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Updated on Oct 29, 2010
black skirt - blue jacket - black hat - green skirt - purple dress
Black-skirt-blue-jacket-black-hat-green-skirt-purple-dress Black-skirt-blue-jacket-black-hat-green-skirt-purple-dress Black-skirt-blue-jacket-black-hat-green-skirt-purple-dress Black-skirt-blue-jacket-black-hat-green-skirt-purple-dress Black-skirt-blue-jacket-black-hat-green-skirt-purple-dress
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Chic People: angiekje

Writer and fashionista, angiekje is perhaps one of the most celebrated and well-loved members of Chictopia. Not only does she regularly contribute to EIU with engaging interviews, but her personal outfit pictures have become a hallmark of this website. With a cropped platinum blonde haircut, playful poses, and the occasional Dalmatian, this girl has the makings of “Style Icon” in every post.

1. Q: How did you hear about Chictopia and why did you decide to join?

A: When I was living in London a year ago, I started following several YouTube channels that were all about make-up and chic presence. Somewhere along the way, I discovered DulceCandy’s channel. She started talking about Chictopia and it immediately got my interest, so I checked it out a few times before I made an account. I think I became a Chictopian right after she became Style Icon, I found it so intriguing that there were regular people, like you and me, receiving the title of “Style Icon” somewhere.

2. Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a member of Chictopia?

A: Definitely the feedback I get from the community, or let’s say: definitely “the community”. I’ve met so much interesting people on here, who all allow me to explore my own fashion sense. It feels amazing to be able to walk through Berlin for example, totally NOT fitting the picture, but simply not caring because you know there are about 250 people who support you online. Whenever I do feel uncomfortable I think: “art is supposed to move people, to get them thinking" and whether they like it or not isn’t even to the point if you see it like that.

3. Q: What inspired you to first start posting interviews with Chictopians? What made you decide to start publishing on EIU?

A: Ever since I joined Chictopia, I have known that I could apply for EIU and I was always thinking about doing that whenever the time was there. I needed to explore Chictopia first, before I could do that. So after a few months, when I saw the message that they were looking for additional EIU contributors, I thought, here’s my chance, now let’s find a subject. I was a regular Chictopian for three months at the time and there was still so much I didn’t know about and I wanted to ask fellow Chictopians; in particular Annebeth and irisanddaniel. Annebeth had been a Chictopian for almost a year at the time, so I decided to interview her first. The morning of the day I was going to upload the interview, was the unforeseen morning Annebeth was announced to be one of Septembers Style Icons…you can image the excitement we were sharing at that point, it kind of made the article an exclusive insight in the world of the next Style Icon. I immediately sent her some additional questions and my first interview was born.

4. Q: How is your online fashion journalism class going? What are some of the most helpful things you’ve learned from the class?

A: I can keep this answer short: I haven’t started the course yet. I was going to London and Berlin within the time frame of only two weeks and I decided it would be better to start afterwards (because of the time issues and the money I might spend there). I will start this week or next week though.

5. Q: What is your current line of work? Do you plan to pursue a writing career in the fashion industry?

A: I am working as a calculator for an interior building company. I have my master’s degree in Interior Design and have had an interest in writing for quite some time now. My friend, Wout for example thinks I should be a writer, because it all comes naturally to me. I actually wrote my first “story” when I was six years old. During my third year of college, I finally got it: Interior Design Architecture wasn’t quite what I had been looking for. I started becoming interested in writing for Interior Design Magazines. Now that I realize fashion is my cup of tea, it’s only logical to combine the two at one point in my life.

6. Q: How did you get interested in fashion and outfit blogging?

A: I like to believe it was a combination of several experiences I had last year. I always thought I was a person who kept all of her options open. Before college, I thought about becoming anything, but I forgot about one major field of expertise: the fashion industry. One of the first things a good friend in college asked me was: “Why didn’t you go study fashion design?” and I didn’t have any answer…I never even thought about that, although it was right in front of me all along.
Last year in London I was a voluntary second assistant to a local fashion designer, and I have done some modeling work. I also worked as a graphic designer at an international accessory brand where I found my own personal style. That is how I became more aware about my interest in fashion; I only started getting really involved after I made my Chictopia account.

7. Q: What did you dress like as a little girl, and how has your style transitioned over the years?

A: When I was a little girl, I wasn’t allowed to choose what I wanted to wear. When I was a toddler my mom used to dress me in little floral dresses and cute leather patent shoes. She would often buy me the same dress twice, so my little sister and I would be wearing identical gowns. We were so blonde you cannot believe it; people used to think we were twins from Sweden or something.

Later on, when I started going to school, my mom dressed me in boyish fun clothes: think orange dotted pants, lavender tops with blue printed vests (don’t worry I didn’t wear those pieces together ;) ). I actually really hated those clothes since I have ALWAYS been a girly girl. When I was a teenager, my mom let go and I got to choose again. I started choosing clothes that had pretty, basic, bohemian styles. However, when I was about 15, I started going to the wrong side again; choosing boyish skater clothes, following Avril Lavigne’s footsteps.

Honestly, I can only be considered to be “stylish” since I was 17, when I grew out of all that and went for my own colorful take on the Kate Moss rocker-chic look. That period falls in line with me going to college, so maybe that’s why I couldn’t answer my friend’s question: I just didn’t know yet that fashion was in fact my passion. Huge statement purses, sunglasses and heels defined my style at that point in time. And today I am still known for those.

7. Q: How does your personal style influence the topic of your EIU posts?

A: With the interviews, I tend to choose people I find interesting in one way or another, for example thelittlestpony who got on first page with her very first post. Sometimes, I meet Chictopians and find their personalities so inspiring that I want to interview them; Chaba and VintageDreamer two examples. I love their styles and their personality is just the delightful icing on the cake. Then there is the fabulous beware_of_my_heels who simply blew me away with all of her outfits and professional-looking pictures. She has one of the most sweet, interesting personalities out there. Let’s not forget about StylePantry and AmandaBrohman, both independent, strong, intelligent women with a great sense of style. Last but not least, it is so interesting to interview Chictopians who have been a part of Chictopia’s community for a while: you, YOUTHAGAINSTFASHION and NanaHoshino example.

There are so many interesting Chictopians out there, so it’ll always be that little detail that makes me want to interview that person first. It can be anything!! At the moment I have about five Chictopians in my head I haven’t even asked yet…

8. Q: Do you have any fashion icons or inspirations?

A: I have fashion icons; they are the people I look up to, for example: Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Scarlett Johansson and many others. I don’t base my outfits on theirs, since it wouldn’t do them any justice. I would buy iconic pieces though.

9. Q: What is your most treasured fashion item?

A: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? It must be my diamond earrings, but I can’t wear them that much since they’re too precious, so maybe for now I should just go for my new Sex and the City finger half gloves, my bowler hat and my new Dorothy Perkins faux sheep wool boots.

10. Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: Ideally I would be sitting in my penthouse flat with a terrace (for Jolie the Dalmatian) in some big city, sipping a mojito, making some quick phone calls for work. Okay, maybe that should be a non-alcoholic mojito since I do see myself working, preferably writing something… and that something should be a piece for ELLE magazine if I can really dream away…

I hope I’ll manage to do something in that area, but more realistically I will be living in a small house/flat somewhere in an unimportant village writing something, anything.

I want to thank you, Hope, for interviewing me. It was a lovely experience and I really enjoyed answering all your questions. Also thank you everyone, for reading!!

1. La vie d’artiste est un bagne secre

2. L’arbre se sauve en faisant tomber ses feuilles-

3. L’amour, c’est le soleil après la pluie…

4. Every hour…

5. J’veux ton amour et je veux ton revenge

If you can’t get enough of this young lady’s talent and style, head right over to her Chictopia page and creative inspirational fashion blog!


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Comments (16)

4everUSMC on November 11
Great set of photos...The last one with the pink leaves are one of my favorites of Ms. Angie! XOX~Cindy!
SaffronHaze on November 02
Great interview! I always love reading what's on your mind Angie! Love the outfit in the last photo too! =)
StylePantry on November 01
Kudos to you both. Great interview. Angie has interviewed a lot of Chictopians, it's nice to actually get to know the lady behind the questions. Stay fab and stylish :)
cityofbugs on November 01
really interesting interview! i love angie, she's sure to become a style icon soon!
patriss on October 31
Love the sweater!!!
NanaHoshino on October 31
Great interview!!! I love Angie. she is definitely an amazing writer and fashionista! :)
coldlight on October 30
i love angie, she is an inspiration and the loveliest. friendliest chictopian :)
rebeccarugby on October 29
She's so good at posing and love the pup!!
LapinNoir on October 29
definitely a lovely chictopian with amazing style!! great interview too!! :D
Style_Journey on October 29
wow, that's soooo COOL, dear!! angiekje is one of my favourite chictopians ever!! this girl definetely has a great style and she deserves this interview!!! her outfits are always so unique and chic!! l esp loooove the second outfit! great interview!!<33 xx, girls!!
EVA_SCHON on October 29
Great interview! Love Angie and her style. Sweet personality combined with a playful fashion sense.
AmandaBrohman on October 29
you are the chicest, lovliest fashionista angie <3
maryiangge on October 29
youre always chic angie! great post!
charchelle27 on October 29
love you angie sweety~!
KaylaMeow on October 29
oh yeah, i lovce her !!!
folle_femme on October 29
Me loves you so much, Angie! You will always be an inspiration for me, but above that you will always be such a good friend! It's your personality that always shines whatever you're wearing! Great interview, Adela!
angiekje on October 29
thank you so much :$ you make me emotional...
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