cruise party - almost channeling blair waldorf

Updated on Oct 13, 2008
Luca dress - cinderella tights - People are People shoes - Naf Naf earrings
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What accessories could help add more *oomph* to this outfit?
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27%   A statement necklace 
43%   A set of bracelets or bangles 
8%   It's already TRES CHIC on its own! 
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geekgoddess_joli 's Thoughts:

yey, first chictopia post!

i’ve been on the site for about 3 months now and i thought i should probably end my anonymity and lurking ways…

…and start going the path of…art and self-expression

(OR vanity and self-promotion?depends on how you look at it! haha)

o o

so anyway, this is an old pic from June 2008.

went on a special press tour of a cruise liner

bought the dress last minute coz my brother dear (who is the press person) just told me about the event the night before! and since i was an eager beaver who wanted a free ride on a cruise liner, i happily obliged.

got it on 40% discount from my friend who works at a local designer boutique called Luca (Powerplant mall, Rockwell.)

despite the last minute shopping, good thing i got a dress that fit me well- that was not sleeveless coz i wasn’t into baring my arms at the time. plus it came in one of my fave colors! plum purple always seems to suit my olive-toned skin :)

not in photo – silver bangle on my right wrist.

i almost wore a silver headband with this look but i thought it made me look too blair waldorf-y (gossip girl) so i opted against it. some looks just don’t feel right no matter what you do
maybe, it’s also coz i’ve always thought of myself as more of a serena or vanessa when it comes to style. (read: boho slash urban)
would’ve loved to have paired this with maybe silver headstrings…if i only had more time.

_DARN, the dress gets folds when u’re seated (coz of the fabric- and it’s a lil loose on the waist) but i swear it looks good standing up.

i tend to get stuff one size bigger-im a size 4 all over but tend to get 6 for my tops to accommodate meh chest area- yes the perpetual dilemma of girls with boobies!

BUT i ain’t complaining. oh well, just gotta appreciate the curves God has given me. i ain’t got not no booty so might as well play up what i’ve got. :P_

o o

sorry for being so chatty – tis my first post! forgive me, alright? :)

plus, this look is fairly safe for my taste, will post more daring stuff soon. :)

Comments (8)

ecimarkuci on March 30
cuteeee super!
nixbix on February 11
love the dress colour!! and love blair waldorf's style too =)
geekgoddess_joli on February 13
thanks girl! :) i'm more of a serena though i try blair's style every now and then
plummy on October 20
a diamond statement neclace.
geekgoddess_joli on October 28
yeah so many other options for styling this dress. too bad i didn't have enough time to grab a big ol necklace that would go well with this. think it turned out great but i'll also change it up next time :)
fashiolution on October 20
yeah totally channeling blair! i like it!=)
geekgoddess_joli on October 28
thanks :) i normally dress like the other girls (serena, vanessa or jenny) but i felt like going out of my comfort zone for this party.
BadTasteToast on October 16
very cute dress and I love the colour!
geekgoddess_joli on October 28
thanks girl! nice makeup :)
inKARLcerating on October 16
torallyyyyy!! asian blair waldorf i love prp ladies shoes ... so stylish!
geekgoddess_joli on October 16
plus, super cheap too...such great steals at that store. but that's our little secret...shhh!
Maeko on October 15
I don't know anything about Gossip girl, but I like the dress! Yeay another girl with breasts. Thankfully I'm running, though, and they're getting smaller!
geekgoddess_joli on October 15
thanks! hey, make sure they don't get too small. we have to represent for all the curvy sisters out there :P
rainelyn on October 14
purple looks great on you. and i'm always so jealous of girls with boobs!
geekgoddess_joli on October 14
and i get jealous of thin girls who can get away with not having to wear bras! haha :) diversity is cool.
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