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Updated on Aug 31, 2010
This is an entry to Jeffrey Campbell My Way sponsored by Akira & Jeffrey Campbell.
Jeffrey Campbell shoes
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leapfrog01 's Thoughts:

First and foremost, I would like to thank Chictopia, Akira, and Jeffrey Campbell for making a contest for people interested in accessory design and for those who do not upload pictures.

Before the foxy shoe was redesigned, it already appeared to be a great shoe. So when I took on the challenge to create a new pair of them, I wondered how I could make them even greater. It took me a while to find inspiration; however, I tried to use architecture. Architecture, something that usually excites me, was not making an exciting shoe unfortunately. Yet, last week I was motivated to design a shoe based on something I have always loved since I was a child – marching band uniforms, which resemble military uniforms. I wanted to create a military heel that was not a bootie nor a boot. I also wanted to make this shoe more colorful than the neutral colored military shoes that were already on the market.

I brought the influence of military uniforms into the shoe in several ways. The embellishments above the toes came from the gold cord embellishments that are on the front of military jackets, the golden ropes comes from the aguillette (I researched this) that hang on the shoulder of military uniforms, and the flap that holds in the rope also came from the shoulder of the military uniforms. The colors were also inspired by military uniforms: olive green (blue on the other shoes) was used on the outermost parts of the toebox (this portion is satin), navy blue was used on the centermost part of the toebox and the center strap (this portion is suede), the ropes are gold like the aguilette and so is the cord used for the embellishments in the toes, and the sole and the botton on the flap is red. The platform and heel of the shoe is wood (possibly cork for more comfort).

This shoe is definately bold and daring, That is one of the main reasons why I chose the “foxy” shoe. It is definately a foxy shoe for those “Foxy Mamas” who like to strut their stuff. For those who don’t like daring shoes as much, this shoe is also sexy and accentuates your ankles and heels (even if you don’t have sexy ankles and heels, the chunky platforms adds sexiness to them). Futhermore, the shoe is a platform and has a thicker heel. Most shoes that are cute are not as comfortable. Who feels cute when they are not comfortable? No one!!!

So my fellow Chictopians, here is a military shoe that you can wear with other military apparel or just regular clothes that make you feel comfortable, yet stylish!

Comments (12)

KaylaMeow on November 02
wow these are cute <3 oh and thanks a lot for leaving me a comment on my drawing the other day :D
morri on October 24
kristenmo on October 15
am in love with these :) i recently bought a top with ropes as straps, probable similar to the material you had in mind for these., which i love! :)
districtofchic on October 13
Those shoes are FANTASTIC! I love the inspiration behind this.
crystaldots on September 30
military style! yahhhhhh
Bubbly1202 on September 28
MIlitary style, yaw! Woot! Love it! :D
danamulder on September 23
so cute!
solybBy on September 14
wow very nice !
evergreen on September 11
Using these particular military elements on a shoe is so clever, never seen anything like this before. I like your inspiration researches too. These shoes really speak to me and would be so so sexy indeed :)
anonymours on September 06
love this
kiki_sandoval on September 01
luv this
fascinationdrop on September 01
these are adorable!!
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