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Updated on Sep 13, 2010
black H&M jacket - green Forever 21 shirt - beige Urban Outfitters shoes - brown
Black-h-m-jacket-green-forever-21-shirt-beige-urban-outfitters-shoes-brown Black-h-m-jacket-green-forever-21-shirt-beige-urban-outfitters-shoes-brown Black-h-m-jacket-green-forever-21-shirt-beige-urban-outfitters-shoes-brown Black-h-m-jacket-green-forever-21-shirt-beige-urban-outfitters-shoes-brown Black-h-m-jacket-green-forever-21-shirt-beige-urban-outfitters-shoes-brown
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irisanddaniel 's Thoughts:

Happy Monday, if you enjoy waking up early after a weekend of not doing so. Haha, anyways… this is what we wore to school today and it was a bit warmer today but overall these outfits went over fine with the weather. School-time is mostly cold anyways since it’s in the morning, and it only gets warm around after lunch. All our classes are finally in place and correct, it’s so nice to be settled. This year seems like it will be relaxing.

Daniel I wanted to wear this McQueen inspired jacket I got from H&M today and knew I wanted to wear it with loose fitting pieces that flowed when I walked. I thought it created quite a dramatic statement but kept it wearable and chic by keeping those other two pieces very minimal in color, texture, and shape. The shirt dress is from Cotton On, and I love the extremely soft fabric of it. I decided to go for a much more masculine pant because the jacket and shirt are so soft and flowing that the structure of a trouser and heaviness of the boot would weigh the outfit down a bit and make it feel more balanced. The leggings underneath are from Forever 21 and I love pairing trousers with lace and cutout tights underneath because it adds such an unexpected peak of interest. I’ve been eyeing the bag I’m wearing in the last photo and it went on sale this weekend, so glad I got it!

Iris This beaded trim collar top from Forever 21 is an amazing minty green color with a slight tinge of gray to it, it’s such a great piece. The skirt was going to be given away by my aunt but I took it before that could happen, it’s such a pretty skirt! I love pleats right now, they are so chic and ready for Fall. The long-length skirt keeps within my love for this new hemline and the color is so rich and deep. I was unsure on whether or not to wear the belt but I decided my outfit sort of needed it, plus it’s one of my staples. I basically wear a tan colored belt with everything. The jacket is so adorable, it’s got peter pan collars which are my favorite right now. I need more! I chose to go with purple tights because I’m trying to stay away from wearing black tights too often, and a different color just seemed too ostentatious with this outfit.

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Comments (25)

krisanta on September 22
AnazSiantar on September 14
cute and chic! <3
meganroses on September 14
super cool, the both of you! that blazer is officially a whore lol. you wear so well!
mary1901 on September 14
u 2 r so cute luv this
KaileeBroadway on September 14
lisamarie11292 on September 14
So cute =)
bjkdAnc3r on September 14
BadTasteToast on September 14
aaw I love your two looks!
keogan42 on September 14
love the jacket
angiekje on September 14
I adore you jacket Daniel :o is it h&m wow didn't know they had this cool stuff!! and also I LOVE LOVE LOVE that white shirt, so amazing :) on to Iris :p you're looking very chic as always!! I love the lenght of that skirt, gorgeous belt, love the purple tights (we should all get a pair of those), cutest shoes!! you're looking fab!!!
lissakahayon on September 14
omg in sooo inlove with the jacket!!!!
stylenomad on September 14
this is stunning. I love how you guys look like you're from the same collection but with your own personalities into each outfit!
AmandaBrohman on September 14
I love your style guys! And I have the same jacket from H&M - so stylish!
Pink_Champagne on September 14
your top is so cool, daniel, and i love those t-strap flats, iris!
headbandit on September 14
Love both of your shoes!
HannahEvangeline on September 14
both of you have such incredible style! i lovee wearing things like that but im soo afraid to wear them to a school were 'hollister' is the main staple piece for EVERYONE :/
Aphrodite on September 14
Oh i tried that on D!!!! (jacket) and i cant believe you're rocking it!!!! u can rock everything!!!! And beautiful skirt I! I love Rl! Chic Chic as always!
franloiacono on September 14
Wow...that jacket is WONDERFUL! Great looks!
neonnothing on September 13
I love everything!
kayemoniquesgonzales on September 13
Ohhh, I'M A FAN!! I'm loving everything. :))
LadyOfPemberley on September 13
Cute as ever <3
Shary on September 13
Aaaaaah...I love that jacket. I saw it today when i went to H& jealous :)
springfiry on September 13
Lovely outfits! Very very chic!
harmony12 on September 13
omg i <3 it
Hawaiikidd on September 13
When i was looking at the first photo... i was trying to figure out Daniels outfit. I scrolled down and then realized what it was. I like this look! I want that jacket. I wish i had an H&M here in Hawaii. :0 I recently bought an H&M coat from ebay. At least I can do that. Iris! I love the colors in this. Very pretty. :DDD
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