NYC Blues

Updated on Sep 09, 2010
blue City streets jeans - black decree boots - black vest - black top
Blue-city-streets-jeans-black-decree-boots-black-vest-black-top Blue-city-streets-jeans-black-decree-boots-black-vest-black-top Blue-city-streets-jeans-black-decree-boots-black-vest-black-top
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PreciousNothing 's thoughts:

I went with 2 friends to NYC for a couple days [Sept 2nd to Sept 7th] and this is the outfit I had put together to wear on our second full day there. We took the subway over to the Village and we spent a few hours walking around there and then we walked over to SoHo. We had planned on going there so I specifically saved this outfit specially for that day. It was a little windy out but a beautiful warm and sunny day. I just got those skinny jeans a few weeks ago and this was my first time wearing them, I bought those boots at the same time cause they were on sale for $60- I liked them so much that I just had to get them. Mostly for the fact that I previously didn’t have any appropriate shoes that would have went with the pants.
And I know you can’t really tell in the picture, but my shirt is a soft tube top and I had put one of my vests over it [So that is two “shirts”, not one]


missmatchgirrrl on September 09
Oh, I didn't see this, but I totally love it!! Wearing colored tights and/or bottoms always make my day!! They look so good on you!!
PreciousNothing on September 10
thank you! oh i know right?! these are one of my first bright pants i own, as well as first pair of skinny jeans lol. i really wanna find a pair of red ones! bright colors are definitely fun to wear!
RoswellVixen on September 09
i like how your hair and pants match! lol and like i said in your photo comment on FB i have the same color pants LOL but mine are from pacsun and i think i gained some weight so they dont fit as well as they used to :( i LOVE those boots!
PreciousNothing on September 10
lol yeah, i like how they matched perfectly as well! We went into this one store that had high heels that matched my pants & hair to the t! They were black & blue sparkly cheetah spots. I wanted them sooo bad but didn't have no way near enough money for them :( lol but these are the skinny jeans i was telling you about, hopefully after a few wears they will break in lol. and thanks :)
freedomwings on September 09
Cute top & like those boots!
PreciousNothing on September 09
Thank You! :) They are gonna be one of my favorite boots/shoes I have!
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