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Updated on Sep 23, 2010
orange H&M skirt - white Zara top
White-zara-top-orange-h-m-skirt White-zara-top-orange-h-m-skirt White-zara-top-orange-h-m-skirt White-zara-top-orange-h-m-skirt White-zara-top-orange-h-m-skirt
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angiekje 's Thoughts:

name Nana Hoshino
location A small town in Japan
working as a school staff/student services
boyfriend No
sign Virgo
favorite colour Chocolate brown. And every colour!
favorite music Mary J Blige
favourite chictopian inspiration There are many inspirations for me on Chictopia. For starters Haiku_Ambulance and Aphrodite are absolutely chic, elegant and sexy. Then angiekje and Annebeth, I look forward to their posts every single day because they are so creative and fun. Also SonjaG and cityofbugs; they are so adorable and girly. And so there are many more, but I cannot mention all of them here.

A girl who is in love with fashion ever since she was born, empowered by flowers, chocolate and the most delicate style. From the land of beautiful things; sushi, mochi (I personally can’t live without those), the most gorgeous garments, accessories and many more: NanaHoshino

I absolutely adore your style and would describe it as flawless, delicate and girly. What inspires you on a daily basis? Thank you! I love fashion magazines (I am a Vogue and Elle addict), I am also inspired by fashion blogs and fashion week reports.
I was working as a florist before and painting is one of my hobbies. These two activities have learned me a lot about the use of colour. Nature contains so many colour combinations and you can also find these in any form of art.

You take great pictures and have been on the homepage several times, how do you decide where to take these and what’s your favourite part of the day to do this? I am still learning how to take good pictures from other Chictopians and still discover new ways to take them.
I was very happy to see my photo on the first page (made a print screen)! I take all pictures myself; I am an independent person, live alone and I am single :) When I take these pictures I first look around to check and make sure no one is around, then I open the back door of my car, place the camera in it and push the self-timer. If someone catches me by surprise, I pretend to look for something in my car. It’s kind of funny. That is why I often take pictures at parking spots or quiet roads on weekend mornings.

I am very happy to find a congenial person on Chictopia! I tried it yesterday and it worked very well!! Thank you so much for that tip!!
When I get caught while taking pictures I tend to pretend I’m just standing there, looking at something :D (this works very well if you have your hands on your hips or so, but you should try it standing in an awkward pose lol)
Where you in the blogosphere before you became a member of chictopia? I first started my own blog in order to improve my English. I wanted to record my favourite items and outfits so I decided to blog about fashion. While I was browsing other fashion blogs, I noticed many fashion bloggers with Chictopian badges and I really wanted one on my blog. That’s when I decided to join Chictopia and once I started I really liked the concept. I am now posting my outfits more on Chictopia then I am writing my own blog.

You are a very active member, what draws you toward Chictopia every day? It is like an addiction actually. There are so many stylish people and they all have their own unique style, I just don’t want to miss out on their latest outfits. It makes me want to check what they are wearing today, every day.
When I post my outfits and receive kind comments from my chic friends, it makes me happy every single time and makes me gain confidence in myself. I am glad to meet lovely friends who all have the same quality: a passion for fashion. And also, I can be something similar to a model here even though I am very small!

I agree with EVERYTHING you are saying :) being a Chictopian also helps improving my self-image and that’s simply amazing.
What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe? Heels! I’ve always hated my calves. When I was a student I practiced a lot of sports. I got a bit muscular and my legs became more male. A boy once told me “you are small but you have big legs…” Ever since, I only wore pants…. until one day, I was wearing heels, looked at a mirror and noticed, they didn’t look bad at all! I began to enjoy wearing skirts and shorts with heels. At that moment my wardrobe expanded enormously.

Ever since I’ve read “Memoires of a Geisha” I have been in love with Japan and I would LOVE to go there someday. Tell me what it is like to live there? First of all I want to say; I also really love going on trips, I have been to many countries, I loved them all and would like to visit some more in the future. I must admit it is lovely to live in Japan, we have beautiful seasons, culture and food. I am proud of the kimono in particular. It is not comfortable to wear but has amazing dye, embroidery, etc. I am planning on wearing my kimono to my friends wedding and am excited to show it to you on my blog. ;)

Definitely one of my favourites in the book too, the way they describe the beauty of a kimono. Any last words?
“I apologize about my lack of vocabulary. Thank you for choosing me for the interview, Angie! Chictopians are always so kind and positive. I am happy to be one of the members. I want to say “Arigatou” to everyone here. :) "

You are very welcome, you’re such an inspiration to me and so many other Chictopians, I just had to know more about you. Arigatou Nana and may everything go as you please in your life!! Thank you for reading this interview everyone!!

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dgcp on October 03
aww i love this photo +1
ninjabu on August 31
So adorable!
decimalshoes on August 01
i love how she dressed her self , cute and girly but never make me bored to see her :D
daibkeng on June 30
cute skirt!
Rameline on May 19
perfect :)
xovicks on October 05
stasiia on September 30
Very polished but flirty
crystaldots on September 27
she has impeccable style, great post angie!
angiekje on September 27
I agree :)
Aphrodite on September 26
oh i love her style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girly but not too sweet and never boring!! And she's not afraid to try new things. Another great interview A! =) Chic Chic for both of you!!
Aphrodite on September 26
<3 to Nana!
cla_pepe on September 26
your skirt is so cute!!
springfiry on September 25
I love her effortlessly classic style!
liviapangdoko on September 25
woo, cute skirt! love it
candydoll on September 25
yay! great job on this feature! i love nana!!! vogue and elle japon are the best! hahaha! i am bias on that.
coldlight on September 25
awesome interview! she is so lovely :)
ukiuki88 on September 24
LOVE nana hoshino! such a great style inspiration, perfect choice to cover her style philosophy!!!
Chikita22 on September 24
love it
jaceface on September 24
awhh these are SO SO cute!!
darlingcath on September 24
the belts are amazing!
KaileeBroadway on September 24
NicoleAndrews on September 24
love the red!!
cinnamonwren on September 24
i love the girliness of this combined with your pixy haircut! too cute!
maryiangge on September 24
great post my love!!!
patriss on September 24
love so much her outfits chic vote for her!!!
Pink_Champagne on September 24
nice interview! i love her style; she's always so elegant and feminine! =)
Mongrel on September 24
Great post. I'm a big fan!
deekaywang on September 23
DelightfulDecember on September 23
Nice article, I love her short hair and her cute outfits!
keogan42 on September 23
ooh, she is so stylish! love the outfits featured
tauyanm on September 23
great feature!!! luv to read posts like this honey!!! inspires everyone!!! xoxo =)
libys11 on September 23
aaahhh i love her!! she's so sweet and stylish!
lissakahayon on September 23
love this feature, love her style!
MitziBlitz on September 23
your interviews are awesome, I look forward to them almost as much as I look forward to your outfits!
angiekje on September 23
thank you so muhc!!
maliamazing on September 23
love the skirt! great outfits!
4everUSMC on September 23
headbandit on September 23
You always interview my favorite chictopians! Great feature, again!
headbandit on September 24
Can't wait!
angiekje on September 23
:) then we probably agree in favourite Chictopians :) have two others coming up sunday and tuesday :)
NanaHoshino on September 23
Arigatou Angie!!! Arigatou everyone!!! <3
Jhamm2412 on September 23
cute skirt!
tanyabell on September 23
diana_l on September 23
beautiful skirt
fruti on September 23
This interview is fantastic! she's my fave :)
Annebeth on September 23
nanahoshino is definitely a fave of mine too so it's so awesome to read that she loves me back! :D
opfiend on September 23
So girly and cute!
Hawaiikidd on September 23
Nana. is one of my faves! Love her outfits! Angie! I cant live without sushi and mochi too! LOL.
angiekje on September 23
:) jeeeej :) wish we could have them together ;) really and we can't get good mochi in Belgium, so I have to buy a suplly everytime I go to London (which is in two weeks :) so excited even for the mochi alone)
starryeyed on September 23
Another amazing interview, you are good at these!! i don't ever get bored reading them, she dresses lovely too!! very chic :)
angiekje on September 23
that makes me very happy :) always wondering who actually reads them :p so thanks!!
Kodi on September 23
easy breezy gorgeously put outfits, love the skirt.
freespirit_fashion on September 23
great outfits and interview! my favorite is the orange skirt
Style_Journey on September 23
aww, she's adorable!! l love her style soooo much and this is one loooovely interview!! definetely chic voted!! l totaly adore the first and second outfits! so inspiring!!! xxxx
londondude on September 23
Wonderful interview, I am a fan of Nana and always found her style to be amazing! Great : )
StylePantry on September 23
Love her! She is the coolest. Always effortlessly put together. Another great interview, Angie. xo
angiekje on September 23
thank you :) you'll be next :) finishing the questions tonight (that's between now and let's say 3/4 hours)
cityofbugs on September 23
really great article, she has such cute style, i love that orange skirt! thanks for mentioning me NanaHoshino :) xx
MsShamz on September 23
this is so adorable and girly!
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on September 23
I adore her style! such a Japanese minimalism and splash of colour! she`s diferent!
folle_femme on September 23
Nana has a very feminine and lovely style..great interview, girls!
Shaniqua1071 on September 23
This is such a great article about Nana, she is such a wonderful person!!!
Eleanora on September 23
nice style!
SonjaG on September 23
I love Nana so much! She is always so cute! Great article, again!
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