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Updated on Oct 02, 2010
black dress - black boots - blue jacket - blue necklace - brown belt
Black-dress-black-boots-blue-jacket-blue-necklace-brown-belt Black-dress-black-boots-blue-jacket-blue-necklace-brown-belt Black-dress-black-boots-blue-jacket-blue-necklace-brown-belt Black-dress-black-boots-blue-jacket-blue-necklace-brown-belt Black-dress-black-boots-blue-jacket-blue-necklace-brown-belt
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Annebeth 's Thoughts:

When I walked into the living room after getting dressed, my boyfriend did a double take and asked me “so you were serious about bringing goth back?”, haha
I guess after two years of reading blogs featuring LA and California girls wearing these awesome in your face grunge glam ensembles that are both casual and dressed up, with lots of hippie-boho accessories and goth crucifixes etcetera, my brain has been washed. Don’t get me wrong, I had this fase of dressing more badass in high school, but I haven’t been that into all black for ages. I love it on certain other girls, but on me it seems to feel too simple and almost poser-ish because I’m such a happy girl.
I’m telling you guys, I am not a trend setter at all. I dress quite differently from most girls in my university or at my workplace, yes. If you consider them and the highstreet stores, then maybe I am someone who dresses ahead of the pack. But when you spend a lot of time in the blogosphere, reading up on gorgeous girls that are LIGHTYEARS ahead of the pack, you can get the feeling that among all these stylish babes, you are one of the normal, ordinary ones, you know? I don’t mind that, I don’t dress the way I do to be considered weird or special. As a matter of fact, I try to dress the way I do without even considering whether my outfit will make me seem normal or weird. I find those two epitheton absolutely arbitrary and therefore not worth mentioning. I really try to simply let my intuition, taste and mood speak. And for me personally, I would have to push myself to be one of those ahead of the pack girls. Pushing myself would mean that I wouldn’t feel like “me” anymore, but like me dressed up as someone else. So I need some time and lots of visual inspiration in the form of other girls and pictures to let something seep in and feel “right” to me. This is my way of dealing with fashion, and my way to feel good in my own skin, not worrying about what other people might think about the way I dress.

So like I said, after two years of watching other girls rock this trend (themselves probably followers of Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie), I’m ready for floor length maxis. Even maxis that aren’t even remotely summery or beachy or hippie. No, those are the safe maxis. I’m into the fashion forward maxis. Give me black, grey, jersey, velvet, sheer over floral, light, white, floaty, grecian, spaghetti strapped sun dresses anyday. Pair my dress with another thing that suddenly “clicked” in my head this summer, the denim jacket, and you have my outfit today. I felt completely at ease in this look. I went out grocery shopping, draped myself on the couch to watch 500 days of Summer for the first time (very cute movie btw) in it, made waffles with whipped cream in it and felt great the entire day. Fashion comes to me, I don’t force myself into something that doesn’t feel right to me. This whole process is about finding “me” and my own aesthetic.

Are you even remotely interested in my rant? :D

The Styling Dutchman

Comments (48)

anonymours on July 13
lovely lovely dress
Skotch on October 15
great necklace
BlueFoX0903 on October 10
I LOVE that necklace!
lisamarie11292 on October 06
love the accessories with the outfit!
KaylaMeow on October 03
amazing !
angelluv203 on October 03
toadstoolring on October 03
great dress!! love it with the denim
glamourvixen on October 03
The denim jacket is a perfect pairing with the all black. Very simple chic!
hallecat on October 03
great dress
Tea_Loving_Noemie on October 03
i loved your rant and your outfit! i see myself a bit in what you say! take your outfit today, i love it, been looking on the internet for months for a maxi, cos it's trendy and i like it, but i think it'll take me a much longer time to get used to it. i realise that many many many trend never end up suiting me and so i remain in my own totally eclectic style, following the trend late when i want,
Annebeth on October 03
I read all of it :D remember my clog post? I was totally into swedish hasbeens (too expensive) and magubas (still quite expensive) and then new look had some cute clogs for not that much money, but I still didn't buy any. The full on clog look is quite cute and I do like it, but it still doesn't really feel "me" yet. I might buy some if they go for real cheap during the sales, but I still need to get used to them really. We're so lame! :D
Tea_Loving_Noemie on October 03
but if possible not at the same time as everyone else because otherwise i would just feel like i'm just not unique. see the clogs, i didn't like it, then i started liking it a lot more, i.e. after the swedish has been and lookalikes came out, but i doubt i'll ever buy them, or only when they're not trendy anymore, cos too many people wear them! are you even remotely interested in my answer-rant? x
Pink_Champagne on October 03
i love how you combined the denim jacket with the long maxi skirt!
zoomusicgirl0 on October 03
wow, you look like a godess on the first added picture
springfiry on October 03
Love the slightly boho look! The maxi dress is love! Love the way you matched it!
keogan42 on October 03
like the necklace
alescna on October 03
i love love the colour of your nails! what shade is this?
Annebeth on October 03
it's a very dark fuschia! thanks! :D
Laura86 on October 03
love how the black dress looks with that denim jacket!
LapinNoir on October 02
you look gorgeous! :D this look has always been predominant in my closet! the necklace is perfect! <3
tauyanm on October 02
cool boots!! luv the black dress!!! =)
selectivepotential on October 02
You look amazing!
Hawaiikidd on October 02
A denim jacket with a maxi? Genius!!!!
katslovefashion on October 02
love the maxi and necklace!!
JennaStevie on October 02
Such a great combination, so chic. I love the way this looks on you :) I enjoyed your rant
cityofbugs on October 02
blaxk maxi dress + denim jacket + perfect combination!
GlammcouturE on October 02
cute! love that necklace :)
ficklishcheens on October 02
love the dress and accessories! --- and the red nails! (:
angeladorielle on October 02
i totally agree, it's all about finding the "me" in fashion. and you do a great job!
daisygirl89 on October 02
Badass necklace!! Love this outfit, I would wear it almost everyday! Ha!
VickyViolet on October 02
Well as a fellow Belgian, I definitely recognize myself in your rants! :D (And I recognize myself in your outfit too, I have both the jacket and the dress and yes, worn them in the same outfit :P)
Annebeth on October 02
COPYCAT!!! :D great minds think alike, babe!
hiza173 on October 02
I love a good denim jacket!
SimplyHope on October 02
Love the necklace so much! Looks great with the maxi!
deathbyplatforms on October 02
love the necklace, love the black maxi!!!
Annebeth on October 02
I feel like you definitely have found your own style! but of course, it is a process. We people evolve, so of course our style evolves too. and it's all in the mind you know, it takes a bit of getting used to a certain image for something to become 'you' :D thanks for the feedback! I guess I always felt like black was sort of the safe choice, and only now I'm realizing how strong all black can look.
deathbyplatforms on October 02
and on your rant, i say, dress only for yourself and what you feel comfortable in. it's not bad at all to be inspired by other people or by what they wear/what their style is. it only becomes bad when you try to dress up as someone who you're really not. im actually still in the process of finding out what style best works for me but im really more comfortable with wearing black. :)
starryeyed on October 02
love this post, photo and the writing... i love your dress with the denim jacket, and that necklace is gorgeous :)
hannamarinda on October 02
u look georgeus. your neklace and rings are really chic! and I love the way u dress. its really stylish!!
omyheart on October 02
I read your whole rant & loved the whole thing! ;) first and foremost, I love this look on you! The black maxi & denim jacket is such an awesome combination! I know what you mean though, about how being so immersed in the blogging world can mess with your own personal style. I think it's important to only follow the trends that you can naturally incorporate into your own style!
Annebeth on October 02
yeah, I think that being immersed in the blogging idea of style sort of destructs every unique thing about you. Like hanging out with the popular crowd and starting to dress like them :D people probably only read your blog because they like YOUR style, so becoming one of the sheep isn't the right route to choose. Thanks!
cherry8888 on October 02
Great jacket and dress!
skinnybuddha on October 02
love that maxi dress and the necklace :) and yes am i deligted by your ranting
immadi on October 02
great accessories
SonjaG on October 02
I read your rant and thoroughly enjoyed it :]] and I completely agree, the internet fashion world and real-life everyday fashion are two COMPLETELY different things. Love the black maxi :]] xx
lissakahayon on October 02
i love the maxi paired with the denim!
goldencor on October 02
I love the maxi dress!!
headbandit on October 02
Very California chic!
ezramei on October 02
i love ze boots :D
folle_femme on October 02
I love this maxi on you! truly stunning!
iVdw on October 02
juniee111 on October 02
great look..
MollyElizaGough on October 02
The accessories are just perfect :)
angiekje on October 02
I adore this!! so simple and perfec :) gorgeous dress, love the accessories and most of all the red lips an nails!! chic! reading...
angiekje on October 02
:) was in elk geval leuk om te lezen
Annebeth on October 02
nee, soms heb ik gewoon zo'n woordenwaterval :D
angiekje on October 02
wow ik dacht even dat het een entry zou zijn voor een wedstrijd: wat een tekst :) love it
Anadiomene on October 02
Lovely outfit! The necklace is really cute
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