Chic heels: a tribute

Updated on Oct 15, 2010

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Sirikanya_Ho on April 14
i love high heel, but cant where tht in wellington/nz as i always walk to everyway...if i wear high heel to walk everywhere is gona hurt my feet
paulaunger on December 16
love all of them
elaruth on December 15
love the shoes!!
GabriellaCalvaristhy on December 09
thefashionfraction on October 25
ah I want a pair of these amazing litas <3
Lostlook on October 21
those shoes are to die for !
headbandit on October 18
Love this article!
Wout on October 17
I really LOVE high heels!!
movito on October 17
I feel like a dwarf in flats and I rarely ware any. So hip hip hourey for honoring high heels!
trinnah on October 16
Great article! I love heels. :)
ficklishcheens on October 16
great article! :)
veronikan on October 16
oh what a great write up! and I am loving the heels
NanaHoshino on October 16
I love this article! I love heels ;)
Chaba on October 16
Oh my God!I'm gobsmacked!I can't find the words to express my apreciation for including me in this article.Not to mention how interesting the info was!Would you mind if i post the link and some quotations of this on my blog? I think it's really interesting.Once again, thank you so much!
angiekje on October 16
of course not :) I'm honoured if you would :D love that you like it :D
sininanimikay on October 15
love the heels and the top!
Mel_oOo on October 15
Owh... Thanks for the feat doll!! Btw, couldn't agree more with what you shared! xxx
LapinNoir on October 15
great article Angie, really enjoyed reading this!! :D
inspirafashion on October 15
wow i LOVE this post. so informative and interesting. such a good job Angie! I myself never wore heels, until I've been truly inspired by Chictopians. :)
londondude on October 15
I think you will find that one male world leader does in fact wear heels.. step forward the French President!! great post, and I am a big fan of ladies in heels. The appearance, the stature it gives and the awesomesound they make when walking in. yay to heels!!
angiekje on October 15
they have a song about that :D one of my favorites "Shoes by Tiga":
starryeyed on October 15
this is a very good article!! i love heels so... :D all their shoes are gorgeous!
HollyAshley on October 15
WOW angie love this article!!!! not to mention thank you so much for featuring me!! :D everything you wrote about heels is so true, really enjoyed reading this<33333 xoxo Holly :)
HollyAshley on October 15
haha your welcome, and thanks again! :D i forgot to say i faved this, your article really intrigues me :) xo
angiekje on October 15
thanks :D I LOVE your outfit!! so stylish, want it all!!

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