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Updated on Sep 06, 2010
black leather jacket - green shirt - black tigh highs - black bonnet
Black-green-shirt-black-jacket-black Black-green-shirt-black-jacket-black Black-green-shirt-black-jacket-black Black-green-shirt-black-jacket-black Black-green-shirt-black-jacket-black
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angiekje 's Thoughts:

name Luanna Perez-Garreaud
location Lima, Peru
age 19
studying Literature and assistant of an art school director
boyfriend yep :)
sign Libra
favourite colour burgundy
favourite music Radiohead, Kings of Leon and Massive Attack
favourite style icons Brigitte Bardot and Mary Kate Olsen
favourite song Vcr- The XX

This girl swept me of my feet in the way that I became a fan of her twice in less then half a month. She landed in the list of style icons twice and twice at top speed, one time due to a fake user who stole some photographs somewhere in the middle of August and the other time with her real account, exposing the faker and placing a real Chictopian record (over 150 fans in less then ten days). This new style icon has been on the first page each time she uploaded, I present to you : lehappy

There was a fake account created in your name, using pictures from your blog. What was your first reaction? I was a little bit shocked by the idea of seeing my pictures posted by another person, assuming to be me. It is a form of disrespect to the effort I’ve put into these pictures. It’s so easy creating a fake profile on the internet. What really annoyed me the most was that she wrote large descriptions about the garments, which revealed a totally different personality then my own.

For me it was a good thing she mentioned your actual blog because it revealed your true personality and made me want to do this interview. Do you have any idea how this person operated? I have no clue! But what I know is that this person is very creepy and doesn’t have any boundaries.

Do you believe you could have prevented this from happening? Actually no. I made a Chictopian account a couple of days before she made the fake one. But I didn’t update as frequently as she did.

When I was interviewing you, you had the title of style icon in an arms reach, today you are one how does that feel and what does being a Chictopian style icon mean to you? Being a Chictopian style icon means a lot to me. I’m really thankful and honoured :)

I really love all of your outfits, they have a lot of je ne sais quoi. How would you describe your own signature style? Eclectic. I would describe it as the combination of vintage, grunge and gothic. Sometimes simply one of these styles, sometimes the three all together! I love almost every single style out there. I can’t mention just one trend because it wouldn’t be sincere. However, I have always been leaning more towards dark colours, so I would say I wear the dark items of every style adding at least one black accessory to each outfit.

I read about your Peruvian background, in what way does your origin influence your style? If you mean the community in my surroundings I would say not that much, people in Peru tend to wear whatever commercial brands propose to them, the majority does not have a personal style. However, the aesthetic scenery we have does inspire me enormously and that influences my style. One of the most inspirational moments was on my trip to the jungle.

Does your fashion sense run in the family? My family is not that into fashion but that doesn’t mean they lack any sense of style. My mom used to dress AMAZING when she was my age. I want to kill her every time I see old pictures where she’s rocking badass stuff.

Tell us about your blog, what makes it stand out? I think what makes my blog a little bit different is that I try showing my personality in every post. I don’t want it look too general and formal, you know. I keep it as a fashion diary where I share a little bit of my life to awesome pals around the world and thank them enormously for their feedback.

You’ve been on the first page several times now, any tips for other Chictopians in order to get there? Just try to show the outfit in the best way possible! I don’t think that lighting is that important as long as the picture looks good all together. What I mean is that there are some darker pictures that actually look better that way. So I would say, just try to show your outfit in the way you think is best and make sure that you get a clear shot of every garment on your body, so that people can appreciate the combination better :)

What would be your advice for new Chictopians who are reading this interview? Enjoy your wardrobe and share it with us. Be spontaneous keeping your personal style!

Are there any trends you would like to try for yourself in the future? I am loving the ombré hair so much. But I don’t think it would look good on me so I probably wont try it at all :(

I have exactly the same idea about ombré hair :) What would you do with a piece of white fabric if you don’t have anything to wear on a normal day? To find your own personal style you need to start from scratch and follow the path that your intuition wants you to follow. Believing in yourself is the most significant thing when finding an individual style. Get inspired by all trends in the world but don’t let it submerge you completely and avoid getting caught in trends that don’t suit you.

Thank you for this interview, you are such an inspiring person. I wish you all the best in life, may you never experience identity theft again and live your dreams!! For anyone who hasn’t visited lehappy’s blog , you really should!! You’ll find a lovely assembly of great pictures with a vintage-vibe.

Comments (36)

Gabi_Meireles on September 29
You is beautiful!
Gabi_Meireles on September 29
Muito Linda, eu amo o seu estilo!
Rebel_Lady09 on July 06
lovely !
Texture on January 07
1st pic fav. Great look. Love the thigh-high sox with sheer smooth Pantyhose. Great texture and great Look. Casual, Stylish, sexy - keep it up.
tingting1412 on February 09
love it
mjk3491 on October 08
love it!
alatheishtape on September 09
Lehappy is my favorite!
bignosehope on September 09
she's definitley one of a kind :)
joannaladrido on September 08
i love her! such a great feature!
springfiry on September 08
I love your outfit and style!!
lyuda on September 08
wow! amazing story! what a great interview! and awesome pictures!!
ChuChuRonaldo on September 07
love this!!
vevevea on September 07
i adore her hair!!
BellaBella on September 07
i want your hair and your wardrobe so badly!
chelyuson on September 07
derdera on September 07
kayemoniquesgonzales on September 06
she's indeed a style icon!
kingsibulo on September 06
cute look!
AgirlnamedNydia on September 06
she's one of my fav* chictopians!!! Great interview!!!
AdventuresInFashion on September 06
Your look is badass! Love it... voted chic! xx
libys11 on September 06
stunning style!! :D
lissakahayon on September 06
i love her style!!!!!
UilRamone on September 06
yeah... i fanned lehappy, her style and also her pose :D
deathbyplatforms on September 06
great write up! i enjoyed the interview. i love le happy too!
nicole_gilmore7 on September 06
I absolutely LOVE this outfit!
UnForGettable323 on September 06
her style is so cute :D and this is one lovely interview :)
SaraJames on September 06
Love this interview and all of her outfits, that so very creepy!
lizzybee on September 06
Very cute. I love the first one.
patriss on September 06
love the first outfit!!!
Annebeth on September 06
great interview again angiekje!
angiekje on September 06
thank you :)
FairyColors on September 06
lovely style, she's so pretty and relaxed at the same time! l esp love the last 3 outfits!! so romantic and yet clean <3
derdera on September 06
love her! she has a great style and also pretty!
Marisa_Marisa on September 06
Style and class!
cityofbugs on September 06
i really love her style, she deserved the style icon title! another great post angie, well done! ... oh and she has good taste in music ;)
maryiangge on September 06
great post love!
StylePantry on September 06
She is so gorgeous and stylish. Love!
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