Pink Ombre.

Updated on Oct 08, 2010
pink asos dress - black Primark tights - white asos necklace
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sailorjennie 's Thoughts:

Today I bit the bullet and finally got in on the ombre action that’s been sweeping the universe lately. My hair is already blonde and I think bleached ends would have looked a little ridiculous, so I thought I’d put a little twist on it and go for pink ombre!

Now, I’m a bit of a wimp and didn’t want anything too drastic so I’ve gone for something that’s about as subtle as pink hair can be. Some lovely ladies on Twitter mentioned that Directions was a good brand of dye to go for & they don’t test on animals so I opted for the shades pastel pink and flamingo pink. The pastel pink was pretty but it ended up being a little bit too subtle for what I was after so I decided to go for the flamingo pink. The instructions say to leave the dye on for 15 minutes but I ignored that because the colour in the pot was so insanely bright & I just left it on for only 2 minutes. I’m so happy with the colour, it’s pink but not too ‘oh my gosh she has pink hair’ if you know what I mean & I’m not gonna lie, I pretty much want all my hair to be this colour now!

Today I also wore my pretty new shoes for the first time. They have a cute little kitten heel which I know some people seem to hate with a passion, but I think they’re pretty! They make me feel like a doll whenever I put them on. This used to be my absolute favourite dress ever and I’ve just recently rediscovered it. It was so cheap from Asos about a year ago and the details in it are just so lovely, it’s so girly and easy to wear with tights a few cute accessories.

Comments (3)

Law on December 04
this is so cute, I love this dress it looks so pretty :)
JennaStevie on October 08
Such a great dress!! Love it I love the ombre look on you, i just got rid of mine actually haha
sailorjennie on October 11
:) x
ChloroformPerfume on October 08
Oh my, this is adorable! Pretty girl in a pretty dress :)
sailorjennie on October 08
thank you! <3
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