My little dog: A heart-beat at my feet

Updated on Sep 20, 2010
black Aldo shoes - white H&M skirt - black striped Suzy Shier top
Black-aldo-shoes-white-h-m-skirt-black-suzy-shier-top Black-aldo-shoes-white-h-m-skirt-black-suzy-shier-top Black-aldo-shoes-white-h-m-skirt-black-suzy-shier-top Black-aldo-shoes-white-h-m-skirt-black-suzy-shier-top Black-aldo-shoes-white-h-m-skirt-black-suzy-shier-top
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angiekje 's Thoughts:

I love seeing Chictopians and their pets in the style gallery and new photo’s section. Who am I to judge them, when I have a lot of pictures featuring my dog next to me myself. In a way it just always had to be me writing about this phenomena.
It’s a fact that dogs have the ability to provide instant joy and happiness to anyone and that they may add “chicness” and extra charisma to someone’s appearance. To be truly chic and adorable while posing for a photograph or popping out for a quick nightcap you simply need to have a pet.

A lot of diva’s, style icons and chic people know about the extra cachet a pet can bring to an outfit. Some of our ancestors were able to see Jayne Mansfield wiggling down Sunset Boulevard with a Great Dane and an ocelot, they could read about Elizabeth Taylor’s chipmunk called Nibbles and observe Katherine Hepburn walking the streets of New York with a baboon hanging from her neck.
As for this era; Mary Kate Olsen has a Labrador called Luca, her sister Ashley owns a pit bull-terrier mix, Jessica Alba is the happy owner of a little pug and let’s not forget about Paris Hilton and her handbag doggies…

If you are planning on buying a new puppy, you should take your time to choose the right breed, a chic pet is supposed to be in control and should definitely be in a submissive state like Cesar Milan would say (the dog whisperer) .
Some dog breeds, for example the dachshund, have proven to be very chic and adorable in the past. Both Doris Day and Brigitte Bardot owned one of these small dogs with crazy proportions. And it’s not just for us girls; Clark Gable had a dachshund as well, called Commissioner, which used to blank him completely.

As some of you know; I personally own a Dalmatian called Jolie, definitely not one of the easiest breeds out there, but to me that only adds up to her personality. I even read somewhere how I should be careful she won’t turn into a diva (saying one Paris Hilton in the world is enough)… Luckily for me Jolie didn’t turn into one and she is blessed with many positive qualities such as loyalty, a very active state of mind, an excellent memory and a true urge to be loved.

If you are an owner of the cutest handbag dog alive, you may want a hotline to Paris’s range of bling for dogs,
Although I bought Jolie a “jacket” against the cold last Christmas, I must say that trend is not for me; I like my dog without too many extras. In other words: less is more…

Chictopians who have proven the instant chicness of a puppy’s charm:

1. lanton – The Duke Lena’s dog Duke towers over her in this fabulous picture, both ever so stylish, they do have the country-feel in common
2. rainbowsandfairydust – Black and White Clare Astra and her dog look very chic in this black and white ensemble, as I said before: dogs have the ability to provide a certain charisma to ones outfit
3. y0u – ecaje&pelo&piel y0u and her dog are both showing off their super long legs, wearing matching colours and sharing a confidential glance with each other
4. starryeyed – Meet my dog Nicole and Darcie share a rather romantic look, both wearing whites and darker shades (in a very soft material, no doubt about that ;)).
5. agogofashion – Hound Dog Jennifer and her doggies are looking very fierce walking the streets of la la land, saying “These boys are my buddies and full of energy…” what more do you need…

Comments (33)

citysleek on December 12
Love all of the outfits <3
Alinka_ on July 04
Really good photo, your dog is really cute and the colors of your outfit suit very well with your dog!! Well done ;)
Chabri on June 07
love that top
AlexBortner on April 21
I love the outfits and the dog are so precious!
AnneFreya on October 02
Nice pic, like a postcard! Love your outfit too. :)
PhanTubporn on September 22
love it
styledcreative on September 22
love this
caseyerum on September 22
This is adorable!
cassiopeiareal on September 21
loved it...
deekaywang on September 21
Aphrodite on September 21
ah...doggies, the greatest accessories!!!! Adorable dogs and chic owners!! great post!
springfiry on September 21
I love the dog being featured with their owners! The pets are not the center of attraction but I love how they make a picture more interesting and create a great picture!!
AgirlnamedNydia on September 21
I love dogs and I love this post!! Great job Angie!! <3
Pink_Champagne on September 21
awww what a cute article! i especially love the first picture!
maryiangge on September 21
another great post my tweetlove!
ferrarisara on September 20
love the shoes!!
AdventuresInFashion on September 20
Great look! Love the photo
paperflames on September 20
Tansea on September 20
libys11 on September 20
aaawww this is so so adorable!
kiki_sandoval on September 20
cute pics
lissakahayon on September 20
adorable post! looove everything!
inspirafashion on September 20
aww i LOVE this entry Angie! :) so cute! when the day comes i get a doggie, going to share him or her w/ chictopia too hehe. i seriously adore your Dalmatian tho! she's too cute!
PetitePanoply on September 20
Aw! I love the doggies! I need to put one of me and my bulldog on here!
starryeyed on September 20
aww this is so cute... the dogs are gorgeous (aswell as the outfits worn by the girls).. love the first dog!! good article Angie. Thanks :):) x
DaneDiseth on September 20
Love the skirt and the pup!
solybBy on September 20
i love all this pooch pics :)
SaffronHaze on September 20
Ahh love this! I wish I had posted photos with my dogs so that I could be included in this article, especially since they always seem to wonder into my shots! Good job!
angiekje on September 20
just like mine :)
AmandaBrohman on September 20
really great article! Makes me considering using my dog for my next outfit;)
Ramona_C on September 20
Fab photos ! Once again great article! I so badly want a dog, but I & my boyfriend can yet decide what kind of breed for us would be suitable.And we would like to save our dog from animal shelter.
angiekje on September 20
sounds like a GREAT decision :)
rainbowsandfairydust on September 20
awww I LOVE this post! these dogs are soo adorable! I LOVE my little pooch and he LOVES having his photo taken! As you rightly pointed out he makes photos special and brings so much joy to my life! ps I LOVE the dog whisperer too! ... I always do the "tsshhh" command when my dog is being naughty! It soo works! Thank you for including me in this gorgeous post! xx
angiekje on September 20
me too :) tssshh and snap with fingers :p doesn't really work on mine though, she listens when I lower my voice :)
folle_femme on September 20
Thia is a great article! You know I love dogs so, so much! I'm thinking of getting one again! Those lil' guys (and gals) look really nice by their owner! Chic, chic, chic!
cityofbugs on September 20
i loved this post and all the photos are adorable!
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