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black shoes - black pants - black vest - white t-shirt - black scarf - black glo
Black-shoes-black-pants-black-vest-white-t-shirt-black-scarf-black-glo Black-shoes-black-pants-black-vest-white-t-shirt-black-scarf-black-glo Black-shoes-black-pants-black-vest-white-t-shirt-black-scarf-black-glo Black-shoes-black-pants-black-vest-white-t-shirt-black-scarf-black-glo Black-shoes-black-pants-black-vest-white-t-shirt-black-scarf-black-glo
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angiekje 's Thoughts:

name Francesco
location Florence, Italy
age 28
working as a Teacher/translator
girlfriend Yes! :)
sign Lion
favorite colour Grey/black
favorite music rock, alternative, electronic, acoustic…
favourite style icon Brandon Flowers
favourite chictopian inspiration I think I’m in love with everything Joachim wears

To me this guy represents all men on chictopia. Did he come to me for this interview or have I always secretly been planning on making it hot for him with a questionnaire… no one really knows. Lovely sense of style, creative idea’s, writer of a fantastic, witty blog, I present you YOUTHAGAINSTFASHION !

I think you’re a very well known face on chictopia. When and why did you subscribe and what draws you to Chictopia every single day? I subscribed in February 2009, I didn’t mean to upload my pictures at first but when I was working on my last school project, concerning fashion photography, I modelled some of my favourite outfits. I decided to upload these to Chictopia and I really liked receiving feedback and being a part of the community. I instantly loved being an active member and I’m still enjoying my time on Chictopia, that’s why I log in every day!

How would you describe your own signature style? I think that my signature style is the preppy one, it’s the style I feel more comfortable with! A shirt, a vest, and one of my beloved ties… This summer I’ve been wearing a lot of shorts. It gets very hot in Italy and I really can’t stand the heat, so I felt like dressing as fresh as possible.

I bet you get this question a lot: your nickname is very catchy and fashionable, it almost sounds like a brand itself. How did you come up with it? I chose this nickname at the same moment I subscribed to Chictopia.
I can proudly say YOUTHAGAINSTFASHION was born right here. Once I subscribed I wanted a nickname that was linked to fashion. I was inspired by the song Youth Against Fascism by Sonic Youth and besides that, I thought it was funny because I don’t feel that young anymore and I think there are many teenagers here… a little bit ironic, isn’t it?

I am under the impression that people really care if they get into the style gallery or not and that this has the ability to influence their mood. Do you really care if your outfits make it? I wouldn’t be sincere if I told you that I’m not happy when my posts get into the Style Gallery, however I can’t say it’s my ultimate goal on Chictopia. It can make me “sad” whenever my favourite Chictopians don’t update for a while (that may sound crazy lol). I mostly look for feedback, inspiration and ideas, I’ve learnt so much from Chictopia already. Some of my outfits got to Style Gallery, some didn’t, others got removed, but I will keep posting my outfits for sure!

You seem like a guy with balls, what are your dreams in life? Last year was pretty rough for me, but I have worked on myself and my dreams. Sometimes you have to give up on your dreams to start living in the now. That may sound negative, actually for me it wasn’t, this thought set me free. It granted me the opportunity to discover myself again, let my heart decide what it wants and to be more genuine. Maybe I’ll re-build my dreams again, in a more sincere kind of manner. This is something I’m still working on: Sometimes you get so different from the person you wanted to be, that you have to let it go for a while, in order to start again.

I think that’s beautifully said… There’s a serious lack of testosterone on the website, does this bother you? I agree, there aren’t many male Chictopians… However this doesn’t really bother me, but I would love to see more guys, because it’s easier for me to relate to their style in order to get inspiration.

My idea to obtain more popularity amongst men would be to oblige us, Chictopian girls, to each bring at least one guy to chicopia. Do you have a plan to make this happen? That sounds like a nice idea, you Chicgirls should try that!! I usually give a big welcome to new male users, in the hope they would keep updating. I often receive comments from girls saying: “I wish my boyfriend could be as stylish as you”. Maybe those boyfriends should challenge themselves and join!

I truly loved your Vivienne Westwood t-shirt , it is absolutely unique. You love her as a designer, when did your love for her designs start? Thank you! I think Vivienne Westwood was the only designer who intrigued me when I wasn’t that into fashion. Later on, when I became more fashion conscious, I started to get the whole principle of her career and I liked what I saw because even if she has created her own fashion empire, you can still find the primal spirit of her beginnings.

In your Chicblog it’s obvious that you are a creative person, besides photography you also create paintings. How do you bring fashion in your daily routine? Thank you! Since I started working as a teacher it has become more difficult to dress whimsical all the time, I am supposed to set an example and appearance is important. When I dress for work I think my outfits through and sometimes make compromises. However when week-end arrives, I really feel the need to express myself freely… that’s when my most crazy outfits come together… Last spring I came across a student on a Saturday night: I was wearing my asses VW t-shirt lol It was quite funny I guess.

It must have been! If you could be anything you wanted, what would you be and where would you live? I’d love to be a fashion photographer. It sounds amazing to be able to combine my love for fashion and photography! And I would love to live in Paris, I’ve lived there before, there’s something absolutely unique about that city. I also adore Tokyo, I’ve been there on vacation and I think I would love living there too. As for now, I think all these ideas will remain dreams, I’ve chosen other paths that are leading me in different directions…

You sound a bit like myself at the moment, I would like to thank you for this interview. Any last words? I just want to thank you because I really enjoyed this interview. I hope Chictopians are going to like it as well, and I’d love to thank everyone here for being so kind to me, without you it would not be that fun!

So Dear Chictopians, now you all know what to do: try to get your boyfriends, brothers, fathers, uncles, nephews on Chictopia, in order to get the essential amount of testosterone and for their own good: so they can all experience the benefits, inspiration and fun aspect of the Chictopian community, just like this stylish, inspiring photographer does. Thank you all for reading!!

Comments (34)

TheTowerSentry on June 23
Love the glove and blazer combo.
4everUSMC on September 20
very cool!
Kimberellie on September 17
What a great interview, enjoyed the questions! And yes, youthagainstfashion aka Francesco (now I know!) is brilliant. And I would def. love it if my husband dressed like him. He is just so cool and masculine and well, chic.
leona_rawr on September 16
great interview!
BewRadley on September 14
He's one of my fave :)
KaylaMeow on September 14
very amazing !
Aphrodite on September 13
oh i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay chic Fran!!!! <3
Pink_Champagne on September 13
love this guy! great article!
coldlight on September 13
yes! love this interview. franceso is such an awesome guy, super friendly and a valued member of this community :)
NanaHoshino on September 13
yay! I love his style!!! :D
springfiry on September 13
Love the interview!
Style_Journey on September 12
hehee, he's amazing!!!!!!!!! LOVE his style!! always so preppy, classy and rocker at the same time :D
angiekje on September 13
thank you!!
Style_Journey on September 12
btw, this is one FAB interview!!!!!!!!!!!<3
CameronRollins on September 12
Love it with the gloves ..
libys11 on September 12
i've always adored his style!! :D great to know that you featured him!
UnoCosa on September 12
love Francesco ....
lissakahayon on September 12
i love his style!!!!! so chic!
paxie_aiza on September 12
he's one of my favorites here! Yey to Francesco!:)
solybBy on September 12
i love itt
Benji on September 12
agree amazing interview what a fun idea its so cool to see someone do this good job =] i agree this guy is VERY fashionable!
allaboutthestyle on September 12
love it !! amazing style
ClassynSassy on September 12
i love guys who are into fashion :)
alatheishtape on September 12
Sometimes I wish more guys were into fashion.
Bombonica on September 12
nice interview <3
amiek on September 12
Great interview, love it! Wonderful style x
pandaphilia on September 12
finally! a feature on one of the most influential males in the current fashion world : ) francesco is so sweet and has such great style, i'm really glad you interviewed him angie!
folle_femme on September 12
Great interview! Francesco has amazing style, I said it and I repeat it..he should definitely be a style icon!
Shaniqua1071 on September 12
I sooo love your this interview angie and youthaganistfashion has such amazing style, love it!!!!
cory_josue on September 12
good job on the interview angie! keep it up!
JerryBerry on September 12
Great interview youthagainstfashion has great style he's a real inspiration. I love these interviews it's a great way to get to know one another. Keep it up.
angiekje on September 12
yes I agree, i'm doing them because I am REALLY interested in these people :) right now I have interviews coming up with: hawaiikidd, Maddinka and NanaHoshino :)
irisanddaniel on September 12
Love the interview with Francesco :D He's a real inspiration on and off the site. It was nice to learn much more about him through this interview, Angie. So well done! Chic!
cityofbugs on September 12
really great interview angie! i love his style!
maryiangge on September 12
awesome interview my love!
starryeyed on September 12
great interview :) your good at these!! and i lovveee his style :D
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on September 12
great interview! agree youthagainstfashion has a great style!
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