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Updated on Aug 28, 2010
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beige nude ballet platform pump shoes - black style detail raised front platform
Beige-bella-harris-shoes-black-silver Beige-bella-harris-shoes-black-silver Beige-bella-harris-shoes-black-silver Beige-bella-harris-shoes-black-silver Beige-bella-harris-shoes-black-silver
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artgirl 's Thoughts:

~Corps de ballet , Bella Harris

I’m not a dancer, but hauntingly beautiful ballet slippers inspire me.

And like a princess with a pistol, I dove into the notion wholeheartedly as one such hopeful ready to turn the requiem of dreams into a full-blown reality.
Much as my belief of styling isn’t about pigeonholing into one particular aesthetic, I employed the same approach when I learned I had one shot at bringing something amazing to the Jeffrey Campbell + Akira fashion table. Integrating the art of Junko Shimada and renowned 19th century Russian ballerina, Anna Pavolva’s captivating elegance in The Dying Swan, I restructured the platform skeleton into a translucent, gradient wedge and sought out a design that would defy the laws of gravity. Style is yet another extension of character. It’s about reinventing the myriad of ways to reclaim the dynamics of experimentation and individuality that are inevitably conveyed to the world about us.

Creativity, personal interest, confidence, classical ballet, minimalism, wearability, and versatility influenced every step of my design approach.

“Black Swan” Pas de Deux from Swan Lake are a bravura performance designed to express the strength and triumph of the character." Glossary of ballet, Wikipedia.

I get asked a lot of interesting questions concerning my slightly unapologetic shoe collection, so I spent an afternoon rummaging about the multicolored stacks of shoeboxes that shamelessly multiply within my closet. It’s categorically the one area of my wardrobe with no holds barred. I’m convinced it has a life of its own, with, or without me. The search for inspiration wasn’t difficult. I knew exactly what I wanted. But when the towers tumbled down on top of me, it was then that I realized I had some pretty big shoes to fill. After three diligent weeks and hours of closet musing over officers of style, I laid down the gauntlet and had finally transformed my unregretful homage to Imelda Marco’s 3000+ collection into a cognoscente piece of art.

Fully conceptualizing an idea alongside sketching the design led to the pursuit of broken jewelry, UK Vogue, Elle, and scraps of whimsical material as the many elements intended for my mood board rendezvoused for presentation. Our wardrobes are a universal changeover that parallels the varying seasons, so adaptability with the balance of stamina and a storybook twist was essential. Mimicking the stylistic movement of ballet, the nude satin and gossamer lacings become an extension of the female silhouette, creating a universally desired illusion that a woman’s legs elongate from here to infinity. Contrasting textures with an eccentric transparency of architecture makes creativity and self-expression essential to the empowering style. And when it comes to panache, we’ve certainly learned to familiarize ourselves amongst the ephemeral fads and trendsetting methods that, at times, pioneer our wanderlust for that perfect pair of shoes.
Melding the quintessential with avant-garde, I impart a design that I feel not only lends to Jeffrey Campbell’s innovative approach, but also maintains my own personality and voice into the concept. Jeffrey Campbell meets the New York City Ballet.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration, as through this submission I hope to convey a level of quality Chictopia, Jeffrey Campbell, and Akira merits.


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Comments (15)

ZoeBui on June 25
voldemort on October 05
wow, this is beautiful. i would buy these in a heartbeat. and you have a wonderful writing style, too (:
yaynatasha on September 04
As a dancer, i would definitely wear these . :)
artgirl on September 05
The perfect comment... thank you!
alexniedt on September 04
Most beautiful shoe ever!
artgirl on September 04
Awwwwwww, babe thank you!!!!!!
kiki_sandoval on September 01
cute shoes
halo92 on August 30
it's a ballet shoe.
harleyquinnnnn on August 30
The design is flawless - its a great idea. But I don't know if the foxy skeleton is actually angled high enough in real life to create that dramatic high-lift affect.
artgirl on August 30
Thank you so much... your constructive honesty is amazing. I truly appreciate it!!!
planettmarie on August 29
i really love this. im a dancer myself and a fashion enthusiast haha, so this combo is pretty amazing to me. keep it up! your very talented! :)
artgirl on August 30
Oh wow that's such a wonderful compliment, especially coming from a dancer!!! Thank you so much, love. xxx
artgirl on August 29
Thanks everyone!!!
MakeupxSparkles on August 29
cute design
fascinationdrop on August 28
so beautiful! :]
wow! i love these and i would definitively buy them! they're so pretty and inspiring, truly beautiful!
IsabellaCostaSchwarzenberg on August 28
i didn't knew you could design bella! you're amazing, very talented!
artgirl on August 28
Isabella!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much, babe! <3 <3 <3
immadi on August 28
very pretty
artgirl on August 28
malwear on August 28
so vintage i love it
artgirl on August 28
I love that modern~vintage combination. Thank you! xx
Freesiablog on August 28
nice shoes , love the ballerina feel !!!! great job!!!
artgirl on August 28
Thanks so much.
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