Chictopia's newest pride: a sampling test

Updated on Sep 19, 2010
pink pants - brown purse - blue shirt - - white
Pink-pants-brown-purse-blue-shirt-white Pink-pants-brown-purse-blue-shirt-white Pink-pants-brown-purse-blue-shirt-white Pink-pants-brown-purse-blue-shirt-white Pink-pants-brown-purse-blue-shirt-white
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angiekje 's Thoughts:

A new Chictopian is like a newly born: a charming representator of the future. Therefore it is very interesting to know more about the newest of Chictopians. While we all started with this identity, we managed to somehow loose it along the way, we almost forgot who we were as Chictopian freshmen. The last couple of weeks I’ve sent out surveys to some new users (a sampling test), in order to find out who they are, what they expect and where they want to go.

First of all I want to thank all the participants: LViggerCalmel JojoBartley Caroline_Floro just_jessika KLVG ennowulandari addictedtoretail VintageDreamer adreamcalledfashion faruke MsAirra jennybon anadaemme vintageamor comacat

On to the data :)

The average new user is between 15 and 20 years old (67%) and then there is 11% under 15 years old, 11% is 20-25 years old and another 11% consists of people between 25 and 30 years old. Therefore it’s only logical that 88% of participants are studying at the moment, of which 44% have a hobby concerning the fashion industry.
11% is studying/working in the fashion industry.

Out of the new users 67% are completely satisfied with Chictopia, 22% are overall satisfied and only 11% are not completely satisfied and think there are some changes that need to be made. Some suggestions these new Chictopians made are a tool box in order to change font and format of your blogposts, expanding the limits of 15 friends and 2 photo’s per 24 hours and some newcomers would like more information when they start.

Favourite feature of Chictopian with a massive 95% of new users are the chicblogs. Therefore 75% of new users will update their chicblog on a regular basis. 25% is also considering updating the stylebook, chic haves and inspiration.

Out of all the new users who participated this questionnaire 34% has joined Chictopia to gain fashion inspiration on a daily basis and only 6% as publicity for their own blog.

72% of new users learned about the existence of chictopia while they were surfing on the net, 11% heard about it from a friend and 6% read about this website in a magazine.

I also have some great news: 67% of new users votes, comments, adds outfits to their favourites and becomes a fan of people while, not a single new user admitted to either comment and sometimes vote or comment and never vote.

Most of these new users are like me: they tend to wear a little bit of everything, The other 22% has either a geeky/grandmother style or a true love for vintage fashion.

If you ask new users if they have an account on a similar website, there are quite a few who mention lookbook, others have an account on social network sites like twitter or facebook, but nothing similar to Chictopia. A lot of new users say they love Chictopia so much that it’s a little bit addictive, which I can confirm for myself :)

New users don’t really have a goal on chictopia, they just love all the positive feedback that’s given all around Chictopia, saying it is a chic and happy website. (KLVG) Being a casual browser they try to improve their style and find inspiration all over the world. (ennowulandari)
Some don’t even mind if someone doesn’t like their outfit, they find it most important to reach out to those who are afraid to step out of the box and that it’s about bringing your own creativity in your style. (just_jessika)

One concern of theirs is the difficulty of starting a Chictopia account, a lot of people aren’t sure about the do’s and don’ts. For some it’s the problem of a language-barrier, for others it all just seems a little bit too much.
I would love to refer these Chictopians to the FAQ section of the website, which has been improved recently and contains a lot of answers to an equal amount of questions.

It seems that Chictopian newcomers tend to become fan of someone very easily. I’ve asked them what they would do if someone would become a fan of them out of the blue and 80% of new users would add them to their favourites in order to express gratitude.
They all agree it’s very important to express their gratitude as the other 20% would either send a private message, vote/comment on their outfits and might become a fan after evaluation of this persons’ style.

Some messages of these new users:

just_jessika: “Ladies & Gentlemen of Chictopia, Finally it is fall now, wear them sweaters and boots! Don’t get a cold like me. Peace, love, and happiness to you all. – JessiXa”
ennowulandari: ”I’m happy that I joined Chictopia, I get to meet many people that love fashion. They give me so much of inspiration, Chictopia is the best fashion destination, no doubt!! xoxoxo”
adreamcalledfashion: “I think It is important to find the interest of the fashion world, there is today, even against common girls, with a good taste and style!”
addictedtoretail: “I honestly get excited to log on every day. I usually just dress to please myself but now I do it to please others. I’m really glad I made a Chictopian account.”
VintageDreamer: “I would like to tell other new people not to worry and keep posting pictures because people out there will love them.”

I’ve also added a little competition to this survey, the winner could win an interview…

Let’s meet the judges ;) one of Chictopia’s newest style icons; Annebeth, the ever so stylish and supportive; folle_femme, inspiring rocker chick; cityofbugs, shoe-expert; starryeyed and listed style icon to be; StylePantry.

It was a unanimous decision, featuring on this main picture: LViggerCalmel. Close on second third and fourth place are: just_jessika, addictedtoretail and Caroline_Floro. Other new users you can see in the last picture are: JojoBartley, faruke, ennowulandari and adreamcalledfashion.

My dearest new users, thank you all for participating, if you ever have any questions you can always ask me and I’ll try and find out.
Thank you all for reading, you may want to go to these newbie’s accounts in order to make them feel welcome and to get acquainted.

Comments (55)

peachy990 on September 25
oo that is just Fabulous.
Christabel on September 23
alice19waldo on September 21
blue dress is the best picture its not just simple
angiekje on September 21
Well you can find that girl (with that outfit) here:
keogan42 on September 20
thanks for the stats, they are really interesting
springfiry on September 20
Welcome! And very interesting statistics
kss_23 on September 20
I love the post! ;)
WallflowerVintage on September 20
Great post! Love Chictopia!
youmakemyday on September 20
Angie you've been doing really awesome work in here... You girl ROCK :))) ! great POST ! ! !
Jolenevuong on September 20
great post! fantastic pictures!
patriss on September 20
alll look so chic and styleish!!!
sininanimikay on September 20
love this! the pants are so cool
kayemoniquesgonzales on September 20
Very great stats!! Numbers show the real CHIC on you! One up for that!! :))
sazzychiq on September 20
amazing post!! love the stats you have here!!! great job((:
Annebeth on September 20
super good post, angie!!
_me_ on September 20
I just read this post. I feel welcome now! :) Thank you! A BIG HELLO to chictopia and you other chictopians! I've only been here a few days so far but I'm already infected with the chic fever... ;)
angiekje on September 20
:) I know that one ;)
joannaladrido on September 20
oooh i gotta love chictopia! snaps for the statistics and facts! i must say- props to the team!
ennowulandari on September 20
love the post angie =)) u'd been doing a great job =)) thanks for inserting my name in this post twice xoxo =))
angiekje on September 20
you're welcome :) happy that you wanted to participate!!
chelyuson on September 20
cute bag
shalompanganiban on September 20
nice one!
butterfliesandkisses on September 20
nice post
Style_Journey on September 19
another great post, dear!! love all those pictures, esp the first one! it's fierce!!! great job, angie!! :D chic voted xx
Pechryjunior on September 19
lulut_marganingtyas on September 19 this this picture..great job angie..
deekaywang on September 19
i love the pic :)
lovestheday on September 19
nice post angie,,,omg you make a survey in chictopia,,,it's really nice,,, ^^, great job
tauyanm on September 19
aww!! dts a very nice post honey!! amazing!! kip up the gud work xoxo =)
lydeeloo on September 19
what a fun blog, thanks :) xoxo
lissakahayon on September 19
informative post!! i really love this!!!!
solybBy on September 19
cool post !
crystaldots on September 19
this i s agreat article! haha. i'm still a chictopian freshman : )
libys11 on September 19
wow.. such an informative post!! wow!! :D this is amazing! :D im loving this survey!
Ramona_C on September 19
Thank You dear it was great survey! Even if I'm not new user anymore, but still I feel myself as new one. I'm so happy that I found chictopia, because there is no better place in the world where gorgeous people share they sense of style and kindness!! I am Chictopia addict!!! (: xo
honey72 on September 19
Lots of interesting info in this post!
Catherinee on September 19
this is a cool survey!
SaffronHaze on September 19
Great survey! As a new user, I agree with pretty much everything. Keep up the good work! =)
calliemarie on September 19
folle_femme on September 19
This is very interesting, I can see you really did some hard work here:) Thanks for letting me be one of the judges!
whodfuc on September 19
Lovely look & thanks for the survey sampling! Interesting stuff
angiekje on September 19
you're all welcome :) happy you find it interesting, 3 hours of editing gave me a little headache :D
pfeiferem on September 19
so cute!!!
cityofbugs on September 19
really great survery and article, so interesting and different! thanks for letting me a judge, loved it! x
angiekje on September 19
chely_bean on September 19
love all the styles
AnazSiantar on September 19
loving this <3
maiu_bcn on September 19
lovely pic!!! and great post!
kat_sunshine27 on September 19
Chictopia is soo soo addictive..I agree.
ca1tlin22 on September 19
franloiacono on September 19
I'm so sorry I was late :(((
angiekje on September 19
well they are not so unanimous :) only the first one, the others got picked on different places, but can't say, because not everyone put them in order :D doesn't really matter, I didn't have a prize for second and third... maybe I should have *-)
franloiacono on September 19
Expect the third one, that would have been my second one!! Sorry >_<
angiekje on September 19
no problem :) it was unnimous :) would you have chosen the same ones?
bjkdAnc3r on September 19
cute pants!
StylePantry on September 19
I'm so honored and proud to be a part of this. This is such a fantastic interview and survey. I welcome all the newbies to Chictopia. I am one myself and I can wholeheartedly say it has been a terrific experience. Every single Chictopian is nice, stylish and beautiful. My Name is Style Pantry and I'm a Chictopia ADDICT :)
angiekje on September 19
My name is Angie and I am a chictopian addict... the last time I went online was ehm now :p and still there, so helpless ;)
ninnda on September 19
great post!! :) and Im addict to chictopia lol
Aphrodite on September 19
Great post girly!!! and i have to agree that Chictopia can be quite addictive-but i think in a good way, it's the facebook of fashion lovers!! And hope i hope the freshmen are having fun! =)
angiekje on September 19
definitely in a good way :D
maliamazing on September 19
love the floral pants!!
Pink_Champagne on September 19
this is such a great article! very creative and intersting! good work! =)
ReadyTwoWear on September 19
i love this! <3
irisanddaniel on September 19
Love this article, Angie! So informative, and while a bit confusing with all the percentages, I really understood what you were trying to convey and learned a lot of new things about Chictopia's userbase. I feel that new Chictopians should be given some sort of guide or forced-tutorial on how to use the site because it can be a bit overwhelming when you don't know about it yet, but afterwards
irisanddaniel on September 19
it is really user-friendly and fun to be part of the community. It's really great to hear from new users because they have a completely fresh point of view on what Chictopia is and could be. Chic voted! :D
londondude on September 19
Nice post! I suppose in web speak, it could be called a survey of noobs!! lolz. nice job!!
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