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Updated on Sep 17, 2010
blue dress - black shoes - black blazer - white tights - black belt
Blue-dress-white-tights-black-shoes-black-blazer-black-belt-white-bird Blue-dress-white-tights-black-shoes-black-blazer-black-belt-white-bird Blue-dress-white-tights-black-shoes-black-blazer-black-belt-white-bird Blue-dress-white-tights-black-shoes-black-blazer-black-belt-white-bird Blue-dress-white-tights-black-shoes-black-blazer-black-belt-white-bird
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Annebeth 's Thoughts:

Remember my article on back to school dressing? Well, this is probably what I’ll be wearing on my first day of the new year at uni. A bit of a mix of all my tips: I go bold and show my love for cute, girly, slightly retro style, but it isn’t THAT in your face (at least I think so) because of the fact that most items are pretty much classics and because Blair Waldorf totally made it OK to wear cutesy meets preppy outfits to school again (but I ain’t wearing no typical Blair hairbow with this outfit, that would be way too much). And I’m layering with the blazer and the tights, but the tights and shoes also help me keep this outfit young instead of all business-blazer ish. I love the slightly Alice in Wonderland vibe these tights and shoes give off, along with the blue dress! I was actually inspired by the Dear Creatures lookbook and especially the way the cute plaid dresses looked with those amazing T strap flats and white crochet tights, and I knew I had tights like those lying in my closet, so I only had to find the dress and the shoes. I’m not a huge fan of ballerina flats, but the T strap give a twist to the whole goody two shoe ballerina flats always seem to have to me. The twist being that it pushes the sweet girl vibe even further, to the point that it’s so over the top that it comes across as intentional. Intention saves it.

I have no idea why I’ve only discovered navy blue as THE color that looks good on me this year. Where have you been all my life, navy blue? I couldn’t live without you anymore. I honestly think there isn’t a color in the world that looks as good on me as the darked shades of blue.
The birdpin wanted to come out too, so I pinned him on. I love how a special pin makes every outfit more “you” and less “yes I bought this in a store and a lot of other girls will buy it too”.

Anyway, hope you like it!

Kitty still isn’t all well, but I clean out his eye several times a day and take care of him like he’s a little baby. And I didn’t find a schoolbag nor a velvet maxi skirt. I hope they still have to arrive at new look, because all the other maxi skirts I tried on either didn’t fit right(that one that looked amazing on the Zara site :( ) or were made of crappy fabric(jersey so thin you could pretty much see through it) in a tacky print (some faded grey leopard or something, yuck). Oh well, the search continues.

Also, I just got notice that we’re all supposed to wear floor length gowns to this wedding I’m going to in a month. Great, I had already bought a gorgeous kneelength dress so now I have to shell out even MORE dough for a wedding NOT EVEN MY OWN. Best thing is: all the highstreet stores don’t have a single nice maxi length evening dress among them. I hope I’ll find something before the wedding.

The Styling Dutchman

Comments (54)

maryaama on July 03
phoeberouse on November 06
I love the pin, and the tights/shoes combo look so lovely. Well thought out description too :)
heartpalpitations on October 16
love it :)
KaylaMeow on September 22
lovely tights !!
glamourvixen on September 19
Totally modern school girl status. Luv it! Great color on you & great tights!
FairyColors on September 19
lovely dress and cute white tights!! oerfect colors mix, dear<3 those shoes are too cute ;))
KaileeBroadway on September 19
MelaineMckessie on September 19
you look like inocently girl j'aime !!!
KaileeBroadway on September 18
UnForGettable323 on September 18
so cute :D love it :)
StylePantry on September 18
The tights are awesome. Love the look. You should always wear red lipstick :) Goes with your style/personality :)
Annebeth on September 18
I can't imagine you looking bad in anything! I bet bold lipstick works for you too :D
StylePantry on September 18
I think any bright, bold color works well for you. I wish I could say the same for me. Lol
Annebeth on September 18
I always wear lipstick but I like wearing pink lippie too! :D I can't limit myself to red :D
joannaladrido on September 18
very pretty dear! love the dress with the tights! very sweet!
springfiry on September 18
I love the girly outfit! Hope ypur kitty gets well soon!
keogan42 on September 18
cute tights!
lissakahayon on September 18
love the texture of the tights!!!
headbandit on September 18
Great tights!
stellarqueen on September 17
theclassicsilhouette on September 17
pretty! love the tights!!
kss_23 on September 17
Adorable leggings!!
ficklishcheens on September 17
love the tights and the patents !!!
daisygirl89 on September 17
this is really cute! love the tights + patent flats!
GlossyCheshireCat on September 17
so pretty!! :-) I adore this outfit so much :-]] <3
Salexab on September 17
Adorable!!! LOVE your tights!
MsShamz on September 17
cute! just absolutely CUTE
jake on September 17
i love chevrons!!
Jazza on September 17
oh, have you tried warehouse?
Jazza on September 17
Love it! so so adorable! And your right, blue looks SO good on you! Good luck on finding a dress for your event and a velvet maxi dress (which sounds amazing!!)
Tea_Loving_Noemie on September 17
I LOVE this style! i absolutely love plaid, it's so gorgeous, especially for a back to school look, and the totally alice in wonderland style of the tights and shoes is just adorable! love your blazer too, and just the whole styling of this outfit! i also love your thinking about your styling, it's inspiring! for the wedding you might wanna look in vintage or second hand shops, you might just what
Annebeth on September 17
There's hardly a good vintage or second hand stor around these parts :( but I'll look hard! :D thanks!
Tea_Loving_Noemie on September 17
you need at a very tiny tiny price ;) x x
angiekje on September 17
adorable!! love the red lips, cutest dress!! and love the tights and blazer!! Definetly don't try my bow then :p (wore one today) yes I agree about T-straps :) been meaning to buy a pair ever since I saw paxie wear them :) have you tried mango?? I thought I saw some two weeks ago? And they're fancy (only maybe a bit expensive, 80 euros for the cheapest...)
angiekje on September 17
I'll keep my eye open ;) (but don't count on me finding one, as I am restricted to shop until I go to London in three weeks :) (I forbid myself :)))
Annebeth on September 17
I'll swing by a mango, they usually have some maxi's but online I couldn't find a single one in their webshop :(
redhaireddesigner on September 17
i love the swallow necklace
maryiangge on September 17
love the dress!
LapinNoir on September 17
love this, very girly aaand edgy! those tights are perfect & i love those shoes, they're definitely sweeeeet, i have ones exactly like these and people usually bug me about the age-appropriateness of them (logic i obviously don't endorse), but that makes me like them even more..sometimes you just need a little girl shoe! ^^ i LOVE the last picture!!
LapinNoir on September 18
hahaaa, right?! society can be so silly sometimes! ^^
Annebeth on September 17
so true, I wear little girl stuff all the time. Why do people nag about grown women who choose to wear little girl stuff, but they don't nag about 18 year old girls on mtv that dress like cougars? :D
trinalovetrina on September 17
too cute! :)
charchelle27 on September 17
cute dress and shoes!
alescna on September 17
i love love this combo!!! such pretty tights!
Mongrel on September 17
Cute! Navy blue is the so much more flattering than black. Super chic too. Love the patent shoes and bow.
SonjaG on September 17
I love the tights and shoes combo, so amazingly cute!
Annachiara on September 17
youmakemyday on September 17
love your details... really cute brooch
YchieRiot on September 17
love your dress.. voted chic..
juniee111 on September 17
love your dress and shoes..
Laura86 on September 17
love your accessories and tights, they are so unique!
deathbyplatforms on September 17
pretty!!! i love the little details such as the white bird brooch and ribbon bracelet.
ennowulandari on September 17
love the dress and the white tight so much =))
starryeyed on September 17
this is soo cute :) love the tights!! the dress is amazing too!!
Aphrodite on September 17
white tights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could cross them off my wish list soon!!! great dress and shoes and your pin and bow!! tres chic as always!!!
LeonedeCruz on September 17
love the thights^^-voted
whimsicalnerd on September 17
so so good.
sininanimikay on September 17
lovely...The white tights look really nice.
HannahEvangeline on September 17
absolutely adorable!
Pink_Champagne on September 17
what a funky and cute outfit!
cityofbugs on September 17
i love that little dress, and the white tights look great!
LadyOfPemberley on September 17
This outfit is fabulous!!! Yes, it has an Alice touch and I loooove it! <333
Annebeth on September 17
thank you! finding the right pair of white tights helps too: try a beige-white instead of stark white (more flattering and a bit more neutral) and go for white with a pattern like my crochet tights. The pattern elongates the leg and gives it more shape, because all over white legs can look a bit shapeless.. I hope so too!
LadyOfPemberley on September 17
Blue definitely IS your colour! I wish my legs in white tights would look as wonderful as yours do ;) Sorry to hear about the wedding and the dress, hope you'll find something you'll like :)
tauyanm on September 17
cute bracelet!! and nice chic outfit!!
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