"Florals... My Old Love"

Updated on Oct 05, 2010
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gray dress - blue cardigan - red belt - brown purse - brown tights -
Gray-dress-blue-cardigan-red-belt-brown-purse-brown-tights- Gray-dress-blue-cardigan-red-belt-brown-purse-brown-tights- Gray-dress-blue-cardigan-red-belt-brown-purse-brown-tights- Gray-dress-blue-cardigan-red-belt-brown-purse-brown-tights- Gray-dress-blue-cardigan-red-belt-brown-purse-brown-tights-
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_SERENITY_ 's Thoughts:

Hello, everyone!!

l missed you so much, guys! l’m so happy to be back! l had a lovely and relaxed weekend with my brother. We just watched movies and X Factor clips on youtube :))
Yesterday l brought some new tights and new green pair. lt’s funny but brown, green, blue and red are my favourite colors this fall.
This days the weather was so cold… l’m already scared because winter is closer and closer. November feels almost like winter here.

Anyway, that’s something l wore last week. l love that dress, it’s so classy and kind of elegant but still girly at the same time. The floral pattern catched my eyes, it was love at first sight :)) l especialy love the colors mix here. Hope you’ll like it, guys!

Have a lovely week! <3


Comments (98)

stellapnp on February 23
perfect dress and shoes!!
soprantina on February 21
classy lady :) +1
cenicerosdiana2010 on January 20
I love the color combo!
eyelashes05 on November 27
you have such amazing collections of cardi :)
soopernifty on November 15
Beautiful dress. <3
hellokmac on October 31
so classic!
sandram on October 31
lovely outfit :) very girlish and cute <3
jackielynicole on October 28
lovely and nice cardigan. :))
rosaspinavintage on October 25
you look lovely!!
FashionIsMy_Passion on October 25
so cute! loove shoes !
mary1975 on October 24
carmeli on October 23
i love that red belt and the scarf on your purse. good combo! :))
auspiciouslife on October 22
Great color combination and I love the belt and the shoes.
ConsequencesTess on October 21
so cute and classy [: I absolutely love floral.
luckynumbervi on October 21
love the dress and handbag
nocumchin on October 18
cute shoes
Majeigh on October 18
Love it! Chic-voted!
dazzlelicious on October 17
love it... what a vintage style... :))
Weridiana on October 17
pretty outfit
little_vixen21 on October 13
nice i love it so cute :)
chubbylumpkin on October 12
Oh I love all the tones here! The blue, brown and pops of red are beautiful!
_SERENITY_ on October 13
thank you, darling<3 xx
MarieMarieMarie on October 11
I love the gray floral...I've seen prints like this in thift shops before and loved them but have never found a piece that fit me properly. You look so gorgeous =)
_SERENITY_ on October 11
aww, thaaaank you, darling <33 xxxx
TaraAsturias on October 11
im a fan of florals and i can say i really adore you dress!!! the patterns are unique!!! it looks so class and chic!! love the way you matched it with your blue cardi and red belt! totally chic dear, Ive always been a fan of your sweet look! :)
_SERENITY_ on October 11
aww, you're such a sweetheart, dear! thank you soo much<33 xx
rikatagore on October 09
I am in love with you floral dress :)
tammmmy on October 08
im in loveee with your floral dress! so amazing!
ChloroformPerfume on October 08
Aw this is so cute and vintage-y! I love the autumny colours you put together here and this purse is gorgeous!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you, dear<3 xx
Hadassah_Sorvillo on October 08
I love flowers!! It is so romantic and lovely
DailyFashionista on October 08
Cute look! I love your bag too.
inspirafashion on October 08
omgosh this is soo gorgeous! i seriously love the floral dress! you styled this so perfectly girl. and always so pretty <3.
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you, darling<3 xx
Katy90 on October 08
Hi! aww you look so lovely! I love this outfit frm head to toe! THIS OUTFIT IS PERFECT!:)
_SERENITY_ on October 10
aww, thaaank you, deaR<3 xx
SannyPuspasari on October 07
Really like your style! So VINTAGE! The bow on your bag matches your dress, so CUTE! Have a good one! (:
_SERENITY_ on October 10
you're such a sweetie <3 xx
Alex_Elizabeth on October 07
I love your colder weather style so much, you have the best color combinations and always look so chic!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you so much, dear<3 xx
crystaldots on October 07
floral floral + brown! love love love! btw, you have such great styles! i hope you become STYLE ICON soon!!! <3
_SERENITY_ on October 10
aww, thaaank you, darling <3 xx
freedomwings on October 07
Gorgeous, love the cardi & beautiful dress!!
KristaniA on October 07
wow, that dress is divine! And I love how you wore a cardigan on top of it to tone down the floral prints :) You made me want to buy a pair of brown tights :p
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thanks a lot, honey<3 xx
RosaB on October 07
I love that pursee its so cutee
LapinNoir on October 07
aaah what a pretty outfit!!! this color combo is so lovely and fresh for fall! i love how you added the scarf to your bag, & the red belt is perfect!! chic chic chic, you're always gorgeous!!! <333
_SERENITY_ on October 10
aww, thaaank you, honey<3 xx
Duygu on October 07
such a lovely look of my lovely chictopian friend! I adore your tights with those floral dress! chich voted as always :)
_SERENITY_ on October 10
aww, thanks a lot, sugar<3 xx
Chaba on October 07
ce ma bucur ca am mai gasit o romanca pe aici >:D< mai ales una iubitoare de vintage! you look lovely :)
KaylaMeow on October 07
very cute !! love this classy look
springfiry on October 06
Love the dress and how you paired a blue sweater over it!
derdera on October 06
love it! so pretty!
PrettyNiftyAndThrifty on October 06
you look so pretty and elegant!!!! i love the cardigan with that dress!!
_SERENITY_ on October 07
thank you, honey<3 xx
patriss on October 06
Great look dear i like your dress print and that vintage bag, look so great put together. Love the cardi color, chic look!!!
_SERENITY_ on October 07
thank you, sugar<3 xx
krisco on October 06
florals are one of my beloveds too. i could wear em' in some form everyday! this is gorgeous. :)
_SERENITY_ on October 07
thanks, dear<3 xx
barbroandersen on October 06
I love this! Your bag is just heavenly gorgeous!
angiekje on October 06
I love this!! you are so gorgeous! I love the floral dress, cardigan, leather belt, shoes, purse, :p faving :)
_SERENITY_ on October 07
thanks, darling<3 xx
folle_femme on October 06
Aren't you the sweetest girl ever?! So beautiful. as always Oana!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you, dear<3 xxxx
lovedlica on October 06
so stylish!
WallflowerVintage on October 06
So well put together! Love those colors on you!
Pink_Champagne on October 06
ooh i love that belt! the orangey-red color is perfect for fall, and contrasts beautifully with the navy blue sweater and floral skirt!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thanks a lot, girly<3 xx
enigmasupernova on October 06
this is sweet! you look very pretty!
YchieRiot on October 06
love the colors.. i want your bag.. =D
londondude on October 06
You look totally charming! I Love you in florals too! Its just amazing pretty on you! The little red belt adds just a super dose of colour! Getting faved and voted for sure! its nice to be back on here too, have hardly touched this site recently! Take care xx
_SERENITY_ on October 10
aww, you;re always such a sweetie! thaaaank you, dear<3 xx
LadyButterfly on October 06
lovely outfit so classy. love the red detail ^^
NanaHoshino on October 06
Love the cardi and belt!! so pretty dress, too. so cute and chic autumn look<3
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thanks a lot, honey<3 x
tauyanm on October 06
luv the hul very lady like look!! the belt is amazing!! and mybe ders something in ur face too dt makes ur outfit rly great and fab!! muah!! =)
_SERENITY_ on October 10
aww, thaaaank you, darling <3 xxxx
Kattykins on October 06
Love the outfit! The colours are great! Very chic! =)
SaffronHaze on October 06
Love this modern take on a vintage ladylike look! Those shoes are adorable!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you, girl! <3 xx
kchan on October 06
you are soooo cute sweetie!!!!!!:p love the dress!!
azelia on October 06
love this look !! classy and chic!!!love the photos as well!!
Bombonica on October 06
love that dress too
sazzychiq on October 06
such a sweet and dainty look. i always love the scarf touch on your look very lovely. loving the second and fourth photo. something different and classy!!!! ((:
_SERENITY_ on October 10
aww, you're such a sweetie! thaaank you, dear<3 xx
ChinkyMeL on October 06
You look so refreshing. I love the vintage look. I know I've told you this a thousand times before but you are one of my style icons!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thaaank you, darling <3 xx
lexigancayco on October 06
lovely vintage!:)
bebzzz1985 on October 05
So chic!!!
nennen35 on October 05
classic and chic!!
JennaStevie on October 05
This is so very cute, love the belted cardigan over the dress, very classic :)
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you, dear<3 xx
mayrpamintuan on October 05
I'm so lovin' this! +1
BbyFaB on October 05
lavenderprincess on October 05
I love this look so so so so much!!!! :)
charchelle27 on October 05
dear u are really adorable in this look! love the dress paired with the belted sweater!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thanks a lot, sugar<3 xx
PurpleDuckling on October 05
Very pretty, dear! i love the colors in this outfit, especially the red belt. cute shoes too :)
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you, darling <3 xx
toadstoolring on October 05
pretty dress and shoes!
lissakahayon on October 05
pretty dress!!
calliemarie on October 05
love the shoes
Tea_Loving_Noemie on October 05
really like the shoes and bag, and the red belt, sparks any outfit! chic! x
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thanks a lot, dear<3 xx
opfiend on October 05
Love everything!
KaileeBroadway on October 05
Yanie on October 05
very chic! love the top with the skirt, great shoes and bag too! so pretty!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you, girl!<3 xx
violetheart on October 05
florals are also my old love! love this look great skirt and cardi i love how you paired it with a belt and tights! so chic and pretty :):)
_SERENITY_ on October 10
aww, thanks a lot, dear<33 xx
cherry8888 on October 05
Adorable! Love your cardigan!
cocoandvera on October 05
I love the way the dark blue cardigan looks layered over the light blue dress. Red and brown accessories perfectly compliment the contrasting blues. Such a pretty, romantic look :) xox.
_SERENITY_ on October 10
aww, you're such a lovely girl! thank you, darling<3 xx
JamieRose on October 05
Adorable! I love the mix of blue and brown - it's such a classic combo
Shaniqua1071 on October 05
You look sooo pretty, classic and timeless in this outfit, this dress looks soo gorgeous on you and I adore the little flowers, such a femine and chic look!!!!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
ohh, thank you so much, honey<33 xx
4everUSMC on October 05
Go get'em Ms. Serenity! Love the blue shades and the floral print is so feminine and whimsical...Great photo!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thanks a lot, girly<3 xx
ficklishcheens on October 05
love this classic outfit! i love every piece you mixed together! <3
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you, dear<3 xx
AmyIsham on October 05
Such a beautiful dress, I've always had a soft spot for florals too! Your garments can sometimes be so simple just like this cardi but yet you make them look a million dollars! I know I always tell you how pretty you are, but really, you are so pretty. A x
_SERENITY_ on October 10
awww, thaaaank you so much, honey! you;re a sweetheart! <3 xx
S_agapoxxx on October 05
Your dress is very cute and I love the blue cardi and red belt with it!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you, dear<3 xx
CzarinaAnonuevo on October 05
the dress is so pretty! love its color and pattern perfectly matched the blue cardi!!!! i never thought brown and blue will do a good combo!!!! chic!!!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you sooo much, honey<3 xx
KHee on October 05
Aww you look lovely as always :) Love how you mixed the floral dress with earthy colours, it's very pretty. The belt is a very nice touch too!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thanks a lot, darling<3 xx
eugeniaprincilla on October 05
aww u look sweet!
cityofbugs on October 05
glad to see you back! looking beautiful as always, that is such a sweet floral dress and looks so flattering with the cardi and belt over the top! also i love how you tied the scarf to the bag, it works well with the pattern on the dress :) chic voted of course!
_SERENITY_ on October 10
aww, thank you sooo much, you're always such a sweetie, dear!<3 xx
cory_josue on October 05
you look stunning dear.
starryeyed on October 05
So cute, I love that dress. You have the nicest clothes and you know how to put them together. Very pretty :) I love the colours you have used here too :)
_SERENITY_ on October 10
ohh, thank you sooo much, darling<3 xx
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on October 05
GORGEOUS!!!! such a romantic look! amazing photos also! love the colours in this outfit, beautiful dress really dear:) xx
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thaaaank you, darling<3 xx
bellavanite on October 05
absolutely lovely..
mieke on October 05
love the outfit dear! great mixed of colors, i specially adore your flats! <3
_SERENITY_ on October 10
thank you, dear<3 xx
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