Jeffrey My Way- Scallops and Night Life

Updated on Aug 30, 2010
This is an entry to Jeffrey Campbell My Way sponsored by Akira & Jeffrey Campbell.
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coldlight 's Thoughts:

This is my entry for the Jeffrey Campbell My Way contest. I’ve chosen the Foxy skeleton for my personal design, and created something unique and different, but haven’t strayed too far from the original design.

My sense of style and personal aesthetic is something that can be hard to describe, on one hand I love wearing sweet, romantic outfits full of soft details like lace and floral prints but on the opposite end of the spectrum, I am also constantly drawn towards edgy, minimalist pieces that exude rock and roll.

My first point of inspiration was simply a trend which I fell in love with at first sight, scalloped shorts- made popular by Chloe Sevigny. I took this scalloped edge shape and transferred it to an all-over design on my shoe. Instead of having a simple straight peep toe, the peep toe has a unique scalloped edge as well. Although scallops are a very feminine design, The use of black leather and suede have given the shoes a fiercer, more dramatic look.

The other main thing that inspired me in creating this design is my city, Melbourne. I consider Melbourne to be the most fashionable city in Australia, and it is well known that Melburnians are apt to wear, and perhaps too fond of wearing the colour black. I am of the opinion that the colour black is quintessentially chic and will forever be, not to mention that it matches with everything, which is why I decided to use black as the main colour with a touch of dark brown grainy wood as the heel and sole. I imagine the shoes being made of a combination of alternating soft leather and suede pieces, playing with contrasting textures.

Spirit of the Black dress was a project which aimed to raise the profile of emerging Australian designers through an exhibition which was part of the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival this year, and showcased ten different interpretations of the classic wardrobe staple, the black dress. These black dresses and the exhibition inspired me to create a shoe which like the LBD would be classically chic, and be versatile in many outfits, but one that reinterprets a simple shoe outline into my own intricate design.

I aimed to create a shoe that would be comfortable with its chunky platform and not too over the top to wear during the day, but also something which would be perfect to wear out and about while enjoying the city nightlife. I’m sure that this shoe, while being able to fit into almost any confident fashionista’s wardrobe (Melburnian or not!) are also daring enough to turn heads, the owner of these would definitely be proud to wear these while strutting the city streets at night, .
Like classic Melbourne fashion these shoes, with its dark colour palette and sophisticated scalloped pattern are understated style and glamour with an edge.

Hope you like my design!! :) Thanks so much for reading!

Comments (8)

elisabohle on January 30
I want to know how do you make the design? before on the paper and after with wich software?
danamulder on September 23
i would totally wear these
anonymours on September 06
love the scallops
kiki_sandoval on September 01
cute shoes
midwestmayhem on September 01
I love this design! The scallop pattern is so much fun! It's sort of darkly romantic.
Hawaiikidd on September 01
I love your shoe design. I can totally see girls rocking it out in these. :)
evergreen on September 01
I love the scallop pattern, I'd definitely wear your shoes!
charchelle27 on August 31
very cute!
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