Chic People: londondude

Updated on Sep 07, 2010

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lisamarie11292 on October 08
4everUSMC on October 02
Awe, I just read this...and London D. and I, have similar professions per seant to the Gov. Support thing going on...WOW, however per his grunge days, I had 'SPICE GIRLS'...telling what they want, what they really, really want...Oh, how great! I am loyal to YouthAgaistFashion and London D.! One for consistency and the other for politically sound advice ciphered by the proactive Fashion movement!
pinklipstick7015 on September 15
Dude. I love the kilt, the sperries, and the blazer
KaileeBroadway on September 13
MarioPajutanJr on September 10
congrats! you definitely killed the interview..tee hee!!:)
Aphrodite on September 09
oh i love his styles!!!! The gentle Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on September 08
love this interview! londondude has a great sense of style and I appreciate that in men!
lyuda on September 08
awesome interview! I think londondude is on my fav list already :)
ficklishcheens on September 08
londondude = you're inspiring! how i'd love to meet a lot more men like you are!
Annebeth on September 08
londondude = awesome! I love that you used to be grunge, I used to be punk :D look where we are now!
angiekje on September 08
I am loving this interview!! you're so inspiring!! Great interview!! good question, great answers :)
angiekje on September 08
oh and londondude, happy you'll be persuing your dream when you go to the london college of fashion!!
FairyColors on September 07
ohh, wooow, GREAT POST, dear!!! Londondude is definetely one of the most stylish guys l ever saw!! looovely interview, dear!! l'm so in love with his classy english style, he's just amazing!! he loves playing with colors and classy items like blazers, shirts and sweaters! l wish l could see more boys like him! ;) chic voted for sure!
JerryBerry on September 07
Dude you rock! Great interview i love it.
libys11 on September 07
nice to see you featuring the guys.. :D
cityofbugs on September 07
yep we need more of him! great interview!
londondude on September 07
cheers!! very kind!
londondude on September 07
ooh wow! Totally humbiing experience, thanks everyone! : ) Peace and kind regards to all of you!!
franloiacono on September 07
Cool interview!! Def we need more guys like Londondude here at Chictopia :D Glad to hear his voice through this interview :)
londondude on September 07
thanks mate, I enjoyed answering to be honest. It was nice to express a bit more about me and divulge into greater depth, my interests and opinions. : )

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