Inception Movie Date (2010-07-31)

Updated on Oct 13, 2010
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brown Bakers shoes - blue giordano jeans - black Braun Buffel bag - orange blous
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ligayananami 's Thoughts:

My best friend and movie date Laney and I went through two malls, lots of rain, and payday shoppers just to watch one of our favourite films this year, Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”. XD

These booties from Bakers were a long-awaited birthday present from my older sister this year. They’re painful to walk with because they are tight, I have lordosis and my tolerance can’t go beyond 4 inches of heels, but I LOVE them all the same because they’re just so gorgeous! XD The Braun Buffel bag is my mum’s, but I’ve acquired it and I have no intentions of returning it. XDD The jeans are custom-ripped because back in 2006, on a trip to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam with my family, I fell on gravel and scraped both the left side of the jeans and the knee which I used to support myself (it was a really nasty wound too – my guy friends all freaked out after seeing it still wet); I finally found the courage to rip the right side myself with a cutter and some scissors early this year. XDDD The blazer was a present last year from my older sister as well; it’s really neat because there’s a hood hiding in the collar, but I feel bad because I lost one of the metal buttons as you can see above. DX Finally, the polo was something my mum bought for herself, but she could no longer fit into it this year so she gave it to me. XDDDD

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trinnah on October 19
I love your shoes! :)
ligayananami on October 22
Thanks! I love them too! ♥ ;D
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