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Updated on Nov 14, 2010
Forever 21 blouse
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MaraMasonEmm 's Thoughts:

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of bad gloss about two specific fall trends: the over the knee sock and the clog. I personally love both. I’ll be honest though, when I saw the 90’s coming back this summer I cringed. I have loved fashion practically all my life and the same can be said for how long I’ve hated 90s fashion. I know that doesn’t really make sense when you think about it, cause well, I grew up in the 90’s so what did I wear if I hated it so much, right? Well during the dreaded 90s, I wore gross Blossom hats with big flowers in the front of them; crushed velvet tops with bell sleeves and lace body suits; I wore over-sized flannel shirts from my brother’s closet and forest green backpack purses with gold hardware. What’s good is that I was between the ages of 5 and 14 at the time so I have being a ‘little kid’ as my excuse, but what’s bad is that there is hard evidence of those trends I so boldly donned (i.e. grandma’s photo albums.) But who knows, now that I’m enjoying them now; maybe I’ve just been blaming my gangling-pubescent self on the fashion of this gross-awkward time in my life. Which reminds me, have any of you noticed that people who condemn fashion and fashion bloggers are usually miserable hateful people??? Just an observation; and that’s all I’ll say about them cause I’m not a miserable hateful person.

::About my outfit::

1. I wore this 90s grunge inspired look to work today. 2. I really should have picked a more convenient pair of clogs (like a pair with a back strap) cause I about fell out of them a few times. 3. My top is from Forever 21 that I bought on a whim one evening for only $12. 4. I was super excited for the cold front coming in cause I could finally wear my leopard coat by Betsey Johnson. 5. I keep thinking I should have worn denim shorts instead of these dark cotton ones….hmmm….


For more pics please check out my blog:

Comments (12)

janicekaren on November 30
i so love this
IvyFab on November 30
i love the red oversize top with the shorts and socks.. cute!!
MariaV_ on November 30
nice blouse
mandigarcia on November 24
this is so cutee!!!! i loove how you wore thiss <3
kristenmo on November 17
i like this! its so casual but really cute at the same time.. am faving this. i like comfy and chic :)
MaraMasonEmm on November 19
Thanks so much! It really was comfy to wear to work, except the shoes hehe
charchelle27 on November 15
trivia on November 15
cool :)
trinnah on November 15
Cute top. :) By the way, I replied to your response in the forum, too. :)
MaraMasonEmm on November 15
I'm starting to think it's probably something the editors made up to justify taking photos they themselves don't like even though the people have clearly spoken. why even have a vote if the editors are going to disregard them?
trinnah on November 15
They normally pick what they like. Yeah. Some people used to do that. I would get random emails asking me to add then as a fave, and I had never even seen them before. :( Yeah, the fake accounts need to go because some of them are so blatantly obvious! Lol. There's about 4 of us here from The Valley that I know of -- I hope it grows! :)
trinnah on November 15
:) I don't vote chic all the time, too. I actually feel bad when I don't, but there are just some looks that I don't like either, to be honest. The friendship pact that they're talking about, I think is more of an unwritten bond. The more you see of people's looks and like them, the more you keep going back to the same ones. Lol. I guess that's how the editors do the style gallery, too.
MaraMasonEmm on November 15
Thanks for noticing. I know exactly what you're saying, this is a social network and we end up making close friends and at the end of the day we are all just trying to put ourselves out there. I guess I didn't like the idea of the 'friendship pact.' but now that I think about it, it's not like we're sending each other secret messages asking others for votes and comments right? I say, chictopia weeding out the 'fake accounts' is the only say they should have. Anyway, it's good to see someone else on here from the Valley!
Marisa_Marisa on November 15
Love it! The lipstick is perfect for it!
Bombonica on November 15
very chic outfit!! you look great!
nennen35 on November 15
chic!! casual and cutee!
goofcheese on November 14
Love this whole look!~
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