Chic People: inKARLcerating

Updated on Oct 28, 2010

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4everUSMC on November 11
He's definitely an artist with his own individuality going on...I can still remember the discussion about casting him in "Street-Fighter", the sequel movie...He giggled and made a quirky comment, of course! He's cool.
AmandaBrohman on October 29
so cool, i love his style - and great interview!
sweetcandylove on October 28
yey!!! i love karl!
chiconbudget on October 28
love this
jenhz on October 28
I go speechless every time I see Karl. He's so "out-of-the-world" original. I go lusting for everything he wears.
angiekje on October 28
Ow I thought I didn't know him,but I do know him from the third picture :D amazing style oh I also know him from the fourth :p amazing style indeed!! ooo I definitely LOVE him after reading this :) great spirit you have!! great interview!!
Style_Journey on October 28
this guy is so different! definetely he has an unique style on chictopia! :D
chubbylumpkin on October 28
yes! I am a big fan of him!!
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on October 28
love his outfits! 3-d picture is masterpiece!
charchelle27 on October 28
lovely outfits~
stickybun on October 28
i like the 3rd outfit best :)

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