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Updated on Sep 09, 2010
blue Zara dress - beige shoes - red vintage belt - white handmade earrings
Blue-zara-dress-beige-shoes-red-vintage-belt-white-handmade-earrings Blue-zara-dress-beige-shoes-red-vintage-belt-white-handmade-earrings Blue-zara-dress-beige-shoes-red-vintage-belt-white-handmade-earrings
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RebekahChristie 's Thoughts:

Today I had my first photo shoot with Make It Happen. Although I’m still waiting on the beautiful photos from John Richards, I can still tell about the day. I’m still indecisive if I would work with that team again for it was a test shoot. Which allows models, make-up artists, and who ever else involved to build up their portfolio. Since I’ve been looking for different ways to advertise myself I thought this as a perfect opportunity. Here I talk more about that. The studio we worked in was really nice but the photographer; John Richards who owned it was amazing. I’m not a photographer but I wanted to ask him one million questions because that’s just how cool and down to earth he was. Disgustingly it was taking me a bit to adjust to the fast talking New Yorkers in the room which I can doing nothing about for now. It’s not like I haven’t lived there all my life and it didn’t actually take time for me to fit in. But when they spoke I found myself asking, why are they speaking so fast. Can you slow down please. For someone who is not a native that’s fine and expected of but for me it’s very sad and frustrating. I have adjusted a bit too much subconsciously to this place called home. It’s pretty apparent that they are not very light on their feet and they tend to think slower then most. And not in comparison to N.Y, that’s just unfair. But for Philly as it’s on entity it is very slow I also mean in all entireties of the city. Even if I exclude the fact that it’s 10-25 years behind the people still take time when it comes to registering things that should be second or first nature.

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IslandChic77 on September 10
great llook ma'ammmmmmmmmmmm
MickeyVin on September 09
Nice look love the earrings
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