that's tight.

Updated on Oct 20, 2008
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_ANITA 's Thoughts:

old people love these tights.

my good-for-nothing finance teacher took me out of the room after i was done the midterm, i thought i was in trouble- turns out that she really liked my tights and asked me where i got them. haha maybe she’ll grade my midterm with my tights in mind and give me a decent mark. gahhhh one can dream, right?

a old lady with a handicap pass was driving by honked at me and gave me two thumbs up. dangerous! haha!

one old man came said that my tights don’t match. old people are sometimes so cute. haha


i don’t like pictures taken in artifical light. but the sun went down before my sister came home so i guess i just have to cope. ps the lighting in all the pictures are different becuase i was at three different supermarkets.

Comments (34)

GlammcouturE on December 25
cute tights and shoes!!
Shiria on September 01
love the tights!!
igotsteeth on June 03
you pulled off the two toned tights so well! best version I've seen yet
fenkouture on December 18
hahahahaha so UNIQUE LOVE iTT
hilary_nyc on December 01
!! I have those tights in blue/gray. I just posted a pic of them, it's my first one! arent they fabulous?! and yes, i totally undertsand the old people thing. haha. i remmeber in school, i heard one girl say as she walked by me .. "does she know her tights are two different colours?" like.. i blindfolded myself when i got dressed this morning, of course i know! haha, some people are silly.
cloudo3 on November 26
those tights are genius !
nourahshammari on November 06
omg. I need me a pair of tights like that. They're LOVE!
monaby on October 24
really... you're just too great :)
neneee on October 23
holy crap, how could i have missed this? basically awesome.
Njohn on October 23
Cool tights, i like the contrast. Thanks for commenting my photo btw!
pigegeon on October 23
haha!! their reactions are really funny! but seriously, lovely tights!! i would give you 2 thumbs up too!! love the outfit! ^^
maitabaello on October 22
nice layering!
shabondama on October 22
Haha! I love those reactions. :D Cool look.
shabondama on October 22
Haha! I love those reactions. :D Cool look.
gerri on October 22
HAHA!!! ur tights r amazing!! n u're teacher's cool! haha!!
wendienguyen17 on October 22
love the tee and tights!
geenie on October 21
haha cute story ! love your layering
ForeverTheSickestKid on October 21
Those tights! Those tights! Totally threw me off :) I love them!
Starrgirl on October 21
You make me want those tights..and those boots..and the whole outfit lol
holliegolightly on October 21
I adore those tights. Soooo funnn.
carnabystreetmods on October 21
this is crazy... im wearing pretty much that exact oufit now! same tights, skirt, vest and with a leather jacket. flat boots though
_ANITA on October 21
hehe really? i wanna seee! post post post!
ChloroformPerfume on October 21
haha really cute! I love the idea with thr tights!
joannaladrido on October 21
quirky! im loving it!
hunkydory on October 21
such original! :) I love the tights of course :D
Bonitapplebaumm on October 21
those booots are fire
_ANITA on October 21
thanks! they are currently my favorite!
jenesaisquoi on October 21
i thought i hated these tights! you're making me change my mind!
_ANITA on October 21
haha i got them originally got them for halloween last year but ended up not wearing them at all. so i am bringing them back into 'everyday' wear. haha
dizzyrizzy on October 21
i want thoseee tights! funny! your teacher is soo cutee!
_ANITA on October 21
she isnt cute, even though she likes my tights, she is evil. our midterm was based on self-study, which isnt bad but considering that i am paying $500 for her instruction for finance she is completey useless. haha
Chloeee on October 21
that takes a hell of courage eh? i wouldn't dare. ha.
Pink_Champagne on October 21
haha, thats so funny! ur tights r really cute
jiarbs on October 21
i was gona get these tights but never got around to it. now that summer's coming i can't! boo. they look cute on you! and haha that old man who told you they don't match is funny. i love old people!
jiarbs on October 22
in sydney, australia. we did have some freak weather today... it was 30 degrees 2 days ago and today it plummeted to 10 degrees, rainy and CRAZY winds. phwoar!!!!!!
_ANITA on October 21
thanks! oh rly? where do you live? winter is imminently approaching canada. :) hahaha
ellewhysee on October 21
can you say, cute?! I LOVE those tights, must go get some soon!
plastikneon on October 21
Old people can be so silly. I love those tights on you, I wish I was brave enough to wear their 2 tone ones. And I'm sure your teacher will definitely curve up your paper!
_ANITA on October 21
thanks! i hope so too! haha yeah this is about as brave i can get with mismatching hosiery, i've seen aa's selection and some of them are pretty out there: fluroscent yellow+orange, purple+forest green. there were even some pretty negative reviews on these when they first came out.
Snowshoe on October 20
well, i love your outfit, but i also love the fact that you were at 3 different markets. oh, and the part about cute old people. the tights are a definite win.
_ANITA on October 21
yeah my family will scour the entire city for the cheapest prices for food. i think they dont realize that they are wasting more money on gas than on food. but they are traditional asians, they are allow to be cheap. haha thank you!
jessy_H on October 20
ha i got one from h&m (accidentally) when i was looking for full tights. i thought there were two in a pack turns out they are b&w :)) so funny. but i returned it. now you're making me change my mind!
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