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Updated on Sep 02, 2010
white shoes - blue shorts - black sunglasses - blue bustier
Blue-shorts-blue-white-shoes-black-sunglasses Blue-shorts-blue-white-shoes-black-sunglasses Blue-shorts-blue-white-shoes-black-sunglasses Blue-shorts-blue-white-shoes-black-sunglasses Blue-shorts-blue-white-shoes-black-sunglasses
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angiekje 's Thoughts:

name Annebeth
location Small town near Antwerp, Belgium
age 23
studying Master in Communication Sciences
boyfriend I’ve been a better half for more than six years now
sign Gemini
favourite colour lilac
favourite music Pink Floyd is my all time favorite band
favourite chictopian inspiration From the top of my head: Annabel’s post where she wore this oversize sweater over a short, frilly dress
favourite post of your own I’m pretty proud of all my real “articles” like my floral headband DIY and my posts on comfort dressing , clogs and transitional fashion .
favourite item? The three flower buttercup ring my boyfriend gave me for our five year anniversary :) and my suede over the knee boots!

This morning everything fell in its place when Chictopian sweetheart Annebeth was announced to be one of September’s style icons. She has been updating her chicblog on a regular basis since September 2009, teaching us that dreams can come true whenever one gives it the opportunity to breathe.

First and foremost I would like to congratulate you with your newly obtained style icon status. You must have been really excited when you found out this morning. Does this mean you will still update your chicblog on a daily basis? Yes, I am so excited! Erumque sent me a message that I checked immediately when I logged in and it congratulated me with being a style icon, and I was like “What??” because I didn’t even notice it myself! :D GREAT way to start my day!
A couple of months ago I actually figured that maybe being a style icon would make me lose my drive to post every day, because it would take away a bit of the suspense about waiting if my outfit would be a “hit” or not. But I am aware of that possibility, which gives me the opportunity to deal with it: I will just have to look at things in a different perspective. The fact that I got chosen as a style icon means that my outfits are in fact good enough which means I don’t need to doubt myself anymore. Now my main motivation to update regularly will be the position of EIU contributor. I really love writing actual articles, creating a good article will be even more motivational than updating my chicblog.

Why did you first start blogging about fashion? After passively participating in the blogosphere for over a year and following my favorite blogs ( fashiontoast, Stylebytes (before Agathe disappeared), Everybody is ugly , childhood flames, garance doré etcetera), I finally took the plunge and started actively using my chictopia account in September 2009. I had an account since 2008 but didn’t use it regularly. In February 2010 I started writing my own blog The Styling Dutchman .

Tell us about your blog, what makes it stand out? I think my writing and my sense of humor along with my own personal aesthetic give my blog its personality.

How would you describe your own signature style? I love all sorts of styles from grunge nouveau to retro girly, but I guess my style is relatively simple as I don’t pile on the accessories, and I have a huge preference for dresses and boots. I don’t like to dress serious, I don’t like to dress overtly sexy, and I am not at all a fan of casualwear or sportswear. Fashion needs to be fun! In the summertime I usually dress very girly, but in the colder months my rock roots resurface.

Your pictures end up in the style gallery by rule. Was it always this way, or did you notice a change at some point? I don’t really remember actually! The outfits I posted before I started updating regularly didn’t end up in the style gallery, and after that I had some looks that scored very well and some that didn’t score well at all, but I guess I only got to that very “popular” stage last january.

Do you have any tips on how to improve pictures in order to get in there? Natural lighting, editing pictures with Gimp or Photoshop, a good background (preferably quite simple to allow your outfit to shine through) and think about the details! A fun pose and some props will make a picture more interesting.

Have you ever been featured on the first page? Nope! I’d love to be though, I’d take printscreens and use them as my wallpaper for ages!

I’m guessing there’s a print screen on your computer right now :) Have you ever been inspired by a fellow chictopian in the way you went to a store and bought the same item? Countless times, but from the top of my head I recently bought a H&M dress after seeing VickyViolet- wear the hell out of it!

What would be your general advice for a new chictopian? Have fun! Don’t start posting to become a style icon or to get into the style gallery, just enjoy sharing a passion with hundreds of other girls around the globe! And if you are an active member, commenting on all your favorite pictures, you’ll get comments too even if your pictures aren’t perfect. Never underestimate the social aspect of Chictopia.

Amen to that :) In your chicblog it is very obvious you’ve been enjoying fashion at an early age. At the moment you are studying communication sciences. Did you ever dream about a career in fashion? I initially wanted to study law, but I changed my mind after realizing that world would do nothing for my creative needs. The study of Communication Sciences is actually the perfect jumping board to become a fashion journalist, combining my love for fashion with the social media. I see my blog and the position of EIU contributor as a great trump on my future resumé to show employers that I care about fashion and love writing about it!

First EIU contributor, then a style icon and all of this in only two days. You seem like a woman who will experience a lot of success in life, what are the goals you would like to attain? First of all: thank you! That is an amazing compliment!
I’m not a super ambitious person, I really just want to live my life and be happy.
I’d love to marry my boyfriend, be together forever, complete my studies and find a perfect job as a fashion journalist, and if I’m allowed to dream big: I would love to have a TV show as a fashion advisor (similar to Trinny and Susannah).
I also want to move abroad to some place sunny and warm. To live somewhere in a small house with some animals and a garden to grow my own vegetables, preferably Spain! I’m a hippie at heart.

Annebeth I want to thank you for this interview, enjoy being this months style icon and your EIU contributor position and I wish you all the best in life!! Break a leg!!

Comments (62)

F4SHI0N on February 06
love the first and last images best!
MaiaraLaurindo on October 08
Estou impressioada com toda sua criatividade! Seus looks são incríveis! Serei sua seguidora!
magali on December 05
Annebeth was married at 17? :0 *shocked* Anyways she is totally one of my fave Chictopians!
magali on December 05
oh haha that scared me a bit.
angiekje on December 05
nope she's been with her boyfriend since she was 17, she's not married :)
fernandafgm on November 15
hahaha, as soon as i saw Annebeth i thought exactly the same as the other girls: she does looks like katy perry
Tanyar123 on October 17
I agree with the last comment, it remind me of katy perry
ailoveamo on September 23
reminds me of katy perry :)
UndergroundSky on September 13
She definitely deserves it!
natashabotelhio on September 11
these are all so adorable
TheOpulentHippo on September 10
so katy perry. love!
justine10 on September 05
love it!
violetheart on September 05
love her style and she reminds me of katy perry so pretty and chic!!
ellekagaoan on September 04
so true :)
Jaqueline on September 03
so cute u have style girl! :)
springfiry on September 03
You look very pin up ! A real hottie in that outfit!
HannahEvy on September 03
wow amazing! pin up chic is right!
Pink_Champagne on September 03
pinup girl chic!
AmeliaKnoche on September 03
you look great in that outfit (:
FairyColors on September 03
great post Angie!! Aphrodite is right, Annebeth is the dress queen on chictopia! :D she's so pretty and always looks fabulous. l want her dresses collection, hahaaa :))
Aphrodite on September 03
Oh Lo!!! That (Main pic) is my favourite of her. I think she's sweet and pretty and she says what she wants but not in an in your face way-someone with opinions but still nice. Oh i simply think she's the dress queen! Congrats A and great interview A2.=) xxx
Annebeth on September 05
thanls sweetheart!
hazelmei on September 03
I love the one in black (amazing footwear n_n ) and the one in the white dress. People like you are so inspiring! n_n
Annebeth on September 03
I just want to thank everyone for their supersweet words, I love all of you guys!!!
FairyColors on September 03
congrats on being a new style icon, dear!! you deserve it! love your style ;) xx
NanaHoshino on September 03
great post Angie! congrats Annebeth! Both of you are the reason why I adore Chictopia so much! :)
angiekje on September 03
that's such a kind thing to say :) I love you too Nana!! :)
Anastasia_Azuline on September 03
Yay! Super leuke post! =D
Ramona_C on September 03
Well done babe! Congrats!! xo (;
msfashinista on September 02
Love this bustier! So cute :) Congrats by the way!
LA_Chica on September 02
zahaGc on September 02
yay :D finally she is a Style Icon <3
iVdw on September 02
very inspiring post :)
solybBy on September 02
very cute !
MGNSPR on September 02
lissakahayon on September 02
i loooove her!!
opfiend on September 02
Love your outfits! I want those espadrilles!
libys11 on September 02
aesome!! things are looking up for her definitely! :D
y0u on September 02
expectedchaos on September 02
the top is amazing
essenciallyME on September 02
Chic and cute all looks
amyy_c on September 02
YAY! congrats on becoming a style icon, i am a huge fan =)
Moriahpapaija on September 02
ADORABLE! very hip
AgirlnamedNydia on September 02
Great article Angie* love reading it! Congratulations to Annebeth. I love her style =)
HeadFirst on September 02
congratulations! you deserve it!, i love your style :)
notthe on September 02
she is really fantastic and also great interview angie!
pfeiferem on September 02
so cute! Katy Perry much?
irisanddaniel on September 02
yay! love this post angie, and annebeth certainly deserves her newfound style icon status. she's lovely and inspiring. congratulations! :D
LapinNoir on September 02
annebeth is awesome ^^ nice interview!
fauxfur on September 02
Aww I love Annebeth! Congrats!!! :)
folle_femme on September 02
Love the interview, congrats to both of you for it!..and annebeth I'm so glad that you are a style icon, I thought you've deserved that a long time ago! You go girl!!
cory_josue on September 02
wow.. so cool. conratulations annebeth!
jessicadarliingx on September 02
the whole outfit is perfect!
StyleInterplay on September 02
so cute! love this!
paxie_aiza on September 02
congrats Anne you totally deserve all the good things coming your way!!! Love yah girl!:)
Coconut on September 02
Yeahhhhhh <3
deathbyplatforms on September 02
congrats to my girl, Anne!!!!!
franloiacono on September 02
Love the interview, nice job angiekje!! And Annebeth totally deserves to be that succesful :D
sammetria on September 02
starryeyed on September 02
What a great interview :) well done! All your outfits are gorgeous :) a well deserted style icon x
Annebeth on September 02
haha wat een monsterlijk interview :D fantastisch gedaan en nog eens bedankt, lieverd!
angiekje on September 02
and yes I know it's a very long interview, I was supposed to cut the answers :p and I still did (as you know :)) but they were too interesting :)
Annebeth on September 02
thanks to both of you!
modgeisha on September 02
congrats annebeth! i enjoyed reading your answers. good luck! :D
angiekje on September 02
:) you're welcome :p
StylePantry on September 02
Such a great interview. She is quite lovely. Kudos to you rock :)
dramax3 on September 02
modgeisha on September 02
barbie-ish! love her pose!
cityofbugs on September 02
oh i LOVED reading this and of course looking at her lovely looks! she is such an inspiration and I am sooo glad that Annebeth has just been made a style icon. i love you annebeth! :) xx
Annebeth on September 02
I love you too! omg you make me blush :D
maryiangge on September 02
amazing interview twitlove!
londondude on September 02
totally sweet outfits, I especially love the white dress and the photo from on the bench! very chic : )
carizzachua on September 02
oh i love this article and photo blog too!
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