Chic People: londondude

Updated on Sep 07, 2010

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lisamarie11292 on October 08
4everUSMC on October 02
Awe, I just read this...and London D. and I, have similar professions per seant to the Gov. Support thing going on...WOW, however per his grunge days, I had 'SPICE GIRLS'...telling what they want, what they really, really want...Oh, how great! I am loyal to YouthAgaistFashion and London D.! One for consistency and the other for politically sound advice ciphered by the proactive Fashion movement!
pinklipstick7015 on September 15
Dude. I love the kilt, the sperries, and the blazer
KaileeBroadway on September 13
MarioPajutanJr on September 10
congrats! you definitely killed the interview..tee hee!!:)
Aphrodite on September 09
oh i love his styles!!!! The gentle Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elekon_Chic_Boutique on September 08
love this interview! londondude has a great sense of style and I appreciate that in men!
lyuda on September 08
awesome interview! I think londondude is on my fav list already :)
ficklishcheens on September 08
londondude = you're inspiring! how i'd love to meet a lot more men like you are!
Annebeth on September 08
londondude = awesome! I love that you used to be grunge, I used to be punk :D look where we are now!
angiekje on September 08
I am loving this interview!! you're so inspiring!! Great interview!! good question, great answers :)
angiekje on September 08
oh and londondude, happy you'll be persuing your dream when you go to the london college of fashion!!
Style_Journey on September 07
ohh, wooow, GREAT POST, dear!!! Londondude is definetely one of the most stylish guys l ever saw!! looovely interview, dear!! l'm so in love with his classy english style, he's just amazing!! he loves playing with colors and classy items like blazers, shirts and sweaters! l wish l could see more boys like him! ;) chic voted for sure!
JerryBerry on September 07
Dude you rock! Great interview i love it.
libys11 on September 07
nice to see you featuring the guys.. :D
cityofbugs on September 07
yep we need more of him! great interview!
londondude on September 07
cheers!! very kind!
londondude on September 07
ooh wow! Totally humbiing experience, thanks everyone! : ) Peace and kind regards to all of you!!
franloiacono on September 07
Cool interview!! Def we need more guys like Londondude here at Chictopia :D Glad to hear his voice through this interview :)
londondude on September 07
thanks mate, I enjoyed answering to be honest. It was nice to express a bit more about me and divulge into greater depth, my interests and opinions. : )

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