and hiding behind spray tans.. Plus you got style and personality it seems! I love those shoes, knit sweater, & scarf. I would have never thought to out the together but they look soo good!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
aww, thaaank you so much, darling<33 xx
Laura86 on November 19
very nice! I love the layering!
starryeyed on November 19
you look gorgeous, glad your back :) the layering is perfect, i love those shoes and scarf!! :)
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thanks a lot, dear<3 xx
Pink_Champagne on November 19
i love the leather jacket and printed scarf! i've missed you, girl!
EVA_SCHON on November 19
great colors, great layering! Love the mix of leather, knit and florals! Pefection! Speedy recovery to Efi and good luck with a new job!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
aww, thank you soo much, darling<3 xx
commonsenseandstilet on November 19
cute! love the layering :)
CzarinaAnonuevo on November 19
i love your style!!!! you really make interesting layering of clothes!!!!
Good luck with your new job, hope youll' have some time to come here :) Amazing shoes!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thanks a lot, dear :D xx
PapahMamahnyaMana on November 19
wow red alert is happening, yeah love everything especially your red oxford... :) great
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thanks, dead :D xx
em1986 on November 19
cute skirt and scarf. nice layering effects too!
mieke on November 19
love the layering here! great red oxford, it really stands out! :) Oh, poor Efi hopes she'll feel better for the next days. And YEY for us, got a new job too and will start next week!!! *High Five* :D
_SERENITY_ on November 19
wow, congrats for your new job, dear! and thanks for your sweet wishes for Efi<3
enigmasupernova on November 19
omg those shoes! love your style dear!
Petrakieva on November 19
Cool look, I like it a lot
Jpassport on November 19
really like this outfit, esp all those layers :)
LarasArum on November 19
love the layers. it's great. i wish i can do those thing in my country, but, it's too hot here.. you look pretty
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thank you so much, darling<3 xx
JennaStevie on November 19
I reallly love this outfit, that dress is very pretty especially with the thick green knit sweater. I love all the layers and your bright red shoes!! Soo cute
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
cityofbugs on November 19
you're back again! and you look gorgeous as always, i love the green knitted vest underneath your leather jacket and the ditsy floral skirt peeking out underneath! you are the best at layering, you look lovely :) x
_SERENITY_ on November 19
ohh, dear, l missed all of you sooo much!!<33 thanks a lot!! xx
SaffronHaze on November 19
Love this! That green knit is gorgeous and combined with the lovely ruby red shoes makes me think immediately of Christmas cheer =) Amazing look!
_SERENITY_ on November 19
ohh, thank you so much, sugar<3 xx
MsShamz on November 19
totally in love with your red oxfords, this is soooo cute! perfect fall outfit xo
_SERENITY_ on November 19
thank you, dear <3 xx
Annebeth on November 19
I've missed you and your pretty red shoes!
FarizaOthman on November 19
Love these looks.cute. <3
freedomwings on November 19
Love the colors & your jacket! Chic voted!
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