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Updated on Oct 31, 2010
pink vintage skirt - blue vintage vest - brown vintage - brown vintage hat - whi
Pink-vintage-skirt-blue-vintage-vest-brown-vintage-bag-brown-vintage-hat- Pink-vintage-skirt-blue-vintage-vest-brown-vintage-brown-vintage-hat-whi
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What do you think about the idea of an EIU calendar?
23%   Sounds good!  
23%   It depends on what it turns out to be 
50%   Unecessary. 
Total Votes: 30
Pink_Champagne 's Thoughts:

Hello, dearest Chictopians!
I simply LOVE this outfit. Everything about it = LOVE in my eyes. Unfortunately, the skirt was hemmed uber-tackily, so I ripped out most of the hem with my heels. At least I have a sewing project to bring to Stitch ‘n’ Bitch this week!
On a different note, this past Friday, the EIU contributors (myself included) were informed that we were being limited to doing our interview articles one per month. The following documents the correspondence between me and Cheri on this topic:

From: CheriChictopia Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hi Editor Message: Hi there,
You’ll learn more about editorial calendar next week. We will announce details then.

Pink_Champagne wrote:

Hello, Cheri,
Thank you for getting back to my questions. So (just to clarify things) the interviews are being limited because they’re not particularly interactive or relatable to most Chictopians? (In comparison to the trend and DIY articles which are applicable to anyone).
Also, will we have to follow the schedule of the editorial calendar in order to get our articles published, or is it merely a compliment of suggestions?
Thank you.

From: CheriChictopia Subject: Re: Re: Hi Editor Message: Hi there,
We are only limiting interviews right now because from user feedback, they are the ones that are receiving the least amount of engagement and offering least amount of value to our users.
We will be announcing the new editorial calendar next week, this is not to limit the number of articles you contribute, to help you generate ideas so you can contribute more. You are still encouraged to submit more articles for approval, but our editor is here to ensure that the articles approved offer value to our audience, and serves our community the best.

Pink_Champagne wrote:

Hello, Cheri,
What exactly is this new “editorial calendar”? I appreciate Chictopia’s concern for our time managment, but I think we editors have everything under control right now as it is.
With this calendar, how are we supposed to produce any articles if we are limited to simply one “interview” article per month? Are you planning on limiting the “trendspotting” and “DIY” articles as well?
If everyone is scheduled to write the same amount of articles or a limited number of articles, then how are three of us supposed to get ahead of the others to attend fashion week in the spring?
Thank you for your time.
~Hope Adela (Pink_Champagne)
CheriChictopia wrote:

Hi Editor!
We’re excited to announce that we are bringing on board some new editors and will be introducing an editorial calendar to help you manage EIU. For the time being, please restrict the number of interviews you do to one per month.
Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

xo, Cheri

I deeply apologzie to those of you who were in the process of one of my interviews. It would be great to get some more EIU contributors on board, but I don’t agree with this new rule at all, nor am I looking forward to this “editorial calendar”. angiekje and I were talking on Facebook, and we both think that Chictopia has too many rules for a website that’s all about fashion independence. The rules on here are becoming almost hypocritical in comparison to the creative message of Chictopia. If our articles were poorly-written or receiving negative feedback, I could see why they wouldn’t get published on EIU. But both of our articles have always been published and well-written, and have received only positive feedback. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Depending on what this upcoming EIU calendar is like, I might stop writing for EIU altogether and just post outfit pictures here on Chictopia.

Sigh. It has been a most stressful weekend.

More on my blog, PINK CHAMPAGNE

Comments (41)

annabel_lee on November 14
very cute!
vanitychick on November 10
great style!
kiki_sandoval on November 09
LanaDelHey on November 09
really pretty!!
laurengc on November 05
great skirt
crossroadstrading on November 05
Added to faves: this outfit is so stellar. The beaded necklace is such a show-stopper, and so is the color of the skirt - amazing!! And bummer you had to stall your interviews!
irisanddaniel on November 02
I think that the Chictopia team has a right to control the editorial calendar, there's a little too much monotony in the EIU posts right now, and I doubt that the calendar will be very strict at all. It just seems like they are trying to make sure we don't overload Chictopia users. The limitation of the interview makes sense though, because all editors can post an interview and that would still
irisanddaniel on November 02
have more than one interview a month, but when it is limited it makes getting an interview much more special and unique. I don't think that Cheri is out of line, but that it may help us all become more organized. Don't shoot down the suggestion of a calendar before you see what it will be. :) Anyways, your skirt is amazing and the color is so beautiful! :D
JoeyLiong on November 02
love that skirt girl!
chroniquesdelullaby on November 01
Pretty hat
KaileeBroadway on November 01
riennahera on November 01
I love your bag.
gdolceamore on November 01
i LOVE that necklace!
sebastian_89 on November 01
cute chitopia blog
angelluv203 on November 01
nice color
springfiry on November 01
Aww, read what you said , and I have to agree! Anyway , Love your outfit!
lolajames on November 01
keogan42 on November 01
love that skirt, very dramatic
lexigancayco on November 01
i love this!!!!
mandigarcia on November 01
chudosveta51 on November 01
lumedisco on November 01
wow soo beautiful!
cityofbugs on November 01
i love the skirt! looks so good with the denim.
EVA_SCHON on November 01
Loving the skirt! Great shade of pink. Bohemian chic! Great article too! Don't get too discouraged and keep up the good work. I truly believe that your pencil is still sharp and keep on keeping on. Would be a shame if you stop writing.. I really enjoyed your posts.. it's so well written. I think we should more support young emerginging fashion writers as yourself or Angie!
FairyColors on November 01
wow, amazing bohemian outfit, dear! that maxi skirt looks fab on you and that denim vest is the perfect contrast!! cute hat and absolutely gorgeous purse too!!
Annebeth on November 01
I think you and angie have a great writing style, but to be perfectly honest I did think that there were too many interviews. WAY too many interviews. Those interviews have more impact when there are a little less of them, and they also sort of drowned out all the other types of EIU articles . One per month is a bit on the low side, yes, but I do agree on cutting back on the interviews. Sorry.
Pink_Champagne on November 01
Oh, it's no problem Annebeth! I can see from your point of view to a certain extent; before all of this happened, I had actually been thinking about branching out and trying some new EIU topic deas to change things up =)
Annebeth on November 01
a bit more variety in the topic of the articles would be much appreciated.
monchinee_ on November 01
want that skirt!!
Bombonica on November 01
awesome outfit..love the maxi skirt and the tie is so unique!!
rhonneltansantos on October 31
love it! so gorgeous!
KaylaMeow on October 31
oh my god the skirt is so amazing
Tansea on October 31
I want your tie!!!
dushonok on October 31
very chick outfit!
SaffronHaze on October 31
That skirt is amazing! Sorry to hear about the restrictions on your interviews =( I always read them and I thought they were fantastic!
angiekje on October 31
faving this, I love what you wrote in bold, you're absolutely right... also some of the interviews got WAY higher Chicpoints then other articles... (even articles I wrote myself)... so in my opinion: that means the community DOES appreciate them... sorry Cheri for not agreeing with these meassures, but then again 88%
angiekje on October 31
of the people who responded to Pink_Champagnes poll didn't agree...
jonamaria on October 31
Love the maxi! So bold and chic. Cute vest.
stickybun on October 31
luv the tie you got at the time bomb! :)
WickedPlumVintage on October 31
sounds a bit like the 'trying to fix something that ain't broke' redundancy over at eBay that has officially run me off of that site and go to Market Publique. but i won't get into that now, but i know EXACTLY how you feel!
thecorsetbreaker on October 31
hippie and bubbly as champagne....genius combo!!!
thelittlestpolly on October 31
totally awesome vest!
kiki_sandoval on October 31
super cute
immadi on October 31
beautiful skirt
SonjaG on October 31
I love it too! such a gorgeous skirt! xxx
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